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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 05-May-21 06:06:40

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking like a sunny start here in Brackley ,and know wind at the moment.
Yesterdays trip was OK ,apart from the rain shower when eating and drinking outside, but otherwise I did manage to get what I wanted.
Today, a local shop, then stay in with a coffee and biscuits later , also TV , normality as we knew seems to be slowly returning .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Wed 05-May-21 06:20:11

Good morning, everyone, from a bright and calm Torbay. What a relief to be free of the gale force winds!

Thank you to all for your good wishes for my mini break which was enjoyable. The helpful maintenance guys have finished painting the decking balustrades and apron and the plumbers have made an excellent job of installing new taps and a shower head where we had the sudden flood on my visit last month.

Here at last are my photos from Sunday’s trip over Dartmoor to Tavistock, one of my favourite destinations when staying at Whiddon Down. Like many towns in the S.W., it's an old stannary town with beautiful buildings and many individual shops, besides a Pannier Market, open from Tuesday to Saturday. My journey home took me through villages bearing such delightful names as Peter Tavy and Mary Tavy, thanks to the local river which is the origin of the name Tavistock.

I hope everyone has survived the ravages of the recent storms unscathed and those who’ve been below par, such as Marydoll are feeling better. It’s a while since sheepandcattle appeared here but farm life is always busy.

Happy hump day, everyone! 😃

harrigran Wed 05-May-21 06:24:11

Good morning from a bright but cold NE.
Yesterday was like a winter day, bitterly cold wind and heavy rain.
DH is having an x-ray this afternoon, BIL is going with him to make sure he gets seen to, last week they left him in agony for ages.
DD made it back to the UK by travelling by train to St Pancras and then a train north. They checked the car in the garage and of course the battery was dead.
I will do some laundry and do the bedroom while DH is vacating it.
Thinking of you all.

grandMattie Wed 05-May-21 06:26:44

Good morning from a so-so E Kent. We’re not supposed to have either sun or rain today...
While I was visiting my friend in the nursing home pod, we had a vicious squall of hail. It was very noisy. She was very pleased to see me and roared with laughter when I confessed that I had bought some flowers for her but had forgotten them.
It had been a bit of a scamper doing the shopping, putting it away, having lunch, doing my teeth, seeing the hygienist before getting to her... Hygienist was happy with my gums, but still managed to poke about for 30 minutes before giving me a polish!
Look what I got from Wilko’s yesterday! A pretty packet of serviettes. It was my first actual shop since early December. We never came out of lockdown in January as the Kent variant had taken effect here.
My today bring you sunshine ☀️ in your hearts, a flamingo 🦩 or two 🦩🦩as well. Stay safe.

Ashcombe Wed 05-May-21 06:28:34

My third attempt with photos!

Dwmxwg Wed 05-May-21 06:29:14

Good morning from north Surrey. It seems very still after the strong winds we have had.
Freddie’s op went well, thank you for your well wishes for him. We picked him up mid afternoon, he was a bit wobbly on his feet and slept lots but wanting to eat and had lots of cuddles. He has been crying this morning but maybe needs more painkiller and hungry so having that now with a small meal. Short walks for the next few days and follow up check up tomorrow.
I have my PT this morning at 8. We will take in turns to go out as don’t want to leave Freddie alone at the moment. DH has his walking for health and when he gets back I shall visit mum and dad. Boys herethis evening.
I do hope Dexter’s op went well and there is improvement in his breathing.
Was interesting to hear the price differences for haircut. I usually pay £30 for cut and blow dry and extra £10 if I have highlights. But that is a friend and either at home or at her house. When she was unwell it cost me £110 for cut and highlights at local salon!
Hope you had a good journey home Brooke
Wishing all a good day today

Beechnut Wed 05-May-21 06:31:17

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where we have a sunny day.

Getting into the swimming pool yesterday brought a tear to my eye. We were able to shower etc, almost normal stuff and I recognised some of the people from before the first lockdown.

I’m off to get my vaccine no. 2 today and will potter before I go.

