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Good morning Wednesday from Mick

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MawBe Wed 09-Jun-21 06:18:28

Good Morning Everyone
Its bright and sunny here in Brackley this morning .
Today , local shop , followed by lunch and cycling on TV this afternoon , still cannot access the chat forum.
Take Care,

Ashcombe Wed 09-Jun-21 06:21:08

Good morning, everyone, from a brightening Torbay.

As I type this in readiness for Mick and/or Mawbe opening up, the sun is just touching the tops of the trees, giving their leaves a beautiful amber tinge. My windows face South West, giving sun for most of the day (when it shines!)

Thank you for the kind enquiries and comments about travelling to France and the good wishes for lunch yesterday. It was most enjoyable, especially as one of the group is a retired professional actor, who has had rôles in various TV soaps, etc., and in the theatre.

She always has some entertaining anecdotes to share and still takes on major parts in our amateur company, despite being nearly 85. I first met her when she was the prompt in a play for which I was doing props. She would make my tea every evening in the interval as I was busy setting up for Act Two. In a rare spare moment, we chatted and I asked what she did in her working life! Unlike many members and patrons, I hadn’t recognised her but she didn’t mind and just said quite humbly, “I was in the profession!”

A lot of birthdays and celebrations taking place amongst this lovely group. I hope everyone had a good time and that heads aren’t too sore today, JaxJacky! I trust that Marydoll has had a better night and that grandMattie has fully recovered from her trip. Did you feel OK baubles in the supermarket after such a long absence? It can feel weirdly liberating to be pushing a trolley round!

What super photos, Dwmxwg” and NannyJan53! That sounds like a lovely, scenic ride, amselerin, even though it wasn’t planned! Grammaretto: I believe chiropractor sessions can be tiring so your desire to rest is understandable. Your opening lines yesterday could form the start of a poem, muse, as your name suggests! I know exactly how you feel Grandmafrench, regarding the uplifting effect of restarting normal social activities!

Welcome to allule and good wishes to those who are unwell or recovering from treatment. Enjoy this lovely weather! 😎☀️🥰

baubles Wed 09-Jun-21 06:25:32

Thanks Maw
Good morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s looking rather dull outside.

Little pooch has an appointment with the vet this morning for a pre op check as she’s going on Friday to be spayed. I feel more than a little guilty having her ‘done’, knowing that she’ll be uncomfortable and confused but I know it’s the best thing for her.

Other than that it will be a batch cooking day. I seem to have lost my cooking mojo so I’ll fill up the freezer for days when I really can’t be bothered.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

baubles Wed 09-Jun-21 06:28:01

The supermarket was quiet Ash so I had no qualms at all. The only difficulty I had was packing my bags as I was so slow. Obviously out of practice

grandMattie Wed 09-Jun-21 06:31:44

Good morning Mick from E Kent. It is going to be another glorious day.
Thanks, Ash, feeling a lot less steamrollered.
Garden needs watering, clothes - washing, hanging out and ironing. Exciting day, eh?
I’ll probably spend much of today re-jigging a patchwork quilt I started ages ago, hand quilted, to machine quilting. I hate UFOs.
I also have to make Iris two pairs of summer trousers, one in tasteful mauve polka dots, the other in hideous jersey which she chose herself.
Hope everyone has a good day. 🦩☀️😊💐

Sar53 Wed 09-Jun-21 06:36:54

Good morning from a beautiful day in Essex by the sea.
Thanks to Maw for opening up again and I'm sorry to hear that Mick is still having problems.
I'm off to stay with DD1 and family today for a week. I haven't seen them for 10 months so a lot of excitement all round. It will be lovely to walk to school this afternoon to collect the younger two and give them a big hug.
We have lots of things planned, a shopping trip to Birmingham for DD1 and myself, watching the 9 year old play her last football match of the season, taking the 12 year old to her sewing class, hearing the 5 year old read to me for a change. A family BBQ where I will see my cousin who lives close by and lots of talking, laughing and hopefully a few glasses of something fizzy.
DH has lots of things planned whilst I am away so not sure he will miss me that much 🤣🤣.
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and find that 😄 xx

