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Favourite Sitcoms Please!

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FannyCornforth Wed 02-Jun-21 09:00:54

Hello Everyone 🙋

Inspired by lemongroves 'Three Favourite Films' thread (at which I failed miserably).

Please name your top three.
I'm going to have to have a good think. I'm only going to include UK ones in mine, but it's up to you of course!

Thank you as ever x

Witzend Wed 02-Jun-21 09:07:53

My sister in the US recommended it ages ago, but we only started watching it the other night - Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. Funny in a somewhat different way from the usual. Not for anyone offended by Rude Words though.

FannyCornforth Wed 02-Jun-21 09:11:43

I started watching the first bit of the first episode and it didn't appeal at all, but I realise that I didn't give it much of a chance.

I'm not really a fan of US sitcoms.
Love Taxi though - best theme tune ever. Oh no - another thread! I'll have the save it for another time

henetha Wed 02-Jun-21 09:23:41

I loved Schitt's Creek.
For many years my favourite was Only Fools and Horses.
There were such good sitcoms back then. Steptoe and Son;
Ever Decreasing Circles; Dad's Army.

MrsEggy Wed 02-Jun-21 09:29:13

All oldies - One Foot in the Grave, Yes Minister, and the Good Life.

Kate1949 Wed 02-Jun-21 09:35:53

I think Only Fools and Horses was the funniest but its been on so many times now it gets on my nerves.
There are too many to mention.
Man about The House (my favourite with that lovely Richard O'Sullivan)
The Good Life
I could probably name 20!

shysal Wed 02-Jun-21 09:36:07

One Foot in the Grave,
The Good Life,

LauraNorder Wed 02-Jun-21 09:37:20

Only three FannyC, that’s impossible, more and more keep popping in to my head.
My three

Vicar of Dibley
Dads Army
Only Fools and Horses

Orlin’s three
Fawlty Towers
Last of the Summer Wine
Gavin and Stacy

Auntie Annie in America likes
Third Rock from the Sun

Is that cheating?

FannyCornforth Wed 02-Jun-21 09:54:24

No Laura that's absolutely fine
If anyone else of your acquaintance wants to share their three, that is fine too smile

Galaxy Wed 02-Jun-21 09:56:09

Ever decreasing circles
The office
It's sometimes hard to know which is a sitcom! Is blackadder a sit com?

FannyCornforth Wed 02-Jun-21 09:59:24

There's so many different types too.

I love To the Manor Born, for example, in a cosy comfort type of way, but don't find it funny as such.

I love late seventies early eighties Sunday evening TV. It reminds me of watching stuff with my Mom and Nan. All Creatures Great & Small is another one.
I'm going wildly off topic again!

FannyCornforth Wed 02-Jun-21 10:00:25

Yes - I'd class Black Adder as a sitcom
It's just got an unusual 'sit'

Redhead56 Wed 02-Jun-21 10:06:38

Upstart Crow
The office U S version
The Royals

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 02-Jun-21 10:07:48

Yes Minister
Yes Prime Minister
Thick of it

bmacca Wed 02-Jun-21 10:09:42

It’s quite hard to choose only three but I think these are my favourites

Absolutely Fabulous

lemsip Wed 02-Jun-21 10:15:16

Thanks for another very good thread FannyCornforth.

Brush strokes
........coincidence that they all start with B

TerriBull Wed 02-Jun-21 10:19:57

Fawlty Towers an absolute classic and they were wise enough to give the public just two series going out on a high leaving people clamouring for more.

Also loved The Office, I know it made a lot of people cringe but I thought it was dead funny
The Royle Family, Caroline Aherne was a brilliant writer, although nothing much happened, it was so well observed.

From America from a while back I loved Roseanne and the darkly comic, at times, Nurse Jackie. I didn't find Schitt's Creek remotely funny and gave up after a couple of episodes. Yes Friends at times, it was brilliant, but then I read they had about 70 script writers on it, so it should have been!

Of late, This Country made me laugh out loud. I also enjoyed Ruth Jones' Stella, better than Gavin and Stacey imo.

I need to give Friday Night Dinner a go, my close friend, we share the same sense of humour, she tells me it's brilliant.

I'm watching and quite liking Motherland at the moment, my husband thinks it's very unfunny although he likes Sharon Horgan who wrote it. We both found Catastrophe funny, albeit very rude at times blush

Same with Fleabag, quite rude! Phoebe Waller- Bridge has got a lot of mileage out of it, hadn't heard of her before. It's a bit overrated though, except for the hot priest, Andrew Scott, who is definitely not a bit overrated smile

I did find the original Alan Partridge funny, the one where his marriage breaks up and he has to go and live in a motel somewhere or other.

The original Absolutely Fabulous, I liked the pairing of Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, but like many it went off!

I'm sure I've forgotten some.

Grandma70s Wed 02-Jun-21 10:20:59

Upstart Crow
The Good Life

And at least half a dozen others.

TerriBull Wed 02-Jun-21 10:22:56

Oh sorry Fanny you said top three and there's me pulling out everything I've ever thought was funny from the recesses of the dim and not so distant past.

Oh I don't know, it depends on one's mood at the time, any of those really!

Kate1949 Wed 02-Jun-21 10:23:39

The Royle Family
Citizen Smith

lemsip Wed 02-Jun-21 10:37:33

I absolutely love 'Friends'. I don't know how I missed it the first time round. It's on channel 5 and of course on you tube.

Ever decreasing circles
Keeping up appearances
The Goodlife

Georgesgran Wed 02-Jun-21 10:59:03

I didn’t watch the series, but I caught a tribute programme to the late Paul Ritter who appeared in Friday Night Dinner. The clips were hilarious not to mention the outtakes.
Could never see the funny side of Fools and Horses or Dad’s Army, but don’t start me on Mrs Browns Boys - the worst of all.

Calendargirl Wed 02-Jun-21 11:06:56

The Likely Lads and Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?

I think they have stood the test of time, although obviously look dated.

Many sitcoms we thought hilarious in the 60’s and 70’s now just don’t seem as funny, or not very PC.

Probably the LL’s fall into that category now though!

Kate1949 Wed 02-Jun-21 11:08:08

Interesting to hear different people's sense of humour. Some of the above I didn't find funny and I love Mrs Brown's Boys. Maybe because I'm from an Irish family and had a 'mammy'.

Witzend Wed 02-Jun-21 11:23:54

Ditto to Yes Minister! One of the best ever.

And Outnumbered.

I don’t usually like American sitcoms either, whoever said it, but Schitt’s Creek is a bit different - at least the few episodes we’ve seen so far.