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Good Morning Tuesday

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Michael12 Tue 06-Jul-21 06:10:34

Good Morning Everyone,
At the present moment here in Brackley its dry but cloudy , expecting rain.
Today , will see my usual trip by bus to Bicester ,and then return for the Tour De France on TV .
Yesterdays Bargain hunt as mentioned was from Brackley Antiques Cellar , looked recent as only the owners , contestants ,and others were in the building , normally its known locally if they filming in there , as the like to have a few people wondering about .
But under the circumstances , it was probably the ideal place to make a programme .
Take Care,

Beechnut Tue 06-Jul-21 06:23:56

Good Morning everyone from Severnside it’s damp after the pouring rain last night as I went to bed.

My parcel came yesterday and I’m even more pleased with my new trousers than I was looking at the picture.

I’m swimming today. It’s so nice to be able to say that once again and to read and look at your lovely photo’s of what you are doing with your families and friends at long last.

Take care all 🌼

Jaxjacky Tue 06-Jul-21 06:27:23

Good morning, very wet. I’ve been awake for ages. Imogen had a large seizure last evening and ambulance to hospital. Waiting by the phone.

grandMattie Tue 06-Jul-21 06:31:09

Good morning from a grey EKent. The promised rain didn’t materialise but the gales are building up! We do get a lot of wind this end of the country, either funnelling up the Channel or down the North Sea.
I had a dreadful night with reflux playing up so shall be very tired today. I’ll try to fit a nap in somewhere.
T’ai Chi this morning and supermarket this afternoon. Hope everyone has a peaceful, gentle day. 🦩🦩🦩☀️😊🌈🌷

Ashcombe Tue 06-Jul-21 06:31:14

Good morning all from Torbay, where the day is starting with bright skies which aren’t expected to last!

I’m safely home after rather a difficult journey, due to the middle stage being delayed by 45 minutes in arrival at Birmingham New St. The Cross Country train from Edinburgh had experienced problems due to signalling failure in Yorkshire. A long wait culminated in a last minute platform change, after which a member of staff walked the length of the crowded platform, announcing that they had no information to offer about our train! Helpful! In other words, “I know nothing!”

When it arrived, my reserved seat was in a coach towards the rear so I had to battle through crowds of other weekend returnees and holidaymakers to reach it. One door to my carriage was for staff only (why?) resulting in 10 of us attempting to board, most with luggage! They’re not kidding when they warn about the gap between train and platform. After a final change at Newton Abbot, I was very relieved to be met at Torquay station by my kind friend!

Generally, I’m an advocate of rail travel - my DH (*olddudders*) worked for BR all his life - but yesterday was challenging for all concerned! Beechnut: you’re right, we should count our blessings.

Jaxjacky: poor Imogen, I’m so sorry to hear this and hope the news is better this morning. Such a worry.

Have a good day, everyone, and please take care. 🥰

baubles Tue 06-Jul-21 06:36:25

Good morning all, dry at the moment in South Lanarkshire.

Jaxjacky sending a hug, worrying and waiting for news is awful.

Dwmxwg Tue 06-Jul-21 06:45:10

Good morning from the Peak District

How worrying for you Jax, poor Imogen. Sending a virtual hug and hope you get some good news soon.

We are dodging showers and storms here. Have been soaked several times, had to abandon our walk on Sunday as a thunderstorm moved in. By the time we got home the sun came out and it was glorious. I have explored walks from the door and we will probably venture a bit further this morning. Yesterday I did a 2 hour walk with the dog, back indoors by 8am!
Spent rather a lot on a new pair of walking boots but worth the money, they are incredibly comfortable (and waterproof).

Might go to the Peak Village shopping centre this afternoon for a mooch.

Wishing all a good Tuesday

Alizarin Tue 06-Jul-21 06:56:20

Good morning from a rainy south Cornwall. Reinstating my flat to pre-op layout today, hurray. All equipment will be collected by the NHS this week. Such good service. Hope your day goes well today, everyone. Jaxjacky, I really feel for you.