Dwmxwg Wed 09-Jun-21 06:42:16

Good morning from north Surrey. Another day of sunshine promised.
Mum and dad loved to see their GGDs yesterday, both well behaved and the baby was happy to sit on laps. When lockdown eased she would cry when introduced to family and friends but is getting used to seeing more people now. We enjoyed an hour in the garden with them. I returned to DS’s home with them and helped with teatime.
Life for me has returned to normality, lovely but exhausting too.
I have a study day today and the boys will be arriving just as I get home. They will be happy playing in the garden and I will get my exercise walking the dog when they have gone to bed. This weather is great for most of us but not our dogs, Freddie can’t take his fur coat off! I have purchased 2 cool mats but he won’t use them.
Glad to hear Lins1066 pup is on the mend. Hope all enjoy their day and that we see Mick back where he belongs at the top of this thread

Jaxjacky Wed 09-Jun-21 06:45:42

Good morning all from a Misty S Hants, thanks Maw. Ashcombe we only had a couple last night as we had the car, it’s only a five minute walk, but I had ‘the cake’. I was informed by the very clever baker it had to be kept cool, but not in the fridge, so it spent the day in the cupboard under the stairs as the coolest place in the house, I’m not used to such responsibility! Our friend was overwhelmed and burst into years with so many people singing Happy Birthday as she came into the pub, a few weeks ago she’d have been home alone.
This afternoon I’m taking a friend for a drive round some of his old haunts, then for coffee and cake, he has the start of dementia, so we’re all doing what we can.
I’ll pop back later to catch up, have the bestest day you all can, I know that’s not easy for all.

Urmstongran Wed 09-Jun-21 06:49:56

Thanks for opening up again Maw.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. Another glorious day here! I’m off to Edgbaston in Birmingham too today Sar53! It’s a 2 hour drive from here for Himself. We are picking my stepfather up en route. We are all off to see his 95y old brother, who is completely self caring. He even drives us to a local restaurant for lunch when we arrive!

I’m just charging up my Kindle as I plan to start our book club read ‘Hangover Square’. I find motorways a bit boring so a read some of the way will pass the time on. This is actually only my sixth book I’ve read this year. Most unlike me. I blame too much time on here!

Have a good Wednesday if you can. Thoughts today of grandmajet I wonder how she is doing? And grandMattie honestly, you amaze me with your sewing skills! x

DR64 Wed 09-Jun-21 06:51:12

Hi and good morning to everyone. I'm new here so this is my first time nervously joining you all. I'm an amateur artist living in sunny Cheshire with my 2 chihuahuas Tommy and Alfie .smile

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 09-Jun-21 06:54:03

Good morning all from sunny Harrogate
Yesterday I completely lacked any mojo and was wiped out by evening. Today I fear will be similar, but have a very busy day. The plumber is coming to fix a loo which has forgotten how to function. Then another Zoom at midday. I made a mistake on Monday thought the blind man was coming to measure up but he’s coming today, and finally the man from Virginmedia is coming hopefully to find out how to improve our signal. Phew, I’m knackered thinking about it!!
Somewhere along the lines we’ll be having meals prepared by yours truly! Hope to pop in later to see what you’ve been up to!
Have a good day all

Gagagran Wed 09-Jun-21 06:57:41

Morning all from a misty south coast. It will soon clear as the sun is already peeping through and we are forecast another beautiful day.

The new CH boiler is safely in and the tricky job of re-siting its exhaust pipe through the roof instead of immediately outside the back door, was accomplished. It was a long job though - man and two boys here for 8 hours. I went off to collect an order from M&S and had a look round our new bigger and better Aldi thinking the job might be done when I got back but not so! I offered tea and it was declined and was advised by one of the boys that his generation don't drink tea, only Cola! He had his own supplies!

