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Good morning from Mick

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MawBe Tue 08-Jun-21 06:16:58

Message from Mick who is still unable to post. He says “I am trying with help of tech to sort it out maybe a password change is needed”.
Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright but with cloud this morning in Brackley, usual trip to Bicester plus housework for me.
Take Care,

Ashcombe Tue 08-Jun-21 06:30:36

Good morning, everyone, from a bright Torbay. I hope your technical issues are soon resolved, Mick.

I’m glad grandMattie arrived safely home eventually and that Iris did so well with the cake sale. Such a thoughtful idea!
How lovely to have had a visit from Dollie and her family, Marydoll! She sounds like such a character! I wonder where she gets that from?!

Amongst the dozen shops near my home are three charity shops so yesterday, I bit the bullet and took two large bags of clothes to donate. The closest one had displayed a temporary sign saying that no donations were being accepted. Luckily, at the next one, a vintage hospice shop, the manageress was happy to receive clothing. They have a network of shops across South Devon and sell some items on eBay. Not that I expect anything of mine to find its way there!

Today I"m meeting a few theatre company friends for lunch as a few of us have had birthdays recently. Luckily, the organiser has chosen a restaurant on Babbacombe Downs, within walking distance of my flat so I can easily roll home afterwards!

Wishing everyone some rays of sunshine in their day, literally and metaphorically. ☀️😎🌤

grandMattie Tue 08-Jun-21 06:30:58

Thanks, Maw. Hope Mick manages to do his own posting soon.
In E Kent, it is bright but surprisingly chilly. Plenty of sun later.
I was wiped out yesterday for some reason and spent most of it just sitting.
I hope everyone with health problems/operations, anxieties and sadness manage contentment and lack of pain. 🦩☀️😊

allule Tue 08-Jun-21 06:35:28

My youngest grandchild is 13 today, so my nine grandchildren are all teenagers!
Best thing was having them all in my garden on Saturday, in this glorious weather.

Jaxjacky Tue 08-Jun-21 06:43:35

Good morning all from sunshiney S Hants, thanks for opening Maw, hope you get sorted Mick.Yesterday I sorted our mobile upgrades, they should be delivered today, did the tedious housework and in the afternoon/evening my voluntary work. Today is my friends 70th birthday, I’m collecting a cake for her and there’ll be a few of us in the local tonight to celebrate with her.
Ashcombe will you be heading to France soon? Believe you’re allowed back from the 9th, or do I have that wrong?
Hope you’ve recovered some energy today gM.
Wishing you all the best day you can have, plenty of 🌞🌞around.

baubles Tue 08-Jun-21 06:45:28

Thanks Maw. Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire. It looks bright outside from what I can see through the edge of the blinds.

You’re bound to be tired after your trip Mattie, enjoyable though it was. Take it easy today.

Yesterday’s usual kitchen cleaning led me to enlisting DH’s help to take the interior glass off the oven doors so I could clean them properly. What an improvement, I really ought to do it more often but I can usually find better things to do with my time.

I’m going to go to an actual supermarket today rather than my usual delivery, it’s been over a year since I’ve done more than pop in for a couple of things but I feel I’ve got into a rut so I’ll be looking for inspiration in the aisles.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

harrigran Tue 08-Jun-21 06:46:56

Good morning from a sunny NE.
Yesterday was a day of pootling and faffing around the house but went into the garden in the evening to water the new plants. It was a beautiful balmy evening and for once very quiet.
Must update the Sainsbury's order today and rearrange the freezer so that I can get bread in.
Enjoy your lunch out Ashcombe, how lovely to socialise again.

Dwmxwg Tue 08-Jun-21 06:49:43

Good morning from a beautiful sunny morning in north Surrey.
Had the best day in such a long time with DD in London. Browsed in Mango and bought a top and jeans, so nice to be able to try clothes on in the shop. Met up with sister, niece and her fiancée at Carnaby Street and then spent 7 hours lunching, chatting, wandering, with a final outdoor pub stop for a last drink before we went our separate ways. DH was a star as our taxi service to and from tube station and school collection and feed/look after DGSs until gone 8.
This morning I have PT and gym, later a visit to mum and dad with DS’s partner and DGDs. They have only met the youngest once, will be good to sit out in the garden with them.
Wishing all well, hope the post op patients are recovering ☀️🦩😀
Hopefully sharing the view from the ferry as we left IOW on Sunday

Gagagran Tue 08-Jun-21 06:56:51

Morning all from a sunny south coast. It was misty at 5am when I got up but soon cleared and looks set fair for the day.

The CH engineer is coming at 8am to replace our ancient boiler so yesterday we did a lot of clearing of decks, ready for him. He will probably need to do a bit more I suspect!

Yesterday we decided we really needed to replace the old recliner chair in the study and ummed and aahed about whether to buy a new one or use the easy chair DH has had in his room for some time. He brought that downstairs and we agreed it was just the job but what to do with the old recliner?

