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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 11-May-21 06:05:48

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry and looks like the start of a nice day here in Brackley .
I think we have been getting a mix of March winds and April showers just recently .
Anyway, some housework then a trip to Bicester later for usual hour ,and have a coffee etc outside .
Take care,

Grandmabatty Tue 11-May-21 06:18:32

Good morning Mick and all who follow. It's mild and damp in Polmont. I'm up so early for no reason. Today is another babysitting one. Fish man, park, feed the ducks, nap, swings, garden in that order. Whatever your day holds, I hope it's good.

grandMattie Tue 11-May-21 06:19:14

Good morning from a bright E Kent. It is warm enough for the heating not to come on! Yes, Mick, March winds, but very few April showers here, sadly. We are a very dry part of UK.
Washed the inside windows yesterday, a job I loathe and try to put off. I then found that the one remaining (hated) Venetian blind was filthy, so cleaned tho at. Did you know my blind had 54 slats and was in 5 parts? 😡 Grrr. When I’d done that I saw that DH had once again left the Dyson uncleaned. It is his alone, I’m too stupid to use it apparently. He is very bad at tool maintenance. So carried in a wave of rage, I cleaned that too! I was exhausted by the end!
Have a good day one and all; enjoy any flamingo 🦩 that might fly into your lives.💐

Ashcombe Tue 11-May-21 06:28:40

Good morning, Mick, Grandmabatty, grandMattie and all who follow, from a similarly bright Torbay!

I had a mini-service done on my car yesterday, in preparation for driving North next week. Luckily, there’s a reliable garage within walking distance of my home so I always go there, apart from when the tyres need attention as they’re nitrogen filled. This was recommended by ATS a few years ago with free checks and top ups forever, after the initial (low) cost of installation.

I’m glad the Pony Express video was enjoyed by many yesterday. Thank you for your kind comments.

I hope all the worries melt away with the warmth of the sunshine. ☀️

Beechnut Tue 11-May-21 06:38:41

Good Morning everyone from a bright and sunny Severnside.
It’s 17c downstairs.

I’ve something to do for my brother today so that’ll keep me occupied for most of the day. Also start the prep for tomorrow’s meal.

Mattie I can never understand why a cleaner doesn’t keep itself clean, after all that’s what it is 😂

Have a good day all with hopefully no new worries 🌸

harrigran Tue 11-May-21 06:45:56

Good morning from a dry bright NE.
Yesterday we had a very loud thunderstorm which left the air feeling very fresh afterwards.
Nurse visited as promised and DH got out of bed for the duration, we are putting his slight mobility improvement down to massive doses of steroids.
Hairdresser coming this morning, thank heavens.
I have a Sainsbury's delivery, a Cote at home and another unspecified delivery arranged by DIL, I hope they do not all arrive at the same time.
Enjoy your day.

Gelisajams Tue 11-May-21 06:56:22

Good morning from Morecambe Bay where the temperature at least seems to have remembered it’s May and not April as it’s finally warmed up. Yesterday however reverted to April. Lots of heavy showers. This meant we didn’t get to the church garden. The rain started just as we had everything loaded up. We will try again this morning - if the builder gets finished before the rain comes forecast for later comes in. - If he turns up this week that is!
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸🦩🌸

Gagagran Tue 11-May-21 07:04:51

Morning all from a bright south coast.8.9c so not really bikini weather. Well it never is for me these days!

I am feeling quite excited as we are having an outing today. Only to the garden centre but it is 14 months now since the last visit and we need some compost and I need a browse. DH will probably give that bit a miss as he is in and out sort of shopper. He will do the lifting though so worth taking with me.

We are waiting delivery of some new outside lights for the garage wall by the back gate. The new roof has made the existing ones look very shabby so I found some smart modern ones I like and ordered them. We shall be doing guided tours soon at this rate!

Hope the day is a good one for us all.sunshine

Urmstongran Tue 11-May-21 07:07:41

Good morning everyone from a lovely sunny south Manchester. What a treat to wake up to. However I believe it won’t last as rain is forecast later today.

The 7am train into Liverpool Lime Street has just pulled into the station opposite. The Northern line must have invested in some new rolling stock as it looks very shiny and smart. With its bullet nose front and rear it reminds me of the Spanish trains on the Renfe system. Himself commented yesterday that the train he was on (2 stops only coming back from Irlam) was new and that the carriage was immaculate.

Enough about trains. I’m off to meet 4 friends for lunch with wine at midday. Yay! The place is a little bijou courtyard behind their deli shop and the menu reflects the artisanal products sold inside. Heaven on a plate. When will I ever lose this extra poundage I’ve piled on? Oh dear.

