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Comparing the supermarkets

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NanKate Tue 08-Jun-21 16:28:14

I live in a smallish town but because it is on the Thames we get many shops, cafes and restaurants that we wouldn’t normally get for this population.

We have an M and S Food store, a large Sainsburys and a medium size Sainsbury’s. Our Waitrose closed about 18 months ago I don’t know why because it was always full of customers.

I have just read that in Waitrose’s place we are getting a Lidl. I gave never been in a Lidl. What is it like and what can I expect?

BBbevan Tue 08-Jun-21 16:52:23

I must admit that I was very snooty about Lidl. However I am quite converted and do a lot of shopping there now. Just give it a go. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Kate1949 Tue 08-Jun-21 16:56:00

I love Lidl. It's cheap. Ours has lovely fresh meat - chops, chicken, mince etc as well as frozen produce. Ours has an in-store bakery with baguettes, rolls, doughnuts, cakes, little pizzas and more. They also sell loose fruit and veg so you can just buy a couple of bananas, tomatoes etc. Wines, beers, spirits. They sell everything really. You can even get household products - pots, pans, gardening stuff, plants.

Jaxjacky Tue 08-Jun-21 17:00:33

Love a Lidl. I’d be prepared for fewer brand names, but most items are fine, I don’t buy coffee, baked beans or tea bags in there for instance, but that’s our own brand allegiance. Sometimes their green veg has a short shelf life, be picky. But, they regular win awards for their wines and spirits, the bakery is great, the meat is Red Tractor assured and mostly British. They often have themed food from other countries and generally they are a lot cheaper than other shops. Go with an open mind and explore.

silverlining48 Tue 08-Jun-21 17:01:34

Aldi and Lidl are both good. Although we have both on our doorstep as well as Sainsbury Asda etc and our Waitrose closed too....
I use Aldi just by habit but they are similar, Lidl have their own bakeries so a lovely smell as you enter the shop. The middle aisle is a wonder, give it a try.
Certainly a lot cheaper than the rest. Maybe not the choice though, but supermarkets in Germany are never huge like some of ours, so it’s normal for them. I can do a whole shop though but the brands you are used to will not /may not be there but I would say the quality is. Wine is always good too. Fear not, all will be well.

Visgir1 Tue 08-Jun-21 17:04:12

Yep good value and excellent product.
I too do both Waitrose and Lidl in fact most people I know do both shops.

cornishpatsy Tue 08-Jun-21 17:14:03

You could leave the store with a wetsuit, trumpet, and a felting kit. The middle aisle is fascinating.

Kim19 Tue 08-Jun-21 17:21:17

I'm very partial to Lidl. Was very sceptical and wary at first but now I really enjoy myself there and invariably come out having bought something. I've gradually introduced myself to their non recognised brands and have found many of them to be superior to my regular habit purchases. Certainly always cheaper. Hope you enjoy yours.

BlueBelle Tue 08-Jun-21 17:24:23

Love Lidl and Aldi have shopped in them since they arrived
We have Lidl, 2 Aldi, 2 Morrison, Tesco, Asda, Iceland but Lldl and Aldi are my favourites The bakery smells wonderful Their alternatives to any well known brands you can’t get are outstanding value and just as good the fresh fruit and veg is good and I can’t fault them

annodomini Tue 08-Jun-21 18:27:05

Although we have an Aldi as well as Waitrose and Morrison's in our small town, I drive 6 miles to the nearest (very large) Lidl every few weeks. I prefer their muesli to all the others and have always been partial to their ice cream. Sometimes, you will find something you've always wanted in the 'middle aisle', such as the small pressure cooker I spotted when I was shopping with DS last year. Aldi has provided me with a shredder much more reliable than the ones I previously found in another well-known supermarket. Aldi and Lidl are both keeping up well with trends and have increased their stocks of vegan and veggie products - as has M&S!

SueDonim Tue 08-Jun-21 18:35:50

We only have a couple of supermarkets here but I go now and then to Aldi, about 18 miles away. It’s good for some things but the thing that annoys me most about it is that they’re inconsistent with stock and I end up having to go to another supermarket anyway.

