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Good morning Monday from Mick

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MawBe Mon 07-Jun-21 06:35:19

Oops, overslept!
Message from Mick
Good Morning Everyone,
Its cloudy here in Brackley this morning, plans on cleaning family graves of daffs etc.
And I only hope the Tech people at Gransnet can sort out what has gone wrong for me being unable to access the forums yet can go elsewhere ,
Take care

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 07-Jun-21 16:34:49

Thank you GrandMattie

LauraNorder Mon 07-Jun-21 12:26:40

Good afternoon all. Very late today on overcast Anglesey. Am on the way out to lunch in friend’s garden, have just skimmed through to see if there’s any news from grandmajet, maybe tomorrow.
Will come back and read later. Have a good day everyone 🦩shamrock

dustyangel Mon 07-Jun-21 12:03:58

My goodness Georgesgran what a lot for one young woman to go through. Hearty congratulations to the whole family and I hope you don’t have to wait too long for that cuddle. flowers

It’s sunny and warm here in Portugal this morning already 28°and apparently expected to reach 31°Celsius later on. Necessary chores are mostly done. Physio has just arrived and I’m having my hair cut later! It’s all or nothing as usual.

EllanVannin Mon 07-Jun-21 11:55:37

Good Morning All x.
Sun in and out of cloud but at least it's warm which I like.
I've been pottering about then breakfasting and reading the local paper---then a shower so I'm all set to get some hoovering done.
A lot of loose cut grass has found its way indoors and trodden everywhere so it's looking like a farmhouse grin.

The chemist had popped my water tablets through the letter box this morning so we'll see if they work on the swollen feet, which were getting sore when I bent them to walk. I understand that they're not going to be a regular medication, only when necessary, so that suits me. I should be jumping through hoops soon ?

So many have started the day on cheery notes which is good to see. For those not feeling so, I hope things improve as the day goes.
Thoughts to those with appointments/ procedures, post-ops., I hope things aren't as bad as they seem.

Didn't see any family yesterday, though Ruby-Lou would have been getting ready for her journey back to Durham but D had promised me some cake-----if there was any left, from the twins birthdays on Saturday. I should make my own really as I have plenty of ingredients to use up.

Neighbour's Persian cat has just popped in for a look around. He's lovely, but a bit on the timid side. Good job my own cats aren't around at the moment, they're a bit wary though.

I hope you all enjoy the day in some way but stay safe and take care xx

Georgesgran Mon 07-Jun-21 11:25:01

A belated Good Morning from Durham. It's warm, overcast and threatening to rain.
Thank you everyone for your good wishes on the birth of DD2s baby boy - such an achievement when in 1995 she suffered a devastating stroke and became a full time wheelchair user. Since then - school, uni, various jobs, marriage, house owner and now a proud Mother - she should be on that new Dove advert! She may or may not be discharged home later today after a C section, under full GA. I'll wait until I'm invited for a cuddle, as the little family will need to rest.
Local workers in my street putting up extruded plastic fascias and trim on one of the houses - £9,500!!! I think old age must be catching up with me - that sounds a fortune!
Off to take DD's dogs out for a short walk, then a visit to the Bank.
Thinking of missing GN's and those with heavy hearts. X

Purplepixie Mon 07-Jun-21 11:06:52

Good morning from a very sunny and lovely East Midlands. Making a mince and onion pie for tea tonight followed by lemon meringue pie. Stay safe.

hollysteers Mon 07-Jun-21 10:20:53

Good morning Mick and all from a cloudy northwest Lancashire coast. Off to do some shoplifting, er shopping soon.
Had an inertia day yesterday, knee throbbing and although sunny, felt down in the dumps. GD sent a message to come over but I didn’t feel up to it, a combination of knee and low spirits, then I felt guilty all day for not making an the house is upside down having left it, hobbling around. I know she wouldn’t bother about that, but it’s a mess.
Strangely, I’m glad it’s cloudy today, the sun makes me feel I should be on top of the world and I’m not!
Hope I’m not going dotty, after buying a replica sun hat last week, yesterday I noticed in my to read pile, that I had the exact same copy of the book I am now reading, a lovely Persephone edition, so ordered twice. Will send one to my sister in law in the south as she too loves the author Dorothy Whipple.
Thoughts to harrigran Cherry grandmajet and all with any troubles of any kind.