Hope Tuesday is good to us all. Keep safe. Shout out to all our missing posters too. I know we’re not allowed to name names but there are rather a lot of you it seems. x

dragonfly46 Tue 11-May-21 07:15:57

Good morning from brightish Leicestershire.

Dexters vet visit went well yesterday and he had two biopsies taken. Fingers crossed now. He seems so much better since his operation.

Blood test this morning then a pick up from M&S.

Have a good day everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 11-May-21 07:18:08

Morning Mick and all

No idea what the weather is like as I haven’t opened the curtains!!! We have the Imp
today so I really hope weather is kind so we can get out.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

brook2704 Tue 11-May-21 07:20:42

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a bit grey this morning, I hope the sun can find a way through later
Enjoy your lunch out today Urms🍷 sounds good!
I enjoyed a walk by the River Ness yesterday, it’s always lovely to see but today I’m off into town for a browse around the shops and then later on meeting my friend for coffee at last! I’ve not seen her for ages so we will have lots of news to catch up on. So for me that’s most of the day sorted
DH is staying in as we’ve someone calling in to look at repairing the sofa where the stitching is coming undone a bit.
Enjoy your trip to the garden centre Gaga and I hope the rain holds off so you can get your gardening done Gelisa
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

monk08 Tue 11-May-21 07:24:30

Morning all from a sunny Black country. Up early today courtesy of the bin men. Windows to clean today and hope to get a walk in if the weather holds out. Urmstongran glad to see you are getting in practice for your return to Spain (ladies who winewine duck in plum sauce for dinner. Enjoyable day to everyone x

amselerin Tue 11-May-21 07:25:53

Good morning Mick and all from - not so warm now - Lueneburg. Sunday and Monday it was extremely hot - which was to my liking. Even though I don`t post very often, I do read all your posts. I am sad or happy with you. Reading about where you spend your leisure time, where you shop and what meals you prepare makes me want to hurry up my move to the Sefton coast. I have to wait for my 2nd vaccination, though. At the moment I am trying to book a removal firm, which is not so easy. I am only taking part of my furniture, as I aim to keep my house here. Sometimes it all gets too much for me. My friend has just gone into an old peoples home and she is so happy there. No more decisions to make. My DIL in Britain is sorting out the few things that need doing in my new house. I haven`t seen it yet. Life is strange at the moment. I do so want to live close to my children again.
May all your worries disappear. Have a good day and take care. I do like the reports from Urms about the arrival of trains.

kittylester Tue 11-May-21 07:27:37

Morning all from a brightish North Leicestershire. I suspect it won't last.

I had a lovely time at the hairdresser's yesterday. A really good gossip and a good cut and colour to boot.

Today I have to tackle the Himalayas and then I have a zoomed Memory Cafe. Hopefully we will have more attendees this week as there were 4 of us and only 1 couple last week. We had the news yesterday that Real Life Memory Cafes will start at the end of June and, hopefully, Carer's courses not long after.

Enjoy your days everyone.

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 11-May-21 07:28:08

Good morning all from sunny Penruddock!! WIFI intermittent so strike while the iron is hot!!
Yesterday DH moaned because every time we tried to have a coffee or lunch signalled the latest shower to go descend - he wanted to come this week!! Today will be more moaning - more showers expected. I can see us scurrying over the border just to dine is comfort!!
Glad you’ve had some help harri. Much needed.
Have as good a day as you can!!

Urmstongran Tue 11-May-21 07:32:07

Hi amselerin 👋
You were one of my missing peeps! Sorry to hear you’re at sixes and sevens at present but you’ll be over here amongst us all before you know it. I can understand your yearning to see your family and live nearby. But how lovely to keep your house too in Lueneburg - a foot in both camps! ❤️ it.

Urmstongran Tue 11-May-21 07:41:12

Yes monk08 I have to keep up with the socialising. Tuesday is LWW in Spain. It’s only the core group (obv) who live there at present. I named them the 3 Musketeers. They keep things ticking over nicely until the rest of us can visit and join in! Hopefully in 7 weeks I shall be amongst my tribe. I miss their friendship and fun. That’s what is wonderful about meeting every week. The consistency. Over these last 6 years we’ve all gotten to know one another so well and have a real depth of caring about one another now. I never dreamt I’d make such new and truly good friends since retirement!

grannysyb Tue 11-May-21 07:43:32

Good morning all from Teddington, a bit gray here. I'm going to do a bit of loft clearing today, we have had a strange smell in our bedroom for a couple if weeks, and yesterday I went up and found the cause, a leaking tin of Gunk! Our loft is mostly boarded, this was in the part under the eaves. There is so much "stuff" up there, si a good clear out is called for, and as DH is going to a bridge lesson today I will be able to get rid of some of the things that he has been keeping "just in case!" Have the best day possible everyone.

