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What Vitamins & Supplements do you take and from where do you buy them?

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Artemis1 Mon 17-May-21 19:59:42

Do you take any Vitamins or Health Supplements that have really helped - improved overall health, cured some disease or nasty symptom, increased your energy and vitality, and generally done wonders for your overall well-being and fitness?

If so, what is it, how did you hear of it, who recommended it (doctor or friend), and how long have you taken it? What has the health benefit been and how long before you saw results?

Where do you buy your supplements from (for best quality and best value for money)?

I keep reading rave reviews on Amazon (e.g. for collagen) but have recently heard that many of the reviews are fake!

Would like recommendations from the wise gransnetters here.

grannyrebel7 Mon 17-May-21 20:08:30

I take vitamin D as it was thought that people with low levels were more susceptible to Covid. Don't know if this is true or not, but the supplement has improved my hair & nails, so will continue to take it. I had a dodgy knee last year so started to take turmeric as well which has helped.

theworriedwell Mon 17-May-21 21:42:28

I take vitamin D, prescribed by GP after bone scan. I also take bromelain for digestive problems although it is supposed to be good for other things as well. After a lifetime of digestive issues I find it very beneficial and I buy it from Holland and Barrett.

annodomini Mon 17-May-21 22:14:14

I'm trying Biotin to improve my nails which a vertically ridged, chipping and splitting. If anyone can advise me on what else I can do, please do!

Mancjules Mon 17-May-21 22:15:53

I have taken vit D and Magnesium for years. I get them online from Natures Best as I find the price & quality good.

muse Mon 17-May-21 22:19:09

Turmeric capsules from Holland and Barrett to help with arthritis. They have a good deal with their penny sale.

geekesse Mon 17-May-21 22:44:14

D. Sainsburys.

Alishka Mon 17-May-21 22:50:53

Anyone else received Gov't issued free Vit D? I did! Because of particular health issues I'm in the group of elderly people for whom Covid19 would be a killer for sure and I'd already bought them and then this pkt of VtD plopped through my letterbox. So I've now got the pkt I bought, the pkt my family in the US sent me,and now these...
Sigh...memo to self... START TAKING THEM!grin

Dinahmo Mon 17-May-21 22:59:36

I suffered for many years with bronchitis, exacerbated because I'm asthmatic. Each bout necessitated antibiotics. In January 2019, after yet another bout, I contacted a client who is an acupuncturist. She suggested vitamin D which I have taken each day since then. Throughout 2019 I didn't get a cold which was impressive for me. Occasionally I feel as though a cold is coming but it goes away the same day. I heartily recommend it.

I also take turmeric capsules for arthritis but I also wear copper bracelets, ever since I had an aching shoulder when i was 40. I know I have arthritis because I have had a couple of x-rays but it's rare that get any pain.

I also take Vitamins B and C, Omega oil and probiotics.

lemsip Mon 17-May-21 23:00:22

I have taken Selenium for many years. I now take vit D...Holland and barrett. They often have offers when you can 'buy one and get another for a penny.

BBbevan Mon 17-May-21 23:15:35

1 multi vitamins. 1 tumeric for eyes and 1 iCap ( lutein + ) for eyes.
DH takes rose hip for arthritis. Get all from H&B except I Caps

Chestnut Mon 17-May-21 23:20:30

I'm a sucker for vitamins and minerals. I take glucosomine and cod liver oil for joints, vitamin C and magnesium. I'm really scared of losing my eyesight so also take bilberry and Retinex. My eyes seem to be better than they were 10 years ago so they seem to work. At the first sign of a cold I take echinacea. I get them all from Healthspan.

polyester57 Tue 18-May-21 10:57:36

I have a squeezed out lemon in a glass of water every morning and a garlic pill (which I buy at the local pharmacy, don´t live in the UK). The thing about vitamins and supplements is that the effect comes only after a long time of regular use, unlike synthetic drugs, which kick in from the word go. I sometimes wish that I could compare two of my identical selves, one drinking the lemon concoction overy morning for years and one not. Would there be that much of a difference? I hope so.

