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Luckygirl just popping in again!

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Luckygirl Sat 08-May-21 12:37:01

I have temporary access to the internet at my DD's and have just popped in to say hello.

Things going reasonably well and I am hoping to have new connection in 2 weeks.

House is shaping up but I have had to order a stair lift as it is very painful gong upstairs - my GC looked at the brochure and said the lift looked like a toilet! I think they are right. It is not a thing of beauty, but will hopefully serve its purpose.

A few health problems including a "lesion" that has been found in brain during MRI for balance problems. Referred for CT whose result was equivocal - they are not sure what it is. Could be plasmacytoma which is associated with myeloma. I am having blood and wee tests on Monday. If they are negative they will go for a further CT in 6 months.

Never rains and all that.........!

Good wishes to all!!

BBbevan Sat 08-May-21 12:41:38

Good luck with everything

crazyH Sat 08-May-21 12:42:32

Glad to see you Luckygirl ....yes, it never rains but pours - hope things are sorted soon flowers

Redhead56 Sat 08-May-21 12:43:07

Glad to hear you are settling in at last but sorry you are having health issues. Hope things settle down for you best wishes πŸ’

Grandmabatty Sat 08-May-21 12:52:43

I hope your health issues settle down. It's good to hear from you.

Puzzler61 Sat 08-May-21 12:56:54

Good to see you here *Luckygirl .
Glad to hear things are getting sorted at your home and sending you four leaved clovers πŸ€ and best wishes 🌈 for your health issues. πŸ’

midgey Sat 08-May-21 14:34:00

I have been wondering how you were getting on! Sorry to hear it’s three steps forward and two back, do hope things improve. flowers

EllanVannin Sat 08-May-21 14:40:53

Good to hear from you Luckygirl but sorry to hear of the health problems, which isn't too surprising I don't think considering what you've gone through.
Hoping things aren't as bad as they seem. Best wishes to you x

Urmstongran Sat 08-May-21 14:41:05

Lovely to hear from you again Luckygirl whilst you hop onto some broadband access! Sorry to hear about your brain scan result which must be a concern to you all until you know more. x

luluaugust Sat 08-May-21 14:41:50

All the very best flowers

Aldom Sat 08-May-21 14:45:03

A lovely surprise to see your post Luckygirl. I'm very sorry to hear about your medical issues. Sending you best wishes. flowers

Baggs Sat 08-May-21 14:48:05

Thanks for the update, lucky. All the best for good progress where it's needed.

Mapleleaf Sat 08-May-21 23:19:04


hulahoop Sat 08-May-21 23:23:12

Lovely to hear from you but sorry to hear about your medical problems 🌺

kittylester Sun 09-May-21 08:02:59

Morning Lucky, hopefully you will be back with us properly soon. Best wishes for your medical appointments.

ginny Sun 09-May-21 08:12:34


GrannySomerset Sun 09-May-21 08:33:46

So good to hear from you, Luckygirl even if the news is not quite what we were hoping for. Hope your consultations provide reassurance and encouragement and that your new home is bringing you joy.

Billybob4491 Sun 09-May-21 08:39:58

Pleased to see your name pop up on my screen again, hope all goes well for you.

cornergran Sun 09-May-21 08:54:14

Good to hear from you lucky, best wishes for the medical appointments. See you again when you’re back with us properly.

Witzend Sun 09-May-21 08:59:04

Fingers Xed for those tests Luckygirl πŸ’.

Auntieflo Sun 09-May-21 09:03:23

Nice to hear from you Luckygirl, but sorry to hear of your few new health problems, so sending best wishes to you.
Let's hope you swiftly get sorted out.
Please let us know how the stair lift quest is going.
(I am especially interested)
Enjoy the stay with your DD.

merlotgran Sun 09-May-21 09:03:42

Hope you are enjoying your new home, Lucky and all goes well with the tests.

Greyduster Sun 09-May-21 09:35:24

Good to see you, Lucky! Sounds like you’re rather up against it, but I hope things improve for you soon. Hang in there!πŸ’

Callistemon Sun 09-May-21 10:00:42

Hello and good to see you and hear you are settling in, Luckygirl

🀞 that your medical tests are negative but that they do get to the bottom of your balance problems

timetogo2016 Sun 09-May-21 10:05:38

Hope you settle well in Lucky,and all medical results are clear.
A mobile toilet eh ? haha.