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Would you wash your clothes with an Aero mint bar?

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Unigran4 Tue 27-Jul-21 17:20:30

Many of us, I think, have turned to shopping on-line, and I am one of them.

However, I am always a little surprised at the substitutions that are made when my original request is not in stock.

But I was left speechless when my request for Ariel wash powder was substituted with an Aero Mint bar of chocolate!

Anyone else had strange substitutions?

Lorelei Wed 28-Jul-21 11:33:49

Antiseptic cream - got bite & sting cream (could've been worse)
Cat food - got dog food (how someone thought my cats had turned into dogs is beyond me...the fox family were fed well for a few weeks)
Dairy-free ice cream - got cheese!
Free-from biscuits - got milk chocolate ones
Shampoo - got handwash (if I hadn't already got 2 with the shop I wouldn't have minded so much)
Fresh chicken breasts - got some weird frozen stuff in some sort of milky sauce (even my better half didn't fancy trying that)

These are just a few I can think of now but know I've been spitting at some of the crazy substitutions's like some stores get someone to do online orders that has never shopped properly before. We stopped shopping online for years and have only had a few deliveries recently because of Covid...once spent £150 and got 3 items that were not out-of-date by the following they thought we'd eat the lot in 24 hours!

Debbiejr Wed 28-Jul-21 11:39:16

I had a sponge sent to replace Brie cheese - the only logical explanation was it was a pale yellow sponge named “Brie” no much good melted over bacon smile

JaneJudge Wed 28-Jul-21 11:47:11

these are hilarious grin

and I though it was funny asda substituted our vegetarian pizza with a meat feast one!

leeds22 Wed 28-Jul-21 11:53:37

Must admit that I don't allow substitutions on my orders from Tesco but occasionally do get an intelligent sub anyway. I think it depends on the picker.

5together Wed 28-Jul-21 11:58:23

Years ago, on Christmas Eve, Sainsbury’s substituted my pack of streaky bacon (to lay on the turkey) with two thick pork chops! I did laugh. It was the year that Sainsbury’s had under ordered turkeys and the poor delivery guy was having a horrible Christmas Eve, with many orders missing their turkeys, so he was relieved that mine was something that made us laugh! Never had a problem since but that still makes me smile

chrissy08 Wed 28-Jul-21 12:10:48

Cooking apples & a bag of flour instead of apple pie ?

missdeke Wed 28-Jul-21 12:13:07

My daughter ordered a pack of nailbrushes (they all work with horses) and Tesco sent a ball of string as a substitution!

Startingover61 Wed 28-Jul-21 12:14:22

I once ordered some WD40 with straw-shaped dispenser and received a packet of plastic drinking straws instead!

TillyWhiz Wed 28-Jul-21 12:14:50

I'm really lucky with my Tesco order - except I ordered chicken portions for my fox family and asked for substitution of chicken wings if necessary. So piri piri chicken wings were sent - I could just imagine the foxes dealing with that. ?

Ronnie Wed 28-Jul-21 12:25:55

My regular super market replaced cinnamon with .turmeric if you please, had to chuckle. ?

Sheba Wed 28-Jul-21 12:50:40

I ordered a matching fitted and flat sheet from Asda during lockdown.
This was for my son who was moving into rented accommodation. They sent two fitted sheets, when I requested to return one they said no it was an acceptable substitute !!

Tibbs Wed 28-Jul-21 12:53:52

Sainsbury’s- asked for a pair of scissors, got a hole punch. Friend asked for a door mat, got a scented candle!

sluttygran Wed 28-Jul-21 13:35:53

Not quite a substitution, but about fifteen years ago, fairly new to online shopping, I received a large quantity of expensive frozen ready meals together with my order of fairly basic staples.
I told the delivery person they weren't for me, and he scratched his head and said someone had made a mistake. He said they couldn't go back after issue, so please accept them with compliments.
I was extremely hard up at that time, really struggling, so that extra food was a godsend!
Times are easier now, so I try to keep the good luck alive by shoving some tasty bits and pieces in the food bank.

Savvy Wed 28-Jul-21 13:38:58

Early in the pandemic my delivery driver told me he'd been to one house where they'd ordered chewing gum and some bright spark had substituted it for elastoplast! Bet they had fun chewing that, lol.

yellowcanary Wed 28-Jul-21 13:41:02

I ordered 2 x Senior Cat food (11+) and got one of them and 1 x kitten food smile why they thought kitten food was good for a very senior cat - unless they thought he didn't have very good teeth and would find it easier to eat smile I refused it.

One Easter I had a 4kg Salmon delivered (and charged for) instead of the 1kg I ordered, luckily I noticed the difference in the total value while the driver was still there - they had terrible trouble with their orders that weekend, the driver told me one woman had 4 huge salmon instead of the one reasonable size she ordered.

flowerofthewestx2 Wed 28-Jul-21 13:41:28

I ordered a 0.5k of raisins for baking
I received two multi packs of tiny boxes of raisins.

nanna8 Wed 28-Jul-21 13:42:21

I don’t use online food shopping. I did a couple of times but it was rubbish so that was that. Anyway, you don’t know where they’ve been !

1summer Wed 28-Jul-21 13:46:05

I also had Lemon Cif instead of fresh lemons. Also an apple scented shower gel instead of a jar of apple sauce.

sundowngirl Wed 28-Jul-21 13:51:29

I ordered burgers as we were having a BBQ but was substituted with chicken nuggets - not very tasty on a BBQ!

lemongrove Wed 28-Jul-21 13:51:57



I get Ocado deliveries and they don’t do substitutions, if they haven’t got it they don’t send it.

Oh, sorry, it seems that they do.I have never had a substitution but have had several messages that they can’t send a product (on the delivery day.)
Which is a nuisance but better than something I didn’t want.
Now and then I do a Tesco shop online and you can tick boxes if you don’t want substitutions.

nipsmum Wed 28-Jul-21 13:58:24

Tesco substituted Tens pads with a bottle of mouthwash. I've learned not to allow substitutions now.

Yammy Wed 28-Jul-21 14:04:57

I use Sainsbury's and got cat food instead of Brussels pate. Also a dish brush instead of sponge scourers.
I know to try and say no substitutes but they still do and things I have not ordered at all their computer is so bad, nearly got a bottle of Whiskey last week until I spotted it at the last moment.
The delivery man says it will only get worse until more people are allowed to self-test.

Lollipop1 Wed 28-Jul-21 14:15:11

I ordered Germoline and got Hemorrhoid cream. I was so angry I went back to normal shopping. I really lost the plot which is ridiculous but the whole point of Internet shopping is so you don't have to visit a shop.

Tizliz Wed 28-Jul-21 14:30:57


I ordered a matching fitted and flat sheet from Asda during lockdown.
This was for my son who was moving into rented accommodation. They sent two fitted sheets, when I requested to return one they said no it was an acceptable substitute !!

Tesco never refuse a return of substitution, the driver always goes through any individually and accepts back any I don’t want. I have accepted some substitutions just because they are such a good deal.

Purplepoppies Wed 28-Jul-21 14:39:49

I've been quite lucky with deliveries. One driver told me at the height of the first lockdown he delivered to a customer who had ordered strawberries. The replacement was cooked cocktail sausages ?? to make things worse the customer turned out to be a Tesco area manager....
There still seem to be certain things my Tesco don't have in stock anymore since the pandemic. Very frustrating.
Its also frustrating when something that's in my 'usual' shopping list says its no longer stocked when in fact they've just changed the packaging.
Or things I know they sell instore that aren't available to order online.
I am not confident to go to the supermarket yet, and the delivery fee is cheaper than the taxi fare home.