Sar53 Tue 11-May-21 07:48:00

Good morning from Essex by the sea where the sun is peeping out from behind the clouds. It's warmed up and the heating hasn't come on for a couple of days now. Probably the time to turn it off for the summer.
We are going to a shopping outlet this morning for a mooch. There are a couple of shops I am interested in and being Tuesday we are hoping it won't be busy.
DH's twin grandson and granddaughter are 4 today but due to them being at nursery and parents working we won't see them til Saturday. I remember them as tiny babies in their cot together, doesn't time fly, they start school in September.
Have a pleasant Tuesday and find a plethora of 😄😄😄 xx

Elizabeth1 Tue 11-May-21 07:49:31

Good morning all from a bright morning on the east coast of Fife. We’ve got to collect tomato plants today else they’ll all be scooped up pretty fast.

We had the best weekend ever in Aberdeenshire the hotel we stayed in was wonderful and catered to all our needs. Would need to be a millionaire to stay there again. Must save up for another trip. It was our DDs birthday and we had such fun with our grandchildren at dinner where the chef put lots of chocolate and fudge titbits on the sweet plates. Very posh.

The ice cream birthday cake we took into the hotel was delicious it was filled with sponge and marshmallows. I remember making one myself many years ago.

Now back to normality today being at home with my DS. Hopefully I can keep the peace and not be too critical of her housekeeping wink

no long lie ins today the carer will be in soon. Have a happy day everyone and enjoy what’s to come.

Gingster Tue 11-May-21 07:52:08

Good morning all and it was raining a few minutes ago but the sky is brightening now.

‘Urms* enjoy your lunch. It’s so good to catch up with friends after all this time.

amserlin I can imagine your excitement at being near your family again, will you split your time between here and there?
You will have a busy few months but it will all be worth it. 👍.

DH had the results of all his bloods yesterday and all seems well apart from vitamin D deficiency and high sugar levels. This indicates diabetes . All symptoms point there. He will have another blood test on Wednesday and appointments with the diabetes nurse. I’m quite pleased as he has a very sweet tooth and has put on weight, so he will HAVE to adhere to a healthy diet now. Our surgery seems to have pulled it’s finger out, at last , and is getting back to near ‘normal’.

Today he has a hearing test , after me and the family badgering to do so for a couple of years. Hopefully he will wear his hearing aids when he gets them. He isn’t an easy man to help /advise 😢😂). He likes to go his own sweet way. !

Wishing you all a happy day.😁

CherryCezzy Tue 11-May-21 07:54:00

Good morning everyone from the Gower where the weather is neither one thing or another, yesterday was glorious though.

It felt like we didn't stop for breath yesterday! Our house felt like Piccadilly Circus with all comings and goings. This kitchen rejig and fit entered a whole new world 🤣. How can these things possibly involve so many people, it's not as if I live in a mansion and the kitchen is enormous. We had our own trips out for various things too in between, nothing exciting but we're necessary. I was spinning on a penny 😬. Not helped by having had a dratted seizure the night before 🙄.
It should be a gentler 🤔 day today with the tiler here but you never know in Cherry Cove.

Thank you Lins and hollysteers for your well wishes yesterday, they are much appreciated.

Take care everyone ❤️

nanna8 Tue 11-May-21 08:00:03

G’day from a rather chilly Melbourne. Spent the morning catching up with Probus stuff on the computer and then went for a walk round the local lake followed by a cafe lunch. A quiet day. I meant to do some tidying up and cleaning but somehow just started, the phone rang and the motivation went out the window. Ah well, it’ll keep !

Susan56 Tue 11-May-21 08:01:56

Good morning from Staffordshire.

A good journey over today, not as much traffic as usual.The fire at the side of the motorway in Telford is still burning two weeks later.

DGS was very excited to see us as we had brought his Christmas presents from DH’s family in West Wales.Presents are now opened and the day stretches ahead of us.We are to try not to let him nap😩Grandmabatty will understand the terror a day without a nap holds!

I have been thinking about our missing posters too Urms and hoping they will be back with us soon.

Cherry, hope the kitchen fitting is going well and you are feeling ok?💐

Thoughts to all with illness,anxieties and worries about loved ones.

Have a good day all🌞🦩