Take care all 🌷

Gagagran Wed 05-May-21 06:46:52

Morning all from a sunny and calm (at last) south coast. It's still only 3.7c on my weather station though and I woke up in the night needing the fleece blanket over my summer duvet. This time last year it was heatwave weather and I was suffering with covid. The start of a very difficult time for both of us as DH collapsed shortly afterwards as his cancer manifested itself.

He is out with his cycle group this morning on a local ride. Probably a round trip of about 20 miles but we never hoped he'd be able to do that again so feel very fortunate.

I was wondering about sheepandcattle too and hope all is well and also that Brook got back to Inverness safely and found everything in order. No doubt she will need to replenish the stores if Mr Brook is anything like Mr Gaga!

Hope the day is a good one for us all sunshine

Susan56 Wed 05-May-21 06:47:48

Good morning from Shropshire.

Well today’s the day!After sixteen months we are travelling down to West Wales to see DH’s parents🥳It is a four hour journey each way so I will drive there and DH will drive back tonight.Heaven help our poor knees in the car for eight hours😣We are so looking forward to seeing them although we have been warned that physically they have changed a lot since we last saw them.DH has various CD’s by welsh singers in the car.Iy is a tradition that he sings his way home!!Luckily he has a lovely voice!

Hoping that Mary is feeling better, that Dexter’s op went well and that the kitchen fitting is going well for Cherry🤞🏻

Glad that your DD is safely home harri and that your BIL will be going with your DH today.Good news that Freddie’s op went well too.

Have a good day all🌞🦩

Urmstongran Wed 05-May-21 06:50:03

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s a sunny start here too Mick but, like you harrigran yesterday afternoon was SO cold here and we had sleety rain.

I went to get my hair done. Great cut. Laura, the owner of the Hair Bank salon (used to be the corner site of the HSBC) did it, then for fun she added some extra ‘pizazz’ by wafting the hairdryer out, a spritz of hairspray and then kindly took this photo so I could show my virtual friends! I need to think about some colour now. I can’t decide whether to have it done there or Malaga in eight weeks ....

We are over to pick my stepfather up after lunch for our fortnightly trip to Simply Food at M&S and an hour at his before heading home. Those serviettes made me laugh grandMattie I’d have had to buy a pack too!

Hopefully Wednesday will be good for us all. Glad Freddie is okay Dwmxwg. Lovely photos Ashcombe and nice to hear a bit about your favourite area. So, back swimming eh Beechnut? Good for you! Really getting back to normal now aren’t we? Let’s hope Boris’ cautiousness pays off and this really is the last ever lockdown. Keep safe. x

monk08 Wed 05-May-21 06:50:57

Morning Mick and all that follow from a sunny Black country, lovely blue sky hope it stays that way have the DGS today. Hope Marydoll is feeling better do enjoy reading her posts.
Take care all and flowers for those feeling down.

grandMattie Wed 05-May-21 06:58:39

No colour Urms, it is lovely as it is. My what a lot of hair you’ve got! I’m (was) a blonde with the extremely fine hair it brings....

amselerin Wed 05-May-21 06:59:49

Good morning Mick and all from chilly, windy Lueneburg..
I am going to see the doctor this morning for a yearly check up. Yesterday I painted the cellar room which the lodgers are going to get as well as sorting my papers out for the tax return - apart from just chilling. Too cold to go outside. The dear are in my garden every evening now. They nibble on everything and eat a lot on lawn (I have a lot of wild flowers in it). They are lovely to see, and I know that they are not save outside my garden (the forester has 2 high seats not far from here). They can graze in peace here, but unfortunately they love the leaves of the rose bushes. Today my gardener is coming to see if he can stop them coming into the garden. They are relaxing lots of the lock down rules . I am not so happy about that, because not so many people have been vaccinated. But what will be will be.
I hope that Marydoll, Sheepcattle grandmafrench and all the others that are not posting are well. Take care all and keep well or get better soon.

nanna8 Wed 05-May-21 07:03:11

Good afternoon from Phillip Island. Lovely sunny day today, the beach is good, not a soul in sight . Just saw an eagle soaring up above, what a delightful sight. 🦅

Urmstongran Wed 05-May-21 07:04:13

Nah, it’s smoke and mirrors there grandMattie from a professional who was wafting the hairdryer about to give it a bit more volume! It only looked like that till bedtime ...