Gelisajams Tue 06-Jul-21 07:08:58

Good morning from Ilfacombe where it’s cloudy with more rain or showers promised.
Poor Imogen she’s really going through the mill.
More walking for DH and Im off to discover Cornwall.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸

Sar53 Tue 06-Jul-21 07:10:28

Good morning from a damp and very windy Essex by the sea.
Firstly my thoughts are with Imogen, so sorry to hear your news jaxjacky flowers.
DH has a visit to the diabetic nurse this morning. He has a large blister on his heel that won't heal. The doctor prescribed antibiotics yesterday and he needs to have it dressed today.
I am going to start making the many curtains needed for the boat. I'm not a natural seamstress but I do my best.
Here's hoping that you all have the best Tuesday possible xx

monk08 Tue 06-Jul-21 07:14:30

Good morning from a damp Black country. A little bit of respite from the rain yesterday managed half hour tidying up the garden, looks as bad this morning after overnight rain.
Hairdressers today.
Jaxjacky sending a hug and hope the news better this morning.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

brook2704 Tue 06-Jul-21 07:26:54

Good morning everyone from Inverness where is warm, bright and dry after quite a bit of rain yesterday.
So sorry to hear about poor Imogen Jaxj I hope she’s ok
Today we’re looking after the DGC again, there’s a sporting activity for each of them this morning and then I’m trying to think of something to occupy them afterwards. Probably the park if it stays dry.
Pleased you’re safely back home Ash after your return journey didn’t go to plan!
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

dragonfly46 Tue 06-Jul-21 07:26:58

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Jax hope you get good news soon.

Pilates and Nordic walking today. I have never done it so could be fun.
Hope everyone has a good day.

Grandmabatty Tue 06-Jul-21 07:29:28

Good morning all. Grey skies here in Polmont. JaxJacky what a worry for you all. I hope you hear better news today. Poor Imogen.
Yesterday was a typical babysitting one. Lots of water play in the garden and dgs is getting the hang of making sandcastles. A short walk to the swings, puddle splashing etc.
Today will be similar. I have woken up with a headache though so I'm feeling fragile. A toddler won't care! Fish man today. Then I think we'll brave the park. Have a good day all.

Marydoll Tue 06-Jul-21 07:31:36

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, it is only 7C, with rain forecast,

I was supposed to be up early for the workmen, but a bad night has slowed me down! I am handing over the responsibility, he shirked yesterday, to DH!
My foot pain, particularly my ankle, has kept me awake and it looks like I have another broken a toe. I never felt a thing, but the black toe may be an indicator! 😉
I shall have to fish out my ankle support, which does not fit with my desire to look elegant. It makes my foot look like one of those belonging to a model you see in a clothes shop. A yukky shade of beige!

The decking contractors were neither handsome, nor strapping, Gwen, but boy were they grafters! One was Polish and appeared rather grumpy, until I spoke to him in my very basic Polish, taught by my exasperated pupils.
I have never seen anyone's face light up like that, it transformed him. Turned out that he was just very shy!
Much to their delight, I kept them supplied with home baking,, but I was surprised when one said, that they are rarely offered tea etc.

A shortage of steel, is going to delay things, but I will chronicle it in photos on here. Unfortunately, I cannot compete with the beautiful gardens nor the stunning watercolour of yesterday. However, some of you may be nosy curious! 😉 Annoyingly, I need to do it later, as the photos won't post. 😡
DH is helping me take bags to the charity shop, so he is champing at the bit to get organised! This is only the first run. We are limited to six bags and DD keeps leaving bags here!🤬

Jax, I am so sorry to hear about Imogen, what a lot to contend with. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers*.💐

Grannmarie Tue 06-Jul-21 07:33:22

Good morning, Michael, good morning everyone, from a dry but damp North Lanarkshire.

Babysitting Dgd and Dgs2 today, busy busy.

Jaxjacky, sending 💕🙏💕 for Imogen's speedy recovery, such a worrying time for you and all the family.

kittylester Tue 06-Jul-21 07:38:06

Good morning all from my bit of Leicestershire (about 3 miles from dragonfly) which is sunny but with lots of ominous clouds.

jaxjacky please let us know how Imogen is.