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 18-May-21 11:17:48

I take turmeric twice a day, H & B version usually the one with black pepper. it has built up my immune system to no end, and improved my skin. My skin was very thin after loads of steroid treatments, I had to wear long sleeves, if my skin brushed against sharp wood of a nail head it would split quite dramatically, it go very embarrassing. My arm looks as though I'ver self harmed. November 2019 I was in hospital with Pneumonia for a week, my BIL died while I was in, a week after I got out, I was at his funeral in Surrey after travelling on the train and London underground. My sister told me I should take 3 - 6 months to recover!! I was fine. I put that to turmeric.

foxie48 Tue 18-May-21 11:24:25

I take Vit D but not in the summer as I am out of doors a good deal. I have recently started having Kefir yoghurt on my breakfast cereal this is after hearing Michael Moseley's programme about fermented foods. I give my horse turmeric but don't take it myself but might change my mind on that.

theworriedwell Tue 18-May-21 11:26:57

My eye specialist told me the best supplement for my eyes is flax seed oil. I remember sometimes.

Sarnia Tue 18-May-21 11:28:23

On the advice of my GP I now take Vitamin D. I look for the Holland & Barrett, buy 1 get another for 1p deal.

B9exchange Tue 18-May-21 11:30:36

I take probiotics for IBS, Vit D with magnesium and calcium, (strong family history of osteoporosis), and omega-3 capsules for joints. My supply comes from Amazon like everything else, but I do research to companies carefully before giving them my money!

DiscoDancer1975 Tue 18-May-21 11:35:46

Calcium and vitamin D. Folic acid. I took magnesium for five years to help with sleep, which I think it did, but now think it may have been linked to the on and off nausea I’ve had for four years. I thought it was menopause, but done with that now. I do feel much better, except can feel a bit ‘ crampy ’ in my calves. Rather have that though.
All bought from Sainsbury’s.

kittylester Tue 18-May-21 11:37:41

Well woman 70+ multivitamins and prebiotics both from Vitabiotics.

joannapiano Tue 18-May-21 13:41:52

DH takes Vit D as suggested by his Oncologist. I take the vegan ones, made from shiitake mushrooms, as I have allergies.
Both from Holland and Barrett.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 18-May-21 14:52:24

It was suggested when I was on chemo that Vit D would help with the treatment - tests showed I was a bit short. I also take liquid iron as I became anaemic during my younger years - I had to give up being a blood donor as they said I needed the blood more than they did. I still take both most days.

Maggiemaybe Tue 18-May-21 15:27:10

I'm a bit of a sucker for supplements. I take Viviscal for my hair - my hairdresser is convinced it's made a big difference, so I'll keep on doing so. Cod liver oil capsules for my joints, acidophilus to ward off the heartburn I get occasionally, and, more recently, vitamin D as well. I buy the Viviscal when it's on offer, either from the company direct, Boots or Holland & Barrett. Everything else from H & B in their penny sales.

Maggiemaybe Tue 18-May-21 15:42:50

Having read the OP properly, I should add that the only one recommended to me was the acidophilus - I'd had one treatment for helicobacter pylori (more strong antibiotics in a week than I'd had in my life before), and when I started again with the same symptoms I wanted to avoid a repeat of that. A very good friend recommended the tablets, and they worked - the symptoms were gone within a couple of days. I'd been taking the Viviscal for around 6 months before I noticed any improvement.

MayBee70 Tue 18-May-21 15:48:14


1 multi vitamins. 1 tumeric for eyes and 1 iCap ( lutein + ) for eyes.
DH takes rose hip for arthritis. Get all from H&B except I Caps

I now buy Macu Save from Healthy Supplies. They contain the important ingredient which is me sozeathanthin but are £20 for 3 months supple. I’ve been taking Maccushield since they were recommended on trust me I’m a doctor but they’re very expensive. I know it used to be possible to get ICaps from the doctor on prescription but not sure if that’s possible now.