😂 mind you, nice to know I could pop round the corner for a fancy blow wave anytime!

Morning to you too monk08. 👋 have you any plans for today?

kittylester Wed 05-May-21 07:08:06

Good morning all from a bright North Leicestershire.

I had a lovely morning yesterday with Wolfie, who talks non stop, and then a strange Zoom Dementia cafe where there was 1 member of staff,c3 volunteers and one husband and wife attending.

Today I have a huge heap of admin to do and DH is off to get his hair cut - damn him!! I still have another week to wait.

NanKate Wed 05-May-21 07:08:47

Good morning Mick and All from a very bright morning in South Bucks.

What fab photos from the bright serviettes, to Willy’s ice-cream to your gorgeous hairdo Urm. If I may make a suggestion I would keep your hair colour exactly as it is, I think it looks very Glam, like a film star of the 1940s.

Off to watch the tennis in Madrid today. 🎾👍

NanKate Wed 05-May-21 07:09:12

Hello Kitty.

Susan56 Wed 05-May-21 07:16:28

Your hair looks lovely Urmstongran.I think I would be popping there for a blow wave whenever the occasion demanded it!

Grandmabatty Wed 05-May-21 07:17:58

Good morning all from Polmont sitting at zero degrees and sunny. Urmstongran what lovely hair! And Ashcombe great photos. grandmattie I would have bought those too! So cheerful. Susan that's a very long time in a car. I hope your visit is a good one.
Today I am working. I am involved in interviews for head teacher posts. My drama queen past comes out as part of the interview process involves role play and dealing with parents and staff. Because of my background teaching I usually play the teacher role and invariably the teacher has issues. It's very interesting to see how each candidate deals with the scenario. I've done this for years and it's like improvisation. I think this will be my last year doing it though as I'm nearly three years away from teaching.
Anyway whatever your day brings, I hope it's good.

monk08 Wed 05-May-21 07:21:28

Nothing specific planned Urmstongran will see what DGS wants to do. Will probably go to the park,but he enjoys playing with the Thomas train set and big brother won't be around to interfere 😀. Your hair looks good and the colours lovely.

Urmstongran Wed 05-May-21 07:22:43

That sounds really interesting Grandmabatty! Bet with some candidates it’s a very memorable experience!

Urmstongran Wed 05-May-21 07:24:38

monk08 it’s always good to hear what we’re up to! It makes the posts more interesting to read too. Enjoy the park. Hope the weather stays fine, it’s been a bit nippy for May!

brook2704 Wed 05-May-21 07:28:30

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cold and we’ve got sleety snowy rain, brrrr hope it warms up a bit soon.
Lovely pictures Ash thank you, hope you enjoyed your break and good that you got your maintenance done ok
Your day sounds very interesting grandmabatty hope it all goes well!
Thank you all so much for your good wishes about my trip away, I got home safely yesterday evening and DH met me at the station. The long journey was fine and passed quite quickly. You’re exactly right gaga I’ve definitely got to do a food shop this morning although everywhere is quite tidy and DH seems to have been ok on his own! No rest yet though as we’ve got the Inverness DGC staying over here this evening as they’re off school tomorrow due to polling day.
Have a safe journey today susan and hope DH parents are well
Your hair looks really lovely as it is Urms, very stylish
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today, even something small and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

dragonfly46 Wed 05-May-21 07:30:08

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Dexters op did not really go to plan so we are not sure if it has done any good. I also asked about a lump on his face which the vet forgot to biopsy. He is going to try next week but it would have been good while he was under. He was too sore to eat last night so will see how it goes today.

Have a good day everyone.