The Aisle Of Weirdness is fab! I still regret my Dh stopping me from buying a pneumatic drill. I cannot think what I would use one for but to just be able to say I possess a pneumatic drill would be fab. grin

Their baby products are good, organic cotton baby clothes, stair gates, buggies etc. All v good value for money.

varian Tue 08-Jun-21 18:59:28

Lidl is brilliant. Fantastic value for money, good quality but smaller number of products than the big UK supermarkets.

During lockdown I had deliveries from Waitrose, Morrisons and Tesco because Lidl didn't deliver but I am now enjoying going back to Lidl.

Millie22 Tue 08-Jun-21 19:01:26

I've never been to a Lidl but I have been in an Aldi and came out with a side table and some milk.

fairfraise Tue 08-Jun-21 19:13:30

Lidl is great for some stuff, smoked mackerel, Welsh salted butter, cream and feta cheeses, olives and sun dried tomatoes. You can occasionally get really good stuff in the middle aisles.

I did buy a jumper there a few years ago but I've hardly worn it, as it is like getting into a sausage skin. It was actually sold as a dress by Heidi Klum, and would have been a very short dress for someone young, thin with perfect legs and a flat tummy.

silverlining48 Tue 08-Jun-21 19:28:40

Some years ago I went to Aldi for some fruit and veg and came back with a large tv, much to dh shock.

Grannynannywanny Tue 08-Jun-21 19:39:37

Here’s a funny song about the Thursday specials in Aldi and Lidl. I hope you enjoy it.

Redhead56 Tue 08-Jun-21 19:52:19

My family rave on Lidl but we have to go to Warrington that’s the nearest the bakery is good. It reminds me of the first Kwiksave we got in the early seventies not fancy.

ineedamum Tue 08-Jun-21 20:39:52

I like Lidl for wines, meat and the bakery. The fruit and vegetables aren't very good. The choice isn't as good as other supermarkets but overall cheaper.

I hate Tesco. Overpriced, miserable staff and claustrophobic stores.

Alegrias1 Tue 08-Jun-21 20:46:31

The Aisle Of Weirdness is fab! I still regret my Dh stopping me from buying a pneumatic drill. I cannot think what I would use one for but to just be able to say I possess a pneumatic drill would be fab. SueDonim 🤣🤣

I got my sewing machine from the middle at Lidl. And a tent. Not on the same day 🤣🤣

I love Lidl produce, the Thai fishcakes are lovely. Also their "themed" weeks - Iberia week in particular.

JaneJudge Tue 08-Jun-21 20:54:14

we are getting a really big Lidl soon too and I can't wait smile the sensory experience of less noise and acoustics suits me much better

Greeneyedgirl Tue 08-Jun-21 20:55:01

I am an Aldi and Lidl virgin, and have always been suspicious of cheap food. Can anyone convert me? I am fussy about quality, provenance, and staff conditions.

JaneJudge Tue 08-Jun-21 20:58:03

they use similar or sometimes the same suppliers as the co-op and waitrose, if that helps

SueDonim Tue 08-Jun-21 21:06:15

I’ve now got visions of you running up curtains for your tent whilst in your tent, Alegrias! 😂 Maybe with the machine powered by a wind turbine on top of the tent.

You know, I could in fact have had a use for a pneumatic drill. My neighbours are having their driveway dug up (no idea why, as it looks fine, plus they’ve gone away on holiday confused). I know the company they’re using is £££. I could have offered to do it as a homer for £50. grin

ginny Tue 08-Jun-21 21:09:47

Have tried it a few times. Found I still needed to go to another supermarket for some things they didn’t stock.
Very disappointed with the fruit and veg and the braising steak .

Always fascinates me how differently people find or judge the products.

leeds22 Tue 08-Jun-21 21:15:53

I really enjoy a trip to Lidl. Fresh fruit and veg is usually good. Meat and fish are better than Tesco and the aisle of weirdness is definitely weird but you never know what you’ll find. Got some excellent tree loppers which would have been much more expensive elsewhere. And their plants are good too. Everything much cheaper than Tesco (I have limited choice of supermarkets).