DH and I set to and got things back in place yesterday evening, before an early night. Having three workmen in the house did feel a bit stressful and tiring after all this time sheltering.

A quiet day is hoped for here. DH has a dental appointment and I want to do some wardrobe pruning. Much needed and I am going to be ruthless!

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Elizabeth1 Wed 09-Jun-21 07:07:30

Good morning everyone and welcome DR64 from a very light morning here on the east coast of Fife sorry I’m unable just yet to ascertain whether there’s sunshine beyond these blackened out curtains.or is it just the daylight. Yesterday was another gorgeous day.

I amazed myself yesterday by staying out of bed all day that’s a first, upwards and onwards preparing for my journey next June to my friends wedding in Portugal. Strengthening my core muscles. I even took a home flow test which is easy peasy

I think the government is encouraging us to have two a week just to ensure we’re not carriers. It’s no skin off my nose to do that. It’s a busy day today. My lovely cleaner comes in and I’ve been assured the rest of the paint job will be done along with the roof repair fingers crossed🤞

Have a good day everyone enjoy your time outdoors as best you can while the good weather lasts wink

kittylester Wed 09-Jun-21 07:08:11

Good morning all from a gorgeous North Leicestershire.

Today is our eldest grandson's 21 birthday. He is our younger son's stepson and is spending his birthday with his father in Scotland so we won't see him. It is also our eldest cat's 10th birthday.

Today I will be doing a few phone calls, some gardening and doing my Sainsbury's shop and, this week, I will save the changes!!

Alizarin Wed 09-Jun-21 07:11:14

Good morning from a misty south Cornwall, day two of my hip replacement so feeling a bit 'ouchie' as my three year old grandson would say. Lots of fun and laughter from the staff on the ward this early morning. Home today I suspect. Hello and welcome to DR64. Have the best day you can everyone.

amselerin Wed 09-Jun-21 07:15:32

Good morning Mick and all from sunny, hot Lueneburg. A day of gardening is planned. I have got some tomato and lettuce seedlings which I planted out a little while ago. Quite a lot of them just rotted away at the stem - I think it was due to the over watering. I am not a gardener. When I lived in Britain my garden was manageable and I was a lot younger. Now my garden is too large for me and I am a lot older. I was looking to buy a flat here and sell my house, but so many, many other people apparently are also looking to purchase a flat. Ash I am waiting to fly to Britain and I am not really sure about the regulations and tests - whether I still have to have tests when I had the full vaccinations. You all seem to be so computer literate . I am not very good at all with the new technique. Then there is the dog - she is 14 years old, a little deaf (like me) and I don`t like to leave her in a kennel for a longish time. But I am sure things will sort themselves out.
Urms and all that are travelling: have a lovely day. You are all such kind people. Have a good day all - enjoy the first day of the rest of your life and keep well or get well.

Beechnut Wed 09-Jun-21 07:16:28

Good Morning everyone from sunny Severnside and welcome to the new good morningers.

I’m sure he will miss you Sar when he can’t find something 😂

I have admin and deck cleaning to do today. I might also think about some cards to make for some birthdays coming up.

A lovely cake Jax. I’ve made a few novelty ones in the past, mostly for BeechNutella.

I hope you all have a good day and enjoy the sunshine 🌞🌺

Marydoll Wed 09-Jun-21 07:17:12

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, however rain is forecast this morning.
DH is playing golf this morning, but I predict my empty won't last long due to the heavy rain , which is forecast! DH is such a spoilsport!!! 😉

Maw, once again thanks again for starting the the thread, it's quite a responsibility every day. I would be lying awake, afraid of sleeping in.
With that in mind, as Mick's posting issues don't seem to have been resolved, would it give you a break, if it was agreed that if you hadn't posted say by 6.30am? Others would be happy step in and start the the thread.
In the past, a few of us have done that. Just a thought!

Perhaps deleting your account and starting a new one, may be an easier solution, Mick. It can't be that difficult to do, as some posters seem to have had multiple usernames over the years.

