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Gransnet’s 10th Birthday

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Marmight Sat 01-May-21 08:36:56

Gransnet will be 10 years old this month. Like many others I joined at its conception and now its membership has grown from a few hundred to thousands. At the beginning I found it a life saver particularly when my DH died suddenly and I was supported by many new friends, who over the years have become good friends in RL, some nearby and others far away. What are your memories/opinions/feelings of GN then and now? I tend to lurk these days and post less frequently and many well kent names and characters sadly no longer appear.....
(If there’s already a thread on this, apologies. Couldn’t find one on the long list!)

kittylester Sat 01-May-21 08:49:05

Doesn't time fly!! I joined about 3 weeks in and feel that I have made good friends here - real and virtual.

Like you marmight I tend to mostly lurk, but I love to see names I recognise although they are fewer nowadays.

While I remember having one of my first posts roundly criticised by Greatnan, there was a much gentler tone in the early days than now.

And, I remember the parties and the carol singing. And, the good competition prizes that were won by people we recognised - even me!

GNHQ always seemed like friends in the old days too.

FannyCornforth Sat 01-May-21 08:57:32

What were the parties like Kitty?

fairfraise Sat 01-May-21 08:58:18

I've been on about 3 years, I think, after first GC was born. I recently changed my name because old one instantly identified me. I am more of an observer.

So many names have gone in past couple of years.
I really like GN and last summer I think I was most active as I joined the maths class!

tanith Sat 01-May-21 09:00:15

I’m not sure how many years I’ve been here at least 6/7 and it’s been a mine of information and support, through my DHs illness and death to recent surgery of my GS I would of struggled so much more without this place to come and pour out my emotions.
I too remember the drama and the sad loss of Greatnan and of course we have lost others. I don’t post as much now Gransnet has lost its gentle feel and I’m much more wary of posting nowadays as people are so quick to criticise and find fault. I still come here to catch up though.

Anniebach Sat 01-May-21 09:01:22

I so miss many, Gransnet saved my life , it isn’t the friendly place it use to be.

Aveline Sat 01-May-21 09:04:11

I must have joined not long after it started. Its been a source of entertainment, support (and irritation too!) over the years. The meet ups have all been fun. Its amazing how a group of disparate strangers can become friends. Our small lockdown zoom group has become a fixed point in my week.

FannyCornforth Sat 01-May-21 09:09:14

It's very sad that so many think that GN is rather unpleasant now.
As you probably now, I'm a recent new member, and I find it a very friendly place with many, many kind and thoughtful women.
I have had so much support about my health; my DH's problems; and this week's loss of my Nan.
True, there are arguments but they are easy to avoid; and we all have opinions on posters who aren't our cup of tea, but you can avoid them too if need be.

Grannybags Sat 01-May-21 09:11:50

I joined not long after it started. My first GC is 10 this year.

I agree with others that it's doesn't have the same friendly feel as it did back then

I think it's a shame that posters now have to point out when it's a lighthearted thread.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 01-May-21 09:23:35

I started lurking about four and a bit years ago, first posted three years ago.

Have met up in RL with some lovely people, one who is become a dear and trusted friend, and another online (who I would love to meet) we have similar outlooks and interests.

M0nica Sat 01-May-21 09:30:52

I joined within weeks of inception, after seeing an article on it in the Observer.

I am another who feels that GN has lost its 'innocence' and openness. It happened around the time of the 2015 election. Up until then, there were political threads but they were broadly non-partisan. Yes, a lot of us had clear affiliations, but we could exchange views, and were open to new ideas, but suddenly political threads became partisan and vitriolic and gradually this has spilt out over many more threads.

I did drop out of GN for 6 months last year because I couldn't take anymore of the rancour and virtue signalling that then pervaded the COVID threads, but I returned. I could find nothing to replace it.

However, despite all that I still think there is no other comparable forum, generally clear of the bad language and hate that one sees on so many others.

Through GN I have made friend, who lives close to me and I have been shopping for throughout lockdown and by winning one of the prizes GN offers, I have been introduced to the world of Spa Days.

shysal Sat 01-May-21 09:35:47

I have been here from the beginning. I read the Good Morning and Soop's Kitchen threads daily, but don't post on them as I have nothing new to say most of the time. I don't have the time or patience to read everything else, so avoid anything controversial, just adding to the occasional lighthearted thread only. However, I would feel lost without GN.

FannyCornforth Sat 01-May-21 09:36:11

Interesting insights, thank you M0nica, that makes sense.

Anniebach Sat 01-May-21 09:38:19

I miss the AOL forums. I stay here because it’s my only contact with the outside world.

