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Any films you have been to see that you were disappointed with?

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nanna8 Mon 24-May-21 13:52:59

‘ The Revenant’ was one of these. Very boring.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 24-May-21 13:55:53

Dunkirk and The Shape of water, hours out of my life I will never get back.

Yammy Mon 24-May-21 13:57:23

The new David Copperfield actually switched it off.

nanna8 Mon 24-May-21 14:04:54

Yes Dunkirk was a huge disappointment, agree.

Kate1949 Mon 24-May-21 14:06:47

Les Miserables yawn, Nomadland depressing.

Calendargirl Mon 24-May-21 15:42:34

When we were courting, we went to see ‘The Battle Of Britain’.
I found it boring, didn’t know which side was which.

DH was disappointed when we went to see ‘The King And I’, he didn’t realise it was a musical, because it had Yul Bruner in it he assumed it would be a western or an action film!

JaneJudge Mon 24-May-21 15:44:32

La La Land, I just didn't understand it at all
The Joker, wtf was it about
There are bound to be loads

Sparkling Mon 24-May-21 15:44:43

Cats. Dreadful, but I nearly fell off my seat as I went to sleep, I just thought it very weird and boring, would have left but my friends stuck it out but thought the same.

Kate1949 Mon 24-May-21 15:45:37

Oh yes La La Land and Cats. Awful.

Grandmajean Mon 24-May-21 15:47:41

Watched "The Shape of Water" on TV. Dreadful - so glad didn't go to cinema to see it. Switched off before the end. Can't understand why it got awards. Am in the minority here , I expect , but also didn't like "The Greatest Showman" although DD and DGD loved it !

JaneJudge Mon 24-May-21 15:49:05

My daughter loved the greatest showman but I didn't like him sad he is not a very nice man

Peasblossom Mon 24-May-21 15:56:15

Another vote for LaLaLand. We walked out and went to the pub.

Also Cats. I did hang on to the end of that but, looking back it should have been the pub again🥱😴

MayBee70 Mon 24-May-21 15:57:37


Oh yes La La Land and Cats. Awful.

The last 10 minutes of LaLaLand were good but that didn’t mean that the rest of it wasn’t awful. It wasn’t worth the wait. Thankfully we saw it on dvd. I loved The Revenant. One of those films that I’m glad I saw at the cinema for the sheer scale of it. Uncle Boonmee who can recall his previous lives (I knew what we we’d let ourselves in for when the first 20 minutes of the film just showed a water buffalo standing in a field) was awful as was The Headless Woman. I lost faith in Mark Kermodes judgement after that.

MayBee70 Mon 24-May-21 15:59:04


My daughter loved the greatest showman but I didn't like him sad he is not a very nice man

Have you listened to You’re Dead to Me about Barnum on BBC Sounds?

TerriBull Mon 24-May-21 16:25:52

Definitely LaLa Land must be one of the most over hyped films ever. I didn't like The Revenant, and in spite of liking Daniel Day Lewis as an actor I found both Lincoln and There Will be Blood, very ponderous and dull.

I'm sure there will be others I've forgotten that I'll agree with.

Of course like most I haven't been to the cinema for quite a while now. Do remember the last film we saw before lockdown was 1917 which I thought was very good.

Bridie22 Mon 24-May-21 16:28:08

Loved hunger games 1 and 2, number 3 was the biggest load of rubbish, very disappointed.

Lillie Mon 24-May-21 17:03:43

It is dissappointing when film number 2 or 3 is a flop. I wish they wouldn't revisit.

MayBee70 Mon 24-May-21 18:11:53

Loved Hunger Games 1 but not so much the other two. I’d seen Jennifer Lawrence in Winters Bone and thought at the time that she was a star in the making. She was so perfect for the role of Katniss.

Harris27 Mon 24-May-21 18:14:56

La la land walked out didn’t get it?

JaneJudge Mon 24-May-21 18:15:34



My daughter loved the greatest showman but I didn't like him sad he is not a very nice man

Have you listened to You’re Dead to Me about Barnum on BBC Sounds?

No smile

Iam64 Mon 24-May-21 18:34:04

Peterloo - Manchester is my city. My grannie talked about Peterloo, such a significant part of our history. An absolutely awful film.

Casdon Mon 24-May-21 18:35:32

The Life of Pi - I was so bored.

Mouseybrown60 Mon 24-May-21 18:42:42

Chariots of Fire, just didn’t get it.

Sara1954 Mon 24-May-21 19:03:33

Settled down to watch Lala Land on television, what a load of absolute rubbish, turned it off.
Love The Greatest Showman though, we all enjoyed it, and have watched it lots of times.

annodomini Mon 24-May-21 19:06:02

I tried to watch LaLa Land during a long-haul flight and couldn't follow it. I fell asleep and didn't feel I'd missed much.