Grandmajean Mon 07-Jun-21 10:17:08

Happy birthday to your DD Dwmxwg Have a lovely day !

Feelingmyage55 Mon 07-Jun-21 10:00:38

Good Morning from sunny North of Scotland. I. Got up an hour earlier than usual so that the housework is done and I can sit back and enjoy some of the tennis.
My poor greenhouse is almost empty. Nothing much has germinated and what has has damped off. Goodness knows what I have done wrong. I will go up to the nearest garden centre and buy some bedding plants. Should be quieter on a Monday but maybe less choice after the weekend.
We have the chance to attend church now but so many of the congregation have family staying from the Glasgow area, I stuck with the online service.
What lovely stories this morning of happy visits.
Thinking of grandmajet, panache and bellasnonna in Malta.
Have the best day you can.

Nannagarra Mon 07-Jun-21 09:59:41

Good morning from the Sefton coast where another beautiful day is promised.
Well done to Iris for her fund-raising cake stall. How lovely for you Marydoll. Dollie’s reminder of hugs and hand holding followed by the reassurance that she’ll look after you are surely the best tonic ever. As an aside, did you read about the monkey found at a train station in your neck of the woods? Good luck with the medical appointments Susan56, Lins and (for tomorrow) MrGreyduster. It would be brilliant to hear grandmajet is okay.
Roofers have returned and are busy on the property opposite. F (next door neighbour) and I are keeping a close eye on what they do with the dormer window as we too have the feature on our houses. I do like watching people work...
Sending a smile and a sighting of a flamingo your way.

muse Mon 07-Jun-21 09:41:44

Thank you MawBe. Well done Iris. Terrible journey GrandMattie - some of our DH's will not listen! Good luck on the tube Dwmxwg. Lovely day Marydoll.

Breakfast inside today. Overcast in Cornwall so long sleeves for the moment 13° but expected to rise to 15° smile.

Garage has rung to say car can be collected tomorrow. One week today the 'new build' springs into action again. Dear Son's first day with new job. He was just over two months with no work. I know a little more about it. He's working from home.

Hope everyone's day goes smoothly with operations, travels, medical collections and child minding.

My thoughts are with those in Australia and have great concern about the variant that's slowly increasing around the UK.

I will fill the day with dog walks, planting and making a start on the third of six dining chairs I want to sand and paint. At some point I might have a run to see one of two kennels I have found. Both about 20 mins away. Hoping to pick the extra 150g of strawberries I need to make jam.

No flamingoes today. I'm back on my laptop. 🍀🤗🍓

aggie Mon 07-Jun-21 09:39:14

Good Morning everyone
Another lovely morning here , I’ve been sorting my we greenhouse, trying to fit the proverbial quart into a pint pot ,
Thinking of all our poorly friends , I hope Grandmajet is soon up to popping in

dragonfly46 Mon 07-Jun-21 09:38:02

GrannySomerset flowers

Blossoming Mon 07-Jun-21 09:34:49

Good morning all. I don’t know what the weather is doing as the curtains are still closed. Sitting up in bed drinking my morning tea and having a catch up before tackling today’s jobs. Happy Monday all 🦩

GrannySomerset Mon 07-Jun-21 09:33:31

Grey skies and much cooler this morning but dry so the two loads of bedding can dry outside - always a bonus as it costs nothing and smells lovely.

DH very dismal this morning - I think we are both depressed by the thought that things can only get worse - and is having a leisurely start to the day. We will bounce back because there is really no choice.

Lovely news from Marydoll and the others who had family visits yesterday. Glad the travellers are safely home and hope we all have the best day we can.

Dogsmakemesmile Mon 07-Jun-21 09:27:31

Good morning from the Scottish Borders where the weather seems to be making up its mind temperature wise. I'm sure I heard that there may be heavy showers and thunder later. Wash out, vegetables prepped and now paperwork being tackled. Dusting may feature. Start the week on. More visitors tomorrow to the garden. Managed to get to allotment yesterday. Was slightly overwhelmed by being back but so grateful. Thinking of all posters especially those for whom today is daunting.