Today I am helping at our first real life Memory cafe since the first lockdown. It will be strange for the participants and for us!

ginny Tue 06-Jul-21 07:39:48

Good morning.
Brixham is decidedly damp after all the rain since yesterday lunchtime. It has stopped at the moment but still very windy.
One of our friends that we are visiting wasn’t able to join our outing yesterday as she was poorly ( on going health issue ) so we are hoping she will feel better today.
We are probably going to the Brixham museum this morning and then on to Stoke Gabriel for lunch. Otherwise we will have to go with the weather.

Jax hope you hear good news soon.

Hope you all find a smile along the way.

Gingster Tue 06-Jul-21 07:52:19

Good morning all and the forecast is for strong winds and rain. At the moment it is quite still and the sun is peeking through. Sar I expect it will gradually come our way as you are only a few miles from here but by the sea, it’s always more blustery.

Yesterday we had a lovely walk along the river. The tide was in and the sun shone.
We picked up teenage twin gs’s from their friends where they had stayed for the weekend. The parents said they are both ‘amazing’ boys. How lovely to hear that. My DD doesn’t always feel that way about them 🤣.

I have a zoom bridge game later. Hopefully we’ll be able to get together face to face soon. 🤞

Jax healing wishes to Imogen . Hope you get good news soon. 🙏.

Wishing you all a pleasant day. 🍓

MawBe Tue 06-Jul-21 07:52:42

Good morning from N Bucks where it is grey and has rained n the night.
Sending caring thoughts to Jaxjacky - and hope you get reassuring news very soon flowers

Esspee Tue 06-Jul-21 07:59:10

Good morning everyone, Interesting sky looking out of my bedroom window. To the east it is heavy and grey, to the west blue sky. Our weather usually comes from the west but unfortunately today it is coming from the east so I’m not making plans as yet. I slept wonderfully thanks to the lower temperature indoors.

I’ve been wondering whether Scotland will also remove covid restrictions with some concern. I am not unduly bothered for myself but I wear my mask to protect others. If other people don’t wear their’s then the most vulnerable are surely going to suffer.

I shall continue wearing mine in enclosed spaces, meeting people outside, and doing my shopping as soon as the shops open.

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 06-Jul-21 08:00:38

Good morning all from soggy wet Harrogate
Pity about the strapping men Marydoll. The Polish do seem to have a better work ethic than the Brits, and they know what they are doing!
This pm I am going to have my eyes tested, hoping there is no change. I really want to know a foolproof method of stopping the pesky masks from steaming my specks!! I have tried 2 methods which have proved useless, since I have no intention of discarding my mask in two weeks, I would really like to stop the steaming now!
While I’m out I’m hoping to find some gimicky buttons for a pinafore I am making for DGD, I’ve cut up an old skirt and a shirt to make it. It’s a trial run for me making a school pinafore for her. Haven’t used a pattern for about 25 years, so it’s a bit nerve wracking as well.
Hope you all have the best day possible

Grandmajean Tue 06-Jul-21 08:01:15

Good morning. Only had a quick glance at first few posts and wanted to send good wishes to youJaxjacky for some good news about Imogen. Waiting is awful.

farview Tue 06-Jul-21 08:08:46

jaxjacky thinking about you....🌹

Grandmadinosaur Tue 06-Jul-21 08:10:29

Good Morning it’s sunny here after the rain yesterday. I was lucky to have just caught a bus home when a biblical like deluge of rain appeared. Luckily when I got off it had eased.
After a long wait to see Emma Raducanu play it didn’t end they way I’d hoped. Looked like everything got too much and I did notice her having difficulty breathing. She’s been a breath of fresh air and I’m sure is destined to go far.
jaxjacky sorry to hear about your granddaughter. Such a worrying time I’m thoughts to you all.
Coffee morning has been cancelled as my friend has cold/bronchitis symptoms and has had to do a Covid test to be certain so I’m at a loose end. Looking around the house there are 101 things I could do but will I? I think I may sort out my shoe basket and take some to a local charity shop. I’ve hung on to many I know I will never wear again for too long 😕. I’ve no evening meal to cook as DH is out with business clients tonight so a real please myself day or as he would say same as always 🤣

Wishing everyone a good day