I remembered that our neighbour had once put 4 dining chairs on his front lawn with a notice saying "Free to Good Home" and they had gone within half an hour. So I persuaded DH it was worth trying that. He was reluctant but lugged it out there anyway whilst I prepared a notice.

I had just gone out with the said notice when a chap came up and said "Are you throwing that out and if so please can I take it?" So off he went with it to our amazement. The whole thing took no more than 10 minutes!

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Greyduster Tue 08-Jun-21 06:57:36

Good morning, Michael, Maw and all GNs. The sun is shining in South Yorkshire, and we are awake early because DH has a hospital appointment this afternoon and can’t eat or drink anything after seven thirty so he’s taking his meds and getting his morning coffee in early. It’s going to be a long day! While I wait for him I shall stroll down to the Botanical Gardens and find somewhere shady to sit. Have a lovely day, whatever you are doing.

BlueSapphire Tue 08-Jun-21 06:58:07

Good morning everyone from a bright and clear blue-skied Northampton. Thanks Maw for opening up.

Did not do a lot yesterday apart from cut the back grass and try to pull out some recalcitrant brambles. I thought I might spend the afternoon in the garden reading, but it was too hot and muggy. Watered the garden early evening and cleaned and refilled the bird baths. Noticed that I have my first rose out; they seem to be late this year.

Bed changing day today, and hopefully a health walk this afternoon; be nice to be in company and have a chat.

A happy day to all.

kittylester Tue 08-Jun-21 07:04:50

Good morning all from a very warm North Leicestershire.

DH has a blood test at sparrow's f*rt and then we have to take a small table back to the Garden Centre. We had decided we need a folding ancillary table for times when our main table is too small. We bought a balcony table which looked lovely. Sadly, they had forgotten to mention that, unless it is screwed to the wall, it topples over.

Enjoy your days everyone.

amselerin Tue 08-Jun-21 07:06:15

Good morning to all of you, from cloudy but warm Lueneburg. My morning yesterday started off with my car battery being completely flat. I had`t closed the door of the boot firmly enough. The ADAC came and started it and told my to drive for an hour without stopping. Luckily I had enough petrol in the car. So I took the scenic root along the river Elbe all through the little villages. I noticed a lot of building going on every where. The flowers, flowering bushes and trees in bloom along the way were beautiful to see. Today 2 of my friends are coming for ice cream and strawberries. I am seeing lots of friends and family at the moment. Actually I quite enjoyed the time when we all could`t visit each other. Every cloud has a silver lining. Amazing Iris. I hope that you all feel good today.

Ashcombe Tue 08-Jun-21 07:08:21

Thank you for the thought, JaxJacky, but I have no plans for visiting DH in the immediate future because I would want to stay longer than a few weeks to justify the cost of private testing, including the antigen testing. I resent the profiteering by companies providing this service although I would happily pay the NHS to have a private test, if this option were available. In any case, as I'm committed to being in 'Allo, 'Allo, I would need to be back by 27th June to begin rehearsing. DH should have been in it, too, but still hasn't had his second vaccination. We've agreed that it would be unfair if we were both to let the director down. Also, when I look at what has happened to holiday makers in Portugal, I fear the same could happen regarding France, especially while the outcome of 21st June remains uncertain. It is possible that DH might make it over here in August when he could do some Front of House duties. We are both coping surprisingly well, helped by daily Zoom calls.

Grandmabatty Tue 08-Jun-21 07:15:48

Good morning all. Polmont is cloudy just now and it's been raining. It's very muggy. Thank you Maw for opening up and I'm another who hopes Mick can get his techie problems solved. BlueSapphire my garden is a month behind from last year. My ceanothus has just flowered and there's no sign of the aliums yet. I'm further north than you so it'll be later anyway. Grandmattie probably just a reaction to your travelling. Take it easy.
Yesterday was babysitting and we had fun just playing. He is a sunny wee chap with a temper at times! His dad, my sil has had a resurgence of his health issues which is worrying. He was supposed to get an endoscopy but has heard nothing and it is nearly impossible to see a doctor here. Hopefully he's feeling better today. Today is the fish man visit, then the park then a snack and home for a nap. Later we'll go into the garden. That all depends on the weather of course. I hope you all have a good day.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 08-Jun-21 07:24:05

Good Morning from sunny East Yorkshire.
I caught up with lots of tasks yesterday. My trip to the shops was fruitful and I bought an unplanned but pretty and useful summer skirt from a charity shop of course being quite colourful I needed to buy a top to go with it!
I was a bit alarmed to get a text which I think and hope us a scam. It was from my bank supposedly regarding a payment in my card ending in last 4 digits. It was strange as I had made a payment for said amount yesterday but not on that card although I have another account with the digits it mentioned. Strange but DH said to delete.
We have been having a few issues with our neighbours since our building work and I came home from town to two and a half hours of continuous noise from the husband chopping huge logs and other loud noise. Such an annoying man. I could feel my chest tightening in anxiety and my nerves going to shreds. It is starting to get me down.
Thankfully I am outmost if today coffee with a friend this morning. This afternoon I am going with DIL to her scan appt as DS cannot get time off work and I offered my services. Excited but nervous at same time.
Hope everyone has a good day and thinking of everyone who is struggling right now.

