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Is this a scam?

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JaneJudge Thu 29-Apr-21 16:18:04

I have just had a phonecall with a recorded message saying I am being investigated by the national crime agency and my national insurance number has been suspended as it has been used in several criminal activities confused at that point I felt scared and put the phone down blush

Alegrias1 Thu 29-Apr-21 16:20:36

Its a scam, sounds US based to me. I wouldn't worry, if they were really investigating you I'm sure they wouldn't use a recorded message to let you know. You did the right thing in putting the phone down. It will be fine. flowers

dsc71 Thu 29-Apr-21 16:22:46

Complete scam, it’s a recorded voice. Don’t press any numbers. I get that one regularly. You can report on the .gov website for HMRC scams. They’ll try and get the number taken down and stop anyone else being harassed.

Loislovesstewie Thu 29-Apr-21 16:25:46

Yes, ignore it.HMRC do not contact anyone in that manner.

BlueBelle Thu 29-Apr-21 16:26:15

Nothing to be scared of You wouldn’t get a phone call if you were being investigated for anything I seem to get a lot of these and similar phone messages

JaneJudge Thu 29-Apr-21 16:27:29

God thank you all, I am such a goody two shoes. Every time something like this happens I think it is my fault and I have done something wrong blush

welbeck Thu 29-Apr-21 17:38:46

from yer actual, kosher, national crime agency:

We're currently receiving an increased number of scam call reports. These calls are NOT genuine. NCA will never contact you about your bank account or NI number.

Victims have reported receiving an automated telephone call, during which they are told their "National Insurance number has been compromised". They are then instructed to "press 1 on their handset to be connected to the caller” in order to supposedly fix the issue and get a new National Insurance number.31 Mar 2021

welbeck Thu 29-Apr-21 17:41:43

get a Call Guardian phone.
never had a scam call since.

Chestnut Thu 29-Apr-21 17:47:36

If you have the number you can check it out here. People post their experiences with that number and it often comes up as a scam. You can also post here if the number is new, it helps other people who get called. You don't need to login or anything.

MerylStreep Thu 29-Apr-21 17:56:06

From my own personnel knowledge this scam has been around for at least 3 years.

NotSpaghetti Thu 29-Apr-21 18:25:29

I have had four of these calls. Blocking the number does nothing as they obviously use different ones.

YorkLady Thu 29-Apr-21 18:26:58

I had this call to my mobile phone three times on Monday, each from a different number. Blocked them all but they are a nuisance !

Marydoll Thu 29-Apr-21 18:42:06

I had three the other day. I leave the phone and go and do something. It automatically rings off after a while. It means they are not scamming others, while it's lying on my worktop!
I get lots of medical phone calls from many different nos, so I have to answer unknown numbers.

JaneJudge Thu 29-Apr-21 19:10:40

I have reported it but I have just seen on facebook they are using numbers similar to your own. It also asked me on the gov website if I had been in contact with HMRC in the last two months which I have been as I have had to contact corporation tax office about my tax return

JaneJudge Thu 29-Apr-21 19:10:58

Thank you everyone anyway xx

clairefraser1 Mon 03-May-21 10:32:54

Yes it’s a scam. Called me a few times

Aepgirl Mon 03-May-21 10:35:45

My ‘mantra’ is ‘if it looks suspicious, then it probably is’. Any genuine call of this kind would be followed up with a letter or some other more personal communication.

GraceQuirrel Mon 03-May-21 10:43:36

If I answer the phone and there is a recorded voice or a pause after I say hello (while the line connects to someone upon hearing a voice) I hang up. Never going to anyone I want to speak to!

Shinamae Mon 03-May-21 10:44:28

My son had the same, it’s definitely a scam...

RosieJ Mon 03-May-21 10:47:44


get a Call Guardian phone.
never had a scam call since.

Brilliant phones. After buying mine quite a few years ago I quickly bought my 94 yr old Mum one.
She had been getting 20 + calls a day and despite me saying don't answer if you don't recognise the number on the display she always did.
Now I have the peace of mind knowing she is hopefully protected from these scum.

GrammarGrandma Mon 03-May-21 10:49:43

I've had it twice this morning on my iPhone.

DaisyL Mon 03-May-21 10:52:18

Check anything on: It is a really good website that is pretty up-to-date and what is real and what isn't. It is a minefield and can make anyone worry that perhaps they might have inadvertently done something wrong.

Jenn53 Mon 03-May-21 10:52:25

JaneJudge, I get these frightening calls too, nearly every morning around 8 or 9am!! I am just like you beginning to think I have done something wrong, things are my fault, etc., etc. I often have to get a grip because as a Convent educated girl with strict parents, it is the guilt trip they use to punish us. I am relieved to hear it is a scam and others have experienced these calls. Thank God!

EmilyHarburn Mon 03-May-21 10:54:07

Its a scam. They can go on to say that the police are coming around to arrest you if you don't pay some money etc. so good think you put the phone down. Well done.

DaisyL Mon 03-May-21 11:00:42

I've just had a look at the Snopes website - it used to be really good, but it seems impossible now - nothing but pop up ads and difficult to navigate - apologies! You would do just as well by putting the key words into Google. But as other people have said all these recorded calls are scams. If you really had committed a crime why would they warn you on the telephone!!!!