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Cycle of Pain

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nanna8 Fri 14-May-21 13:29:41

Harry Windsor’s latest description of his life at the palace going on about genetic pain and suffering. Oh my, he really rubs it in. How difficult for his father and brother to have to cope with public comments like that. Why couldn’t he just say it privately if that is what he feels?

lemongrove Sun 16-May-21 20:32:47

I may do an interview about my pain and suffering, as a form of cheap therapy ......only the thing is, no bugger will bother to listen.angry grin
Oh if only I had a royal title!

Greeneyedgirl Sun 16-May-21 20:12:43

Don’t forget he’s in California now, not buttoned up UK. It’s a different culture.....

Madgran77 Sun 16-May-21 16:25:47

I tend to agree with you Eloethan. It's tge publicising of grievances and speaking on behalf of his family members and vague but serious implied criticisms/grievances that feel uncomfotrtably wrong. I hope that he can learn to temper his approaches very soon

Alegrias1 Sun 16-May-21 12:33:12


With a capital.

CraftyGranny Sun 16-May-21 12:31:31

None of his views were made apparent before he met megan, except maybe media intrusion. He always seemed so happy-go-lucky then.

Eloethan Sun 16-May-21 11:59:09

I have never had time for the nastiness directed at Meghan and Harry. I do understand why they felt uncomfortable within the confines of the royal family and I do think they were not supported properly. I hope they can in time put all that behind them and I hope they find happiness and success in their new lives.

However, I think Harry is making a mistake in continuing to air his feelings in respect of the family in public. I think he is probably so incensed at the very negative comments made about him - eg those that deride him and point to his extremely privileged background and the benefits it has yielded. He may feel he has to explain that however much social and economic privilege a person has it does not guarantee that emotional needs are met.

The problem is, when we look at people who have suffered extremely difficult childhoods, such as Ian Wright and the many other unknown victims of severe emotional and physical abuse, people may find Harry's difficulties trivial by comparison. It is important to acknowledge your feelings and to express them in a safe environment - in his case, to do so in public exposes him to even more criticism.

nanna8 Sun 16-May-21 11:52:49

At this rate he will never be able to return to the UK even if he wants to. Silly boy and boy he is, not a man.

Boz Sun 16-May-21 11:49:45


Aveline Sun 16-May-21 11:41:42

They are not cheap at all. In fact they are very expensive. At least now they are paying their own way. By 'cheap' do you mean common?

Boz Sun 16-May-21 11:33:02

He is just cheap. They are both cheap.

grumppa Sun 16-May-21 11:16:41

He may have been sent away to school, but most weekends grandma and grandpa were in their country cottage just across the bridge.

Greeneyedgirl Sun 16-May-21 10:52:09

Don’t ya just love her? Janey Godley, ma heroine grin

Alegrias1 Sat 15-May-21 22:44:30


Gotta love Janey Godley grin.


Aveline Sat 15-May-21 22:43:10

Karma will bite Harry in the bum. Just wait till Archie starts whining about how Harry wrenched him away from the country of his birth and his extended family to the superficial life of Tinseltown.

Blossoming Sat 15-May-21 22:36:58

Gotta love Janey Godley grin.

Witzend Sat 15-May-21 19:42:22

IMO it’s high time he stopped whining.

Chestnut Sat 15-May-21 18:02:48

I hope I'm still here in 10 years to see how this has all panned out. Where will they all be then? Only time will tell.

eazybee Sat 15-May-21 13:17:07

Princes William and Harry had a very similar childhood and upbringing. They are both supporting mental health awareness in whatever form.
The difference I notice is that in public appearances the focus on Prince William is of him listening to people talking about their problems; with Harry the focus is all on his problems.
I find Harry's recent behaviour contemptible and also contemptuous, of other people, but I am beginning to think he really has developing mental problems and his discussing them in public is not going to help anyone, least of all himself.
Meghan has no idea of what she has unleashed.

theworriedwell Sat 15-May-21 13:07:48


No Atqui his father did not send him to Gordonstoun. On the other hand he was packed off to Eton College where William was already studying. Whilst being a prestigious educational facility it is never the less nothing more than a place to keep all the upper class little darlings away from home so any of the parents can have dinner parties and jet off here and there as and when. A friend of mine worked at Eton College and she said that many of the boys were unhappy and would rather have been educated and lived at home.
As for the local comprehensive or acadamy which is what the local schools are called these days those posh lads would never be able to hold their own in places like those.

I think it was Diana's family that had the connection with Eton (her brother certainly went there) don't remember any royals going there before William. Maybe it was his mother who sent him there not his father?

theworriedwell Sat 15-May-21 13:04:11


I get your point Smileless but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to make people aware of emotional damage in childhood, and its self perpetuating nature, and that it is possible to prevent it continuing. He reaches a huge audience by his celebrity status.

He could bring it to the attention of that audience without talking about his father and grandparents. He could talk about what he wants to do in a positive way, no need for the rest of it. No parent gets it right all the time, he won't either.

Funny how his mother gets no blame or her parents who were certainly no example of how to parent, mother running off then father not letting children see her and her mother (Diana's grandmother) supporting her SIL not her daughter. How about the genetic suffering the Spencers passed on to him?

Atqui Sat 15-May-21 12:25:12

Let’s not read any more of his whining and leave him to struggle with his very modest lifestyle now that his father has stopped his allowance.

Smileless2012 Sat 15-May-21 11:45:49

He never fails to disappoint lately does he.

Nanna58 Fri 14-May-21 22:42:49

Just when I think there can’t possibly be a lower level of drivel to come from Harry.....he surpasses himself!!!!

JenniferEccles Fri 14-May-21 22:31:42

Just when I thought Harry couldn’t sink any lower, I clearly underestimated the lengths he’s prepared to go to cause further hurt for his family.

As if the Winfrey interview wasn’t bad enough, here he is back again firing more grenades at his family.

His behaviour is utterly shameful, spurred on I suspect by his wife, who of course has form for cutting herself off from her own family.

He didn’t spout all this victimhood nonsense before she came on the scene, did he ?

Atqui Fri 14-May-21 21:35:46

But what do we mere mortals know about how Charles actually brought up,his children, except that it was a ‘ broken home’ . Fleeing to California cannot stop that happening if he and Meghan s marriage doesn’t work out.