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Do you have your milk delivered

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TrendyNannie6 Fri 30-Apr-21 11:47:35

We have had our milk delivered for several years now, but speaking to a couple of friends who live in different areas to mine, they were saying they haven’t seen a milkman for a very long time, we live in a town, they are in small villages

Blossoming Fri 30-Apr-21 11:49:27

No, don’t think there are any milk rounds in this area.

greenlady102 Fri 30-Apr-21 11:50:39

I get mine delivered with my groceries from ocado

Jane43 Fri 30-Apr-21 11:51:51

I haven’t seen any in our area either but it wouldn't do for us as we use oat milk.

JaneJudge Fri 30-Apr-21 11:52:19

It's most probably because they come in the middle of the night! Mine comes at about 3 in the morning. I am with milk and more so I find it such a useful service as there is so much that can be delivered

For example, this morning he left milk, loaf of bread, butter, croissants, pain au chocolat, cream, bag of carrots, aluminium foil. It means I wont have to go anywhere

JaneJudge Fri 30-Apr-21 11:52:46


I haven’t seen any in our area either but it wouldn't do for us as we use oat milk.

the do milk alternatives now

TrendyNannie6 Fri 30-Apr-21 11:52:55

We have almond milk too, but only one of us is a fan

TrendyNannie6 Fri 30-Apr-21 11:55:13

Ours always arrives around 10.30 / 11pm since changed the round times so I can get it in before I go to bed

Kali2 Fri 30-Apr-21 11:57:00

We used to- because each area had one milk round and it came on time. Then we ended up with 5 different dairies doing the same round- which was totally ridiculous. Milk would arrive at 11 am and sit all day in the sun. We also lost the friendly ONE milkman who knew everyone by name, and all the kids, and actually read any instructions left. When we found the new milkman just screwed up the polite instructions left for him and chucked in the drive (like 'please no milk today' or 'please an extra pint today', etc) - then we just stopped, A great shame.

Rosie51 Fri 30-Apr-21 12:10:43

I had the milk delivery for over 20 years. Then we got a new milkman who delivered at about 11am or later and if you were out it would sit in the sun for hours, sometimes having to be thrown away. The old one used to alternate the way he did the round, so everyone got a chance at the earlier delivery. We had the milk delivered every other day, as did lots of others. I put up with the new one for ages, spoke to him about alternating like his predecessor but he wasn't agreeable, so stopped the delivery. I hated doing it. I had been brought up to believe the doorstep delivery was an important part of community, they'd often be the first one to notice something amiss with elderly residents etc but sadly no more.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 30-Apr-21 12:17:02

Yes a milkman.

He also delivers butter and fresh orange juice on Saturday

Gannygangan Fri 30-Apr-21 12:17:07

I do like the sound of your milkman, JaneJudge!

We always had our milk delivered but since acquiring our delightful dog we've had to cancel

She used to bark and go quite ballistic at about 5am with the jangling of the bottles and we couldn't get back to sleep!

MayBee70 Fri 30-Apr-21 12:20:40

Yes, I do and I don’t know what I would have done without him during lockdown before we managed to get Tesco deliveries as he provided so many things. I shall continue to use him even though the milk is expensive.

MrsEggy Fri 30-Apr-21 12:27:41

Yes, signed up for local firm at beginning of lockdown, he arrives usually before 8.0 am, also delivers eggs, bread and other dairy items, and, in season, compost and bark for the garden, and bedding plants. More expensive than supermarket but very convenient. Milk comes in glass bottles.

Grandmabatty Fri 30-Apr-21 12:28:23

I started after many years of not getting it delivered. Initially it was great, milk, juice, eggs etc. However then problems began. No milk left, wrong type of milk left, empty bottles abandoned at the bottom of the path etc. I got in touch each time but eventually it was just too much so cancelled.

dragonfly46 Fri 30-Apr-21 12:31:06

Our milkman delivers all sorts of things but at the moment I just get orange juice and milk. I try and support the local businesses.

Sago Fri 30-Apr-21 12:34:54

I tried so hard when we moved here 11 years ago.
I had always had doorstep deliveries and wanted to support a local business.
Unfortunately when I called the dairy they laid down so many rules and regulations!
I had to email my requirements, delivery was only on certain days, they delivered between 3&4 am appx.
So as we didn’t want to be woken up and there was no flexibility we buy from the supermarket, I feel guilty every time I drop a container in my trolley.

Galaxy Fri 30-Apr-21 12:36:46

Yes orange juice milk and eggs, I think he delivers around 4am. Really reliable

tanith Fri 30-Apr-21 12:49:16

I could but found it very expensive I’m afraid.

nanna8 Fri 30-Apr-21 12:55:45

No one delivers milk here. We’re lucky if we get any post, too. It has gone down to about once a week, twice in a good week.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 30-Apr-21 12:57:51


No one delivers milk here. We’re lucky if we get any post, too. It has gone down to about once a week, twice in a good week.

Do you live out in the sticks?

grannysyb Fri 30-Apr-21 13:14:55

We have milk delivered, it's for DH as I don't like it, and I know that I would forget to buy it! I know it's more expensive, but I like the convenience, and like the fact that it doesn't add to the plastic mountain.

mamaa Fri 30-Apr-21 13:27:34

Yes- we use Milk and More.

nanna8 Fri 30-Apr-21 13:29:33

No . Suburban Australia! Our postal service is dire. It would be better by pony express!

Witzend Fri 30-Apr-21 13:36:33

We do, always have since moving here (SW London) in 1987. It’s now Milk and More, all ordering and payments online. They have a lot of extra items too, from bacon and eggs to garden things. The other day I ordered a couple of big bags of potting compost, to save lugging cheaper ones about at Asda - they weigh a ton.
We have FR eggs and fresh orange juice delivered regularly, too

Everything’s that bit more expensive, but to me it’s worth it for the convenience.