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Is this a scam?

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JaneJudge Thu 29-Apr-21 16:18:04

I have just had a phonecall with a recorded message saying I am being investigated by the national crime agency and my national insurance number has been suspended as it has been used in several criminal activities confused at that point I felt scared and put the phone down blush

JaneJudge Wed 05-May-21 10:16:42

I find all this stuff quite upsetting. Both my Mother in law and elderly Aunt have been subjected to doorstop thefts too. One had someone asking for money/befriending her and then he asked to use her loo and she let him in. The other had a man 'from the council' want money for some over hanging branches. It is horrible and these calls are just another guise sad angry

lemsip Wed 05-May-21 20:08:52

I had an email from a name I new, it asked me to buy two ee cards from amazon at £100 each as there was a problem with her bank. She would of course pay me back.........Fortunately I didn't do this and after a while an email followed from another person to say first persons email had been hacked into and it was a scam sent to all her contacts.........
I googled this scam and found the Which site shown below giving other stories.

Scam alert: Amazon gift card

JaneJudge Thu 06-May-21 19:41:54

oh that's horrible lemsip

I've noticed ITV tonight are covering scams on tv atm!

Rosina Fri 07-May-21 16:06:15

Thes horrible people who do this sort of thing are beneath contempt, but as one poster said, if they grow up on a home where this sort of lifestyle is acceptable they know no diifferent. A relative who is a policeman was talking to a class of young teenagers in a local school. One girl was upset because her brother was in a youth detention centre for having stolen goods from a house - he got in through an open window. The girls' attitude was that he took advantage of someone else's carelessness. My relative asked her how she might feel if she left a window open in warm weather and someone reached in and stole things that were precious to her. He said it was obvious from her face that she had never reflected on how someone else might feel. How sad is that?

Rosina Fri 07-May-21 16:09:20

Many typos - apologies. I can spell but can't type.