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Yet another *Soops* kitchen for all us like minded people

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Galen Sat 29-May-21 20:52:52

I found the key that soop left.
I must complain that getting down to retrieve keys then getting up again is very tricky! Please leave them in a more accessible place in future.
Anyway here’s a bottle of Dom Perignon and a large iced bowl of caviar to open the kitchen!
( we’re going posh this time!

Galen Sat 29-May-21 20:53:55

Oops! Left off closing bracket! Very remiss!😳

Urmstongran Sat 29-May-21 20:56:29

Well done Galen! Just a flute of champagne for me please. I’ve never tasted caviar. Not sure I fancy it either. Roe’s eggs innit?

You can take the girl out of Old Trafford ...

kittylester Sat 29-May-21 20:58:31

Oooh, I'll have some of both galen. As you know, I'm proper posh.

Callistemon Sat 29-May-21 21:00:09

I've brought some blinis and smoked salmon to go with the caviar.
(Introduced to me by someone rather posh in our Art Group)

I don't pop in often but hope you all enjoy the new kitchen.

Doodle Sat 29-May-21 21:03:40

Ooh Galen this is a nice start to a new kitchen. Yes please🥂
Smoked salmon Callistemon don’t mind if I do thank you.
Haven’t seen you around for a while. Hope you are keeping well 😊

Doodle Sat 29-May-21 21:06:46

Puzzler if you stand on my shoulders we could be a 10’ giant.........then we’d be able to reach the stuff on the top shelf 😀

Callistemon Sat 29-May-21 21:07:20

I'm fine, thanks, Doodle but have been very busy working out Miss Marydoll's last maths puzzle for weeks, my mind is in a schmozzle.

Hope you are well.

muse Sat 29-May-21 21:11:57

On my second G&T😁. Chili and crusty cobs are ready so I'll be back after I've eaten.

Callistemon Rather partial to a slice of smoked salmon myself. That's tomorrow's breakfast sorted. Scrambled eggs please MrM.

Grandmabatty Sat 29-May-21 21:44:35

I love caviar and had buckets of it in St Petersburg with black bread and smoked salmon. I'll bring extra salmon. And a samovar for tea after the champagne.

Susan56 Sat 29-May-21 21:54:42

I’ll have a glass of champagne and a couple of smoked salmon blinis please🍾🥂

Jaxjacky Sat 29-May-21 22:01:53

Yuk to caviar and champagne, sorry Galen x, but a big whoop to the kitchen opening. I’m leaving a chilled bottle of Chenin Pinot Grigio, cheese straws and coronation chicken mini pasties to celebrate this wondrous opening. 🥂 to soop and you lovely lot.

Puzzler61 Sat 29-May-21 22:25:51

Oohh please can I have the same as Susan is having?
Happy New Kitchen everyone.
May it be just as happy a place to be as the last one 🖼🪆🥂🍾🌻

cornergran Sat 29-May-21 22:56:25

Thank you for opening up galen. I’ll help myself to a small glass - it will help me sleep smile.

Bellanonna Sat 29-May-21 23:02:11

That was delicious - thank you!

Grandmafrench Sat 29-May-21 23:18:56

Oooooh! That Grand Kitchen Opening kindly organised by Galen only lasted for an hour! So I missed it. I thought that I'd at least have the chance of a glass of champers with the huge Banoffee Cheesecake which I brought but it seems you are all lightweights ! 🥱 (Even you Urms?) Never mind, I thought the Kitchen looked very special. I'm safely back home now, have opened a chilled bottle and am not going to apologise for the fact that the dessert I left for you all has a huge slice missing. (Maybe the disappointment affected my willpower. Who knows?)

Congratulations on another Kitchen. Nighty night and sweet dreams to all. x

Hellogirl1 Sat 29-May-21 23:35:06

I love the decor in this kitchen, and the new, much bigger, picture window, all the better to see Soop`s wonderful sunsets.

Charleygirl5 Sun 30-May-21 13:38:52

I am cheap to keep- I prefer a cup of coffee with my caviar or smoked salmon. We are going upmarket- are we trying to tell the riff-raff to stay away?

Be warned, this is the second thread but I think the other will be deleted.

Blossoming Sun 30-May-21 14:21:53

I thought I’d posted this earlier. Hello, just popping in to reserve a place and to let you know I’m having my first hair cut in over a year on Friday, it will be such a relief. I’ll remember to get a photo.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 30-May-21 14:22:55

I must confess to liking a glass (or six) of Dom Perignon 🍾🥂

Charleygirl5 Sun 30-May-21 14:33:54

GrannyGravy please feel free to drink my share and more if you can get your hands on it!

This will be the 3rd entire day this month for me without any heating on. Has summer arrived? It will be the longest day next month!

GrannyGravy13 Sun 30-May-21 14:41:10

Charleygirl15 I truly hope that summer has arrived.

We sat out in AS4’s garden till nearly 8pm last evening, no jackets needed.

soop Sun 30-May-21 17:14:06

Thank you, Galen, you did us lot proud when you opened our new kitchen.

A very warm welcome to one and all. It's good to be together again.

We've had a very busy time with son and his partner since they arrived in Kintyre. All very lovely and hugely enjoyable.

Here is a photo that I took about an hour ago. We had a delicious lunch and returned to sit in the garden.

I will be back with you again tomorrow morning. Much love to our kitcheners old and new.

Continue to take the best possible care of yourselves.

smile moon

Grandmabatty Sun 30-May-21 17:19:56

Soop what a lovely photo. Enjoy the rest of a sunny day.

Susan56 Sun 30-May-21 18:09:24

Oh soop what a lovely photo.You and your son are like two peas in a pod❤️

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