Ascombe, you seem to lead such an interesting and exciting
life. Since I'm a bit of a drama queen myself 😉, I think I would love being a member of your drama group. but would you love having me me? 🤣
Years ago, my daughter indulged me by accompanying me (several times) on a tour of the River City set. Much to her mortification and my delight, some of the visitors (including me) were given the chance to perform from a script. 🤣
Unfortunately, I didn't get the part!

Baubles, on the rare occasions at the supermarket visits, I now pack at my car.
I'm so slow, so I get flustered, when I see and hear people behind me getting impatient. If I can, I do self scanning, as I shop, with a hand held device . That's what's recommended for Sheilders, it definitely takes the pressure of me.

I won't be doing much today, another bad night, so I'm struggling a bit. I have a dress to alter, it shouldn't be too difficult, I hope!
Dinner will be a combination of what I can find in the fridge, due to our weekend away. I quite enjoy meals like that!

Hoping that Alizerin and Grandmajet are recovering well from their recent surgery and that * Cherry* is ok 💐. Bellasnanna, if you are reading this, we miss you! Sending hugs to all in the sick bay.
Have a good day, everyone.

grandMattie Wed 09-Jun-21 07:17:19

Urms, my sewing skills go back to my childhood when we had no off the peg clothes in my Third World island! Sew or employ someone to do it for you.
Mum was a passionate sewer and passed it on to her three daughters. I’m the least accomplished!

grandMattie Wed 09-Jun-21 07:19:15

Mary, DH calls that sort of meal “Mattie’s eccentric efforts”!

brook2704 Wed 09-Jun-21 07:19:25

Good morning everyone from Inverness, it’s cloudy here this morning with a few spots of rain but hopefully that’ll be on its way soon and the sun will come out.
A very warm welcome to DR64 good to see you and I hope you enjoy this lovely start to the day
What a gorgeous cake jaxj!
Today I’m eventually going back to the gym, as I’ve been missing my friends there and the classes. I’m starting today with an easy Aqua Fit class so lots of splashing around in the water, I’m looking forward to it. And then probably straight across the road to Costa to recover! After all that excitement I’ll be popping into town to TKMaxx as I need some new bedding and I always look there first.
Safe travels today urms and enjoy your day
Have a wonderful trip Sar and enjoy every single minute making happy memories!
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

BlueSapphire Wed 09-Jun-21 07:23:32

Good morning from a bright Northampton where blue cloudless skies are reigning again.

Had a good walk yesterday with my group followed by a cold drink sitting outside the cafe. Then sat in the garden with the cats and started a new book, lent by DD. The cats found it warm I think, and disappeared into the shade under the bushes. I gave everything a good water before going in to prepare dinner at 6ish.

Another walk in the local forest this afternoon, and a drink at the garden centre, where I hope to get some plants for the pots by my front door. Then the Sainsbury's order to complete. A morning of pootling first.

Welcome to the Good Morning thread DR64. Always good to have new faces.

Have a good day everyone.

monk08 Wed 09-Jun-21 07:26:38

Good morning all the another sunny day in the Black country.
Successful trip was had at the garden centre yesterday, farm shop fully stocked. Have noticed on skimming through Urms your coming my way DiL works Edgbaston.
Breakfast calling will read everyone's news later.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

Urmstongran Wed 09-Jun-21 07:27:23

Thank you amselerin and I like your mantra But I am sure things will sort themselves out.

A sensible way to look at the occasional difficulties in life.

ginny Wed 09-Jun-21 07:27:24

Good morning. Blue sky over N. Bucks , a sunny day expected.
DD3 and Charlie are visiting today , so looking forward to baby cuddles. Will collect his big brother from school later.

DH will collect our caravan later so we can pack up this evening. It won’t take long, the van is well equipped so just a few clothes and basic foods to put in.

Photos of cheerful flowers in my garden for you all to enjoy.

Must get going as I have a parcel arriving in the next hour

Healing thoughts to those who need them and hope you all find a smile.