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Nicknames for neighbours

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Santana Mon 17-May-21 09:13:13

We do have nicknames for neighbours, more to help know who we are talking about than to be disrespectful. We have an abundance of Daves so one became 'the godbod' as he always pops a religious newspaper through our letterbox. Another, the neighbourhood watch Dave. I bet my husband is electrical Dave.
New neighbours have become the Wonderful Family as I heard that said so many times before I met them. They are indeed a lovely family!
As child I remember my dad calling neighbours The Tinks as they were always fiddling with their car.
Just wondered if we are alone in our nicknaming of neighbours?

timetogo2016 Mon 17-May-21 09:24:44

The loudies,because they are never quiet.
The policemans lover,as he is always in trouble with the police.
Two faced is out, no explanation needed.
That lovely couple , because they are.
That nice little family,because they are.
And lastly bungalow Luke,he lives alone in a bungalow.

FannyCornforth Mon 17-May-21 09:32:05

Trouser John.
He was Loo Brush John for a brief time, then reverted back to Trouser.

He is constantly engaged in a battle with his own jeans, struggling and failing to encourage them to stay up.
He is a slim man with a rather large beer belly, which is the root of the problem.
For some time he had a loo brush on proud display in his bedroom window.

One lot of next door neighbours are simply known as the lunatics.

FannyCornforth Mon 17-May-21 09:40:03

The lunatics comprise of Her, the whippersnapper (he's 18) and the arsehole.

JaneJudge Mon 17-May-21 09:43:13

This reminds me of Cadging Carol grin

BlueSky Mon 17-May-21 09:45:03

We live in a close of retired people. Recently a lovely couple in their late eighties/early nineties have moved in, so we refer to them as “The old old couple”. Bet they wouldn’t be amused as they are quite fit and active!

Lucca Mon 17-May-21 09:50:46

Puffing Billy. He has (apparently) emphysema yet still stands outside his door smoking and coughing fit to bust, come rain or shine at all hours.

kittylester Mon 17-May-21 09:55:12

My friend and I live at different ends of one of the main thoroughfares in our village.

Between us, we have named

Jeremiah because he always looks so miserable,

Sinbad because she often wears a jumpsuit in really bright colours and gathered at the bottom,

The God Squad because there are lots of them who walk up to church holding their bibles

The walking pair as that's all they seem to do

That bloody woman - no explanation needed.

And, of course, there are the people we actually know the names of!

There are also 2 women who live in the cul de sac round the corner (separately!) who I call DH's friends as they always speak to him but not to me!

Yiayia4 Mon 17-May-21 09:59:07

Dave the grave he’s an undertaker!

FannyCornforth Mon 17-May-21 09:59:55

Oh yes, kitty, DH has a one of those.
I call her his 'knock off' (I'm not as crude as I sound, honest!)

tanith Mon 17-May-21 10:01:34

Mr. Perfect hedge and taxi man

monk08 Mon 17-May-21 10:05:33

Ours is the firestarter always burning old bits of wood. Currently the old fencing he will not take it to the tip which is less than 10mins away. It was his daughter's old playhouse 2wks ago. Must admit been grateful for the rain he stays inside and no fires.

Mollygo Mon 17-May-21 10:05:53


The lunatics comprise of Her, the whippersnapper (he's 18) and the arsehole.

🤣🤣🤣 FC your post made me laugh, though I don’t have to live near them.

Mollygo Mon 17-May-21 10:13:48

Until lockdown, when we got to know each other better, 3 of ours were known as Car showrooms (has 3 expensive cars on the front path), Night Nurse and the D-I-Yers. We now know their names.
To differentiate, we still have Sainsbury’s Chris and school-run Chris.
Only Car Showroom and Night Nurse were also used by any of our other neighbours.

EllanVannin Mon 17-May-21 10:13:48

The chap across the road I call "Norman Evans," as in over the garden wall. Forever leaning on his wall ready to nail some unsuspecting soul. I have to time him when I nip around to the corner shop as many a time I was nearly taking root-----and I've always " got something in the oven " grin.
He'd talk a glass eye to sleep.

The "oddity" who lives alone and doesn't venture out. Nobody's seen him. I only got a glimpse a year ago when he moved in, not an old man. Keeps himself to himself grin

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 17-May-21 10:21:39

Our previous neighbours were lovely but for some reason my OH referred to the guy as the Bank Robber! No idea why. Over the road is known as the Roof Man as he’s always getting his roof fixed.

Witzend Mon 17-May-21 10:25:50

Friends of mine experienced a ghastly embarrassment over
nicknames they’d given, though it was acquaintances rather than close friends or neighbours.

They were enjoying a lie-in one Sunday morning when the doorbell went and their young son went to answer it.
‘Mum!’ he yelled at the top of his voice. ‘It’s boring Fred* and Miss Piggy!’ 😱
*not his real name!
(Friends remained in bed, cowering under the covers.)

GagaJo Mon 17-May-21 10:26:04

The little grey man (everything he wears is grey or beige and his face and hair match, even his laundry is grey or beige) and the hippy.

Also the professor and the covidiot (arranged a street party mid lockdown).

And the street on the corner, with a rough around the edges family (lovely dog tho) are the Clampetts (the Beverly Hillbillies).

Doodle Mon 17-May-21 10:28:22

We have Lanky Man (very tall and thin)
The Louders (slightly deaf couple who ask others to speak up)
Walky, talky,smiley man (does all three)
The Old Man (he’s older than us)
Big skirt (always wears a large flowing skirt)
Used car salesman (car dealer)

‘Our friend’ (woman who chats but we don’t know her name)
Incidentally she calls us the Squirrel people to her DH as we occasionally have a chat about the squirrels in the park.

The man with the dog (again self explanatory)

Kitty I’d love to know what the neighbours on your road call you at one end and your friend at the other 😀

Lucca Mon 17-May-21 10:59:08

My DS and DIL. called one of their neighbours “average dad”. Due I think to his fairly standard attire ! However he turned out to be anything but.....he’s an opera singer.

Gannygangan Mon 17-May-21 11:03:24

My Grandma used to have a Mrs Buttocks. Every time they ended up having a chat in the village this lady would mention problems with her buttocks.

One day Grandma met up with this lady and accidentally called her, Mrs Buttocks. Don't think she mentioned them again.

As a child we had a Miss Prim Knickers next door. She was frightfully hoity toity.

Liz46 Mon 17-May-21 11:08:23

Witzend, that made us laugh!

Grandma70s Mon 17-May-21 11:08:34

We used to have Howard and Hilda - only people who watched Ever Decreasing Circles will get that. Couple who are never seen separately.

My son called one neighbour Mrs Clock, because when he saw her walking down the road in the morning he knew it was time to set off for school.

Kate1949 Mon 17-May-21 11:12:38

We call the family opposite 'that lot' plus a few other choice names which are unprintable. Nothing but trouble.

Georgesgran Mon 17-May-21 11:29:19

I have Clampetts in my cul de sac too - but they’re lovely.
The family next door to me (the Fu*kwits) are not - 6 adults in the house, six cars, and a drive for only 2! Need I say more? Luckily, I’ve not had a run in with them over their careless parking, but other neighbours have.