Pittcity Sat 01-May-21 09:40:40

Gosh! I joined soon after DGS1 was born. He was 10 in January so it must've been near the beginning.
I was a local editor for some years and have met many lovely GNers IRL as well as several past members of GNHQ.
I especially enjoyed the trips to Edinburgh and Norwich and it was GN meetups that led to weekly Colchester meetups with lots of lovely ladies to this day.

BlueSky Sat 01-May-21 09:42:52

I’ve been on here for a few years now, but not quite from the beginning. At first I just posted on the Health thread as I was (am?) suffering from HA, then I gradually started to contribute to other threads. If you don’t want to argue you can easily miss the controversial topics.

nanna8 Sat 01-May-21 09:44:34

I think gransnet is a warm and supportive place on the whole. As with most online forums you do get one or two people who are unpleasant and belligerent but it doesn’t take too long to work out who they are and avoid them and never respond to them. The vast majority are lovely and you can disagree without the sarcasm and putting down and in fact it can be quite interesting to hear a totally different viewpoint. It is certainly a kinder, nicer forum than some others I have been on ( no names, no packdrill)

JackyB Sat 01-May-21 10:02:46

I joined just before my first grandchild was born - he will be 7 in June. I do keep to the sidelines though and just leave a thread when it gets unpleasant.

Happy birthday Gransnet! thankscupcake 🍾

silverlining48 Sat 01-May-21 10:03:08

I joined about 5 or 6 years ago and it helped me through a difficult time when my dd was very ill.
It has changed a bit and agree that we all became a lot more political since Brexit etc. and think everyone and not just grans are angrier and have strong opinions about these things.
I do post but usually when someone is distressed or may post but always feel bad if I end a thread if no one posts after me.
I have met some very nice grans both in real life or just online and am very happy about that, but do spend too much time on it and plan to withdraw a little. Whether I do that successfully is another matter. Best wishes to all and happy
10 th to GN.

glammanana Sat 01-May-21 10:14:22

The time has gone by so quickly I joined on the first day and was one of the first 200 members who received a free gift,over the years I have taken part in many GN trials for household items and testing of other items there are not so many now but it was good to be involved,
Over the years I have made many virtual friends who I keep in touch with on a regular basis and miss the names we do not see now, I miss the friendship that was shown in the beginning and the nights we had parties things have just gotten far to serious now and members are far to quick to jump on the slightest thing and posts have taken a wrong turn in some cases.
Hello tanith,marmite,kitty,bikergran.glassortwo.soop,ga,and the hilarious phoenix and not forgetting supergran that wonderful lady who we sadly lost and the very direct but straightforward jingles

mumofmadboys Sat 01-May-21 10:20:42

I joined 6 or 7 years ago after I retired and had a bit more time. I have picked up lots of practical tips eg the rolling method of changing a duvet cover! I have used recipe suggestions. It has encouraged me to think further on some issues. I have valued the kindness of many. I have only been to one meet up ever and met 2 grans- one is a frequent poster and it is always nice to think I have met her in RL when I see her posts

Redhead56 Sat 01-May-21 10:24:59

I came across grans net when my three GC were born. I helped out with them for a few years. Then my DH and I retired from our small business.
I most recently got more involved because of Covid. Not seeing my family much has really been very difficult at times.
I honestly think the support advice general banter and the arguments here have kept me sane.

Auntieflo Sat 01-May-21 10:26:04

Happy Birthday Gransnet, and thank you Marmight, for starting this thread.
I have been a member for approx 7 years, can't remember when I actually joined, after being recommended to it by DD.

Lots of virtual friends made and some gone whose names I remember, but have disappeared. 😢

Like others , I do find it not quite so user friendly as before, but still like to pop into the Good Morning thread, if I get there in time.

henetha Sat 01-May-21 10:28:33

I wish I could remember when I joined GN but I think it's several years ago. Mostly I think it's absolutely wonderful.
It's been like a real friend to me and I look forward to logging on every day. I enjoy reading the threads and taking part in the limericks etc. So thank you very much Gransnet and all the members.
The only sad thing is the unpleasantness which sometimes creeps into various threads. Luckily this is very much the minority, most posters are lovely.

Mapleleaf Sat 01-May-21 10:37:27

I joined about 7 years ago, I think (time flies). I suppose it's inevitable that the tone might change to some extent as more and more people join, but on the whole, I think GN is a good site to be part of. I don't post on lots of threads, but read whatever catches my eye and sometimes partake of a thread, sometimes not, though I do like and contribute regularly to the GM thread, which is a gentle and kindly thread to participate in.
I have met a couple of GN's in real life, pre-Covid of course, which was always a pleasant event.
I would say that kindness and support outweighs the occasional unkindnesses on GN.