Sar53 Mon 07-Jun-21 09:24:05

Good morning from a warm and sunny Essex by the sea.
DH has decamped to his boat, he does love to potter but there is a lot to do before we can use it.
I am starting to pack today for my visit to DD1 on Wednesday. I am so looking forward to seeing my three granddaughters as it's been 10 months since I last saw them. Apparently the 12 year old is now taller than her mum at 5ft 9in !!! I will definitely be 'little nan'.
Washing is on, ironing done so I think a cup of tea is called for.
I hope Mick gets sorted soon and is back with us.
Enjoy Monday whatever you are up to xx

gillgran Mon 07-Jun-21 09:20:29

Good Morning to you all from a sunny, warm Cambs., after an uncomfortably, very warm night.!

Thank you for opening up again, Maw, send our regards to Mick.

Congratulations to Georgesgran, best wishes to you & your family.

I hope all goes well for Alazarin today.

Kind thoughts for Auntieflo, Cherry, & all who have extra worries just now. flowers

Nannytopsy Mon 07-Jun-21 09:06:09

Good morning Maw & Mick and all who follow.
Bright but overcast in our bit of Suffolk so far. I don’t mind that, as direct sun makes our patio very warm.
We had DGC from Saturday teatime, when they got back from camping, until DS & DiL came for tea then took them home to bed.
I have made a sundress for DGD which according to the tape measure and the sizing details would fit. It is 5” too big, which is ridiculous on a 5yo and about 6” too long. Of course I had finished it all off, tidied the seams etc. It will need a lot of work to put it right. 🤬
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Grammaretto Mon 07-Jun-21 08:59:06

Good morning Mick and thanks Maw from the Scottish Borders where it is back to wearing an extra layer today.
How wonderful Marydoll that you had your darling Dollie back.

I had an unexpected, yet delightful, visit from DS1, DiL both DGC and dog. They never say when they are coming and it's lucky I was at home. They mowed the grass, enjoyed the garden and I sent them off with armfuls of rhubarb.
DGS is getting so tall even his mum doesn't recognise him!

I am measuring my bedroom windows for blinds too Gwenisgreat, even watching a video of how to. I think it's about time I had blinds so I don't wake at dawn and dawn is about 4am here.

DGD lost her football match for the first time this season Stilllearning. I'm sure it's a good lesson but disappointing.
Best wishes to all those in hospital and I think there are a few.

Well done to brave Iris
I have an appointment with the chiropracter to hopefully sort my aching joints.

Urmstongran Mon 07-Jun-21 08:46:37

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s dry and warm with 21°C forecast this afternoon. We are off out in an hour to mind the smalls for the day. Mummy is coming over here with her laptop as she has work to do to prepare stuff for ‘back to school’ next Monday. A bike ride for Himself and our boy wonder will doubtless be on the cards. We might take them out for lunch. I bought li’l miss a Peppa Pig bubble machine last week which ran out of bubble mix pretty quickly so I’ve bought a stash to take round!

Enjoy Monday those who can. x

NanKate Mon 07-Jun-21 08:40:16

Morning Annie.

NanKate Mon 07-Jun-21 08:39:38

Hurray Mary Dollie is back at yours. So happy for you. 😁

When our DGSs were going through a very difficult time, our youngest FaceTimed us to say he was moving in with US! That was am emotional moment.

Anniebach Mon 07-Jun-21 08:35:33

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Alygran Mon 07-Jun-21 08:23:52

Good morning from North Yorkshire. Very high cloud here today.
My swollen face settled a bit yesterday but I was wiped out with the antihistamine tablet. It’s less swollen today so I am planning on meeting friends for coffee later. Dark glasses at the ready!
We had a stunning sky at sunset last night. This is the view to the south east!
It’s Carers’ week starting today so specially thinking of all those on here who have that role. It can be very tough.
Have a good day everyone.