brook2704 Tue 08-Jun-21 07:25:55

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s bright dry and sunny again, just perfect weather
Thanks for opening up maw I hope Micks technical issues are resolved soon
We had a really lovely but busy day with the DGC yesterday, a trip to Brodie Castle in the morning and then the park in the afternoon. We dropped them back home late afternoon - I was exhausted for the rest of the day. Blummin heck though I’ll have to get used to it as the long summer school holidays are coming up soon and we’ll be looking after them a lot of the time. Last year DD2 was on furlough so we didn’t look after them much in the holidays but different this year !
Hope your DH hospital appointment goes well greyduster
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Pittcity Tue 08-Jun-21 07:34:04

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Another hot, dry day in the offing.
This morning I'm out to a "get to know" morning at the charity shop where I volunteer. It's been closed for the duration and is reopening in a couple of weeks. A new manager has been appointed in the meantime.

Sending good vibes to everyone x

monk08 Tue 08-Jun-21 07:35:27

Thanks Maw and good morning Mick and everyone who follows.
Another sunny morning here in Black country will take a trip to garden centre hoping farm shop has had its deliveries.
Ashcombe enjoy your lunch its lovely being able to meet up with friends once again.
Lins hope your scan went ok.
Well the washing has just finished will go get it out on the line.
Catch up with everybody's news later.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

Nannytopsy Tue 08-Jun-21 07:37:49

Good morning Mick and thank you for opening up Maw. I hope you can get the IT sorted soon!
It’s warm and sunny in Suffolk, so I am going to start gardening early (ish!) and then come in for a shower and hair wash, ready for a visit from a hairdresser. This is a new approach - I have not found the right hairdresser since we moved and now salon appointments need booking about a month in advance.
Yesterday I started acupuncture again, to calm my arthritic knee down. It worked last time and the relief lasted for about 5 months.
Yesterday we made an orzo pasta salad with roasted vegetables. It was just delicious and will be added to our repertoire.
You are being very stoical about any trips to France Ash but I do hope your OH is able to be here for front of house duties.
Annoying about your table Kitty. Am I guessing at the right garden centre, with the restaurant at the back?
Right, up and at ‘em! You have no idea how early this feels!

ginny Tue 08-Jun-21 07:40:39

Good morning from a bright N. Bucks.
Had a lovely coffee morning with neighbours yesterday and we decided we would do it more often taking turns to host.
I have a zoom meeting today which should have taken place two weeks ago but there was some mix up about who was leading it.
Will be checking to see if we need to book visits to places of interest at the weekend . Otherwise I’ll occupy myself with bits and pieces.
Hope those who are recovering from illness and op’s are doing well and hope everyone finds a smile today.

Jaxjacky Tue 08-Jun-21 07:40:50

Understood Ashcombe apart from your obligations I understand your trepidation regarding the doors being shut again.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 08-Jun-21 07:46:47

Morning all

Hope you get your tech difficulties sorted soon Mick , thank you for starting our thread Maw

Interesting day ahead, we are having our French Doors in the sitting room replaced this morning along with having The Imp!!

I will put hi on his pram and go for a very long walk in the beautiful weather. We pick up his brother from school and once DD had picked up The Imp we shall take big Brito his Muy Thai class, (we have never watched him before) then I think it will
be dinner at one of our local restaurants on the way home.

Wishing you all a good Tuesday
Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Elizabeth1 Tue 08-Jun-21 07:48:48

Good morning all from an overcast start to the day on the east coast of Fife. Yesterday was so very warm I was washed out by bedtime. The windows were fully opened the fan was on full blast and my bedroom was still very warm.Thankfully It’s much cooler this morning. Our handyman is coming today to finish off the paint work he started ages ago and I’m expecting him to repair the small hole in the roof he said he would do it he saw a leak during the start of the painting but he’s been avoiding these jobs for a long time now and we’ve had lots of rain in between. What’s up with these folks that they delay or fail to complete the promised jobs started. If these jobs get done today I’ll be a much happier house owner.

Enjoy today all you lovely gns I do like a morning rant thank you for reading my post I’m looking forward to a meet up with some of you in days to come 👍👍👍

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 08-Jun-21 07:56:40

Good morning all from sunny Harrogate. Thank you Maw for opening up. Must be very frustrating Mick not being able to start your thread.
Today not much doing apart from a Zoom meeting with a financial advisor which will include both our DDs
Probably some baking and cleaning will be thrown into the day!
Sounded like a wonderful day you had with Dollie and family Marydoll
Hope those with struggles find today easier. Have the best day you can