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Soop's welcoming and ever supportive kitchen,

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soop Wed 28-Apr-21 12:54:32

Here we are again
Happy as can be
All good friends and jolly good company.

A warm welcome and I trust that you will all enjoy our new meeting place. Spic and span but homely with it. flowers cupcake wine smile

Galen Sat 29-May-21 20:48:11

I think!

Galen Sat 29-May-21 20:47:58

Aren’t we all😍😋

Callistemon Sat 29-May-21 20:45:55

Nearly there.
What a lovely lot you are

Jaxjacky Sat 29-May-21 20:36:19

Just quickly ( I am not at all responsible). Urms have a wonderful day tomorrow, soop relish and revel with your visitors. We’ve had a magical day.
Bon soirée all 💖

brook2704 Sat 29-May-21 20:24:29

Meant to say have a lovely time with the family in Lytham tomorrow Urms ...I remember going there with my mum many years ago

Urmstongran Sat 29-May-21 20:21:25

Meant to say, I hope you’re having a bazzing time soop!

Puzzler61 Sat 29-May-21 20:19:00

Nice things come in small packages Doodle 😉
(from a fellow 5 ft 0 in. person)
Beautiful photo’s brook. I hope there is a stunning sunset at soop ‘s to add to the ambience of her family weekend.

Galen Sat 29-May-21 20:09:09

Doodle you have my most profound and deeply felt sympathy 😭😢😰

Doodle Sat 29-May-21 20:01:39

Responsible .....oh er. I’m not sure about that Urms.
Have a great time with the family soop
corner that’s a lovely rose. Sorry you have had some family worries 🌺
Galen you may have shrunk to 5’4 but that’s where I started out. I am 5’ nothing now and that’s with shoes on. 😲

Urmstongran Sat 29-May-21 19:17:13

‘Evening All’.

Just snuck in before someone has the duty of opening the new kitchen. I don’t want it to be me!

We’ve had a lovely afternoon with my stepfather. We ate beef in ale, enjoyed a couple of drinks and Himself took him home while I washed up. Teamwork!

He’s about to settle down to watch the Man.City -v- Chelsea final in Porto. I’m about to start a new novel. Well either that or flick through the new Saga magazine. Choices, choices.

Hi Doodle 👋 perhaps you can unlock the new premises? It needs a responsible person to do it.

Wishing all here a peaceful night ahead. x

brook2704 Sat 29-May-21 18:00:54

Just popping in to say hello after a lovely day walking in the hills and mountains near Aviemore. Beautiful weather so a good picnic spot by the side of the Loch. The picture is of Lily Loch - my DGD favourite
Hope you’re having a super duper time with family soop, I’ll catch up with all the other lovely news soon

BladeAnnie Sat 29-May-21 17:12:24

Just popping in to say a quick hello from lovely Lancaster. We've had a drive out and about today - sat and enjoyed the peace and quiet with a coffee by the sea. We are going for an indian tonight - not my choice but Mr BAs absolute favourite and life us all about give and take isn't it? Home tomorrow after our lovely few days and I'm sure Duncan will be pleased to see us. Hope everyone has a pleasant evening and sending gentle virtual hugs to all in need of a little comfort

grannytilly2511 Sat 29-May-21 17:04:19

Just popping in to say’s a glorious day here in Somerset
.have a lovely time with your family soop
Wishing everyone a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine

Yiayia4 Sat 29-May-21 13:57:40

Just a quick hello and wishing you all a lovely sunny weekend.
Son and Dil arrived safely yesterday,Greek meze night here for all the family later.Very busy but loving it and the sun has got his hat on🌞🌞

Hellogirl1 Sat 29-May-21 13:54:36

Have a wonderful time with your visitors Soop, it`s a good job you don`t have many neighbours, cos I`ll bet there`ll be a fair bit of noise this afternoon. Enjoy!!

Galen Sat 29-May-21 13:26:29

Wish we were with you in real life!
Still my rambling rector has well and truly rambled all over my grapevine. It’s covered in buds and a few near the house have burst into bloom.
Such a pity it only lasts for a few weeks, but the perfume when it does is almost overwhelming.
The bees love it as well and their noise is almost deafening.

Grandmabatty Sat 29-May-21 13:07:47

Soop have a glorious time with your family. We are with you in spirit.

soop Sat 29-May-21 11:50:48

Good morning to my kitchener pals.

I am, as promised, in a bit of a tiz woz. Cannot ^believe that we shall be with much loved, much missed visitors at some time this afternoon. Eeeek!

Much to do in the meantime. I shall not have forgotten you. But, there may be a bit of a lull while I regain my equilibrium. I know that you will understand.

Should the kitchen become extraordinarily busy and us lot need to move to a new one...the key is under the plant pot. The buffet will be prepared. Last one into this kitchen, please feel free to do the honours. I would be very sad if you found the door locked and no place to gather.

I hope to return a wee bit later. grin

Puzzler61 Sat 29-May-21 08:32:56

Such a joyful sight cornergran - your first garden rose of the year and what a beautiful shade of pink?
I hope it’s appearance heralds the start of a warm and rosy summer 🌞
There is no excuse for rudeness is there muse ? Plenty of it about unfortunately and some folk think they are entitled to speak their minds.
I was always thin as a pin as a young woman and had hurtful comments said to me like “you could do with a good meal to fatten you up” from one colleague.
“Turn the other cheek” my mum used to say.

cornergran Fri 28-May-21 23:54:57

Late visit from me. I’ve been out for most of the day, enjoyed every minute. A family disappointment this evening and now sleep seems to be elusive, the ups and downs of life.

I’m delighted you had a wonderful day bladeannie, many congratulations to you both.

Exciting , happy, family times ahead soop. I know you and Mr Soop will enjoy every moment.

Such rudeness in mature folk always surprises me muse, you have to wonder why. I have been 5’6” for most of my life. Suspect I’ve shrunk a bit - definitely no desire to have it confirmed. I’m with you Galen, a stoop has somehow joined me and I certainly don’t like it. My reality isn’t a bit how I picture myself in my head where I am forever 25.

Our climbing rose has begun to do its stuff in spite of my ministrations. It cheered me immensely to see the first bloom yesterday, I’ll share it with you all.

Sleep well everyone.

Galen Fri 28-May-21 23:21:09

I was 5’7””. I’ve shrunk with a vengeance! I’m now only just over 5’4” with a pronounced stoop! I DONT LIKE IT!
Everything in my kitchen is now too high.
It’s partly due to my having suffered 2 vertebral compression fractures in my falls.
I’ve had a dexa scan and my bone density is normal for my age.

Charleygirl5 Fri 28-May-21 22:48:05

When I was in my early 20's I shared a flat with a girl who was barely 4 foot 10" and frequently we were not allowed into places because of her height although we were both 24 at the time. Her heels were so high I would have broken an ankle. I am 5 foot 5" and I always seemed to tower above her and it is worse now because she no longer wears high heels. I was not aware she had had problems with people being rude.

Urmstongran Fri 28-May-21 22:23:54

brook 😊😊

brook2704 Fri 28-May-21 21:43:58

Ahh Drumnadrochit jaxj I know it well, on the banks of Loch Ness and just beside Urquhart Castle. Nice coffee shop there too .. Not much chance of 25 degrees though but plenty of rain overnight!

It’s a shame Ryanair don’t fly from Inverness Urms but if they did I’d definitely use them !

Urmstongran Fri 28-May-21 21:25:15

Hi Doodle 👋‼️

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