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Buying a new or used car

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polomint Wed 09-Jun-21 13:41:42

I don't know which thread to ask the question. As some of you may know, my husband is recovering from a broken hip and we need to buy a different car which suits. He can't go and visit lots of garages so I am trying to narrow down the cars which may suit both him and I to drive. At the moment we have 2 honda civic cars, his being more up to date than mine and we now want just one. Can any of you mention which type of car you have and how comfortable it is? I've always left buying a car up to him and we've had umpteen suggestions from the family, that I feel I'm slightly bamboozled by it all

Greeneyedgirl Thu 10-Jun-21 10:05:14

My OH has had 2 hip replacements. We have had Toyota Ravs for years and now have an Rav automatic hybrid. Easy to drive, easy to get in and out and importantly Toyotas are generally reliable. That is an important factor to consider, as it’s no good having a nice looking car which isn’t reliable.

kittylester Thu 10-Jun-21 11:00:46

I had a Rav4 which I loved but didn't enjoy driving the hybrid they loaned us. We currently have a Mazda CX5 but are looking at a Volvo to replace it - any one got one of those?

polomint Thu 10-Jun-21 11:17:07

We have had 2 volvos. My husband really liked them. Safe and reliable he always said and very comfortable for his back when he had a slipped disc

Marmight Thu 10-Jun-21 11:25:43

Ive never bought a new car. A low mileage Honda CRV would be ideal for you both. I loved mine although I now have a Volvo but would replace it with another Honda next time!. Try

Greyduster Thu 10-Jun-21 11:57:00

We swapped our diesel HRV for a petrol CRV (couldn’t run to the hybrid) and it’s a lovely car but economical it ain’t! It wasn’t my choice but DH is completely in love with it. Being vertically challenged, with a dodgy hip to boot, I do have a problem getting in and out of it at times.

Admum3 Thu 10-Jun-21 12:16:44

I have had 2 Qashqais and loved them. My arthritis has necessitated a slightly lower ride and I have just bought a Toyota CH-R which I absolutely love.

polomint Thu 10-Jun-21 12:51:14

It's hatchback cars and automatic I've driven for years so I would prefer that type of car. Very good suggestions from you and we will be shortlisting our preferences and then off to garages to see what we can find.
On another note, my husband always buys a used car saying that a new car depreciates in value as soon as it leaves the garage

4allweknow Thu 10-Jun-21 16:20:22

I have Kia Sorento (second one) and find it very comfortable. DH has a Kia Rio, it's comfy but obviously smaller. A lot will depend on your budget and perhaps which dealers you have a locally. Can any friends/family members let you have a trial in their car?