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Would you wash your clothes with an Aero mint bar?

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Unigran4 Tue 27-Jul-21 17:20:30

Many of us, I think, have turned to shopping on-line, and I am one of them.

However, I am always a little surprised at the substitutions that are made when my original request is not in stock.

But I was left speechless when my request for Ariel wash powder was substituted with an Aero Mint bar of chocolate!

Anyone else had strange substitutions?

blondenana Tue 27-Jul-21 17:30:26

Yes, i ordered from Iceland as i was used to going there and wanted some bleach,i was sent 2 bottles of milk

Bluebellwould Tue 27-Jul-21 17:31:45

My substitution was tinned beef ravioli for baked beans with sausages and some glitter glue for cat litter.

Savvy Tue 27-Jul-21 18:29:26

I ordered a sanding block from Wilkinson and received peppermint foot spray instead.

Anannymous Tue 27-Jul-21 18:44:25

I ordered two ‘with sympathy’ cards from Tesco and received two get well soon cards!

Visgir1 Tue 27-Jul-21 18:58:29

Christmas crackers... Jacobs crackers

lemongrove Tue 27-Jul-21 21:46:28


I get Ocado deliveries and they don’t do substitutions, if they haven’t got it they don’t send it.

Lincslass Tue 27-Jul-21 22:19:50

Haven’t had anything as funny as these, a good chuckle, but poor kitty having to pee among glitter glue?

BlueSky Tue 27-Jul-21 23:09:58

Some are so absurd that I no longer opt for substitutions. For Shandy they sent ´Handy Wipes’!

Witzend Wed 28-Jul-21 08:05:26

I thought this was going to be about accidentally washing something with a bar of Aero mint in a pocket! (And was wondering how anyone could possibly have forgotten to eat it - no chance in this house.)

Teacheranne Wed 28-Jul-21 10:44:16

I use Tesco and only get substitutions of the same type of product, eg last week got lemon fool instead of gooseberry fool. I’ve never had a completely different product which might just be good luck.

With click and collect, the staff tell you about any subs or short date products and you just hand them back if they are not suitable, they then sort out the refund.

Mollygo Wed 28-Jul-21 10:49:34

This is a great thread. ???
I’ve never ordered groceries on line, but now I’ve been warned!

Natasha76 Wed 28-Jul-21 10:56:31

My daughter got a packet of cucumber seeds from Asda instead of a cucumber . This was during lockdown so this was probably the best they could do.
I had a meat sausage roll instead of the vegan one I had ordered. I frequently get the same substitution for more than 1 product. So I ordered cauli, carrots and broccoli and got 3 caulks.

greenlady102 Wed 28-Jul-21 10:58:21



I get Ocado deliveries and they don’t do substitutions, if they haven’t got it they don’t send it.

yes they do substitutions but only if they are one brand of something for another or something very similar...I get ginger ale subbed for ginger beer, different brands of semi skimmed milk, a veggie samosas for chicken samosas and so on

Lupatria Wed 28-Jul-21 10:59:37

i use tesco, sainsburys and asda for my grocery shopping but have turned the substitutions off as i got fed up with the silly things i was sent.
if i asked for something then that was what i wanted not something completely different.
it does mean sometimes that i don't get an item or two but then fortunately i've got the option to visit the supermarket and pick the missing items up when i go to get bread and milk during the week.

Unigran4 Wed 28-Jul-21 11:06:21

Teacheranne you're right, I get a list in the morning of substitutes and short dated items, and, once I have refused them at the C&C point, I invariably have the refund before I get home.

But sometimes the substitutions are beyond belief, and that's what this thread is about - it's just for fun.

aonk Wed 28-Jul-21 11:07:29

Back in the first lockdown I think the on line delivery staff were really struggling. Once I asked for anti bacterial cleaning wipes and got a tube of Savlon. There have also been other weird substitutes on the food front. As you couldn’t return them in the early days I took them to a food bank very near my house. I shop in line with Sainsbury’s and I must praise them because despite a few initial problems they provide an excellent service.

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 28-Jul-21 11:09:05

Hilarious!! I gave up with deliveries from Asda because I kept getting inappropriate substitutions. Didn't have that problem with Morrisons, they just substituted for the best, and you paid for the best as well.
Sainsburies I will get something similar, and if more expensive I'll have a refund.
My thought on the original post - want to put a wash on? Eat Mint Aero, gives the energy to do the wash!!

sandye Wed 28-Jul-21 11:09:28

I got cheese instead of chicken. Cheese curry anyone?

Gymstagran Wed 28-Jul-21 11:16:12

Its easy to specify what are convenient substitutions on the tesco app which is why I have stuck with them but I do also tick the no subs box on many items. It works for me

jaylucy Wed 28-Jul-21 11:17:57

We use Asda click and collect mainly because we couldn't get a delivery slot!
I don't think that we have had one week where we haven't had something missing from the list and it is uusually something I particularly needed.
Best substitute was Lemon Cif for fresh lemons!
The lemon drizzle cake I had planned to make surprisingly wasn't!

ElderlyPerson Wed 28-Jul-21 11:23:06


This is a great thread. ???
I’ve never ordered groceries on line, but now I’ve been warned!

No, no.

It is just the hilarious ones that are listed here.

Tesco are usually very good with substitutes if one opts for them, and one can use the up to 55 letters and spaces to be more specific about substitutions.

One can allow substitutions for some things but not for others if one so chooses.

For example, I order one type of cat food, but I flag that substitutions are allowed for that product and add the picker note

prefer senior prefer gravy but please send something

Though they do have an override policy for some things, and substitute even if not flagged, such as milk, non-dairy milk alternatives (eg soya drink), and toilet rolls.

I have never had a bizarre substitution from Tesco, though I have declined some at delivery time, such as when someone, doubtless well-meaning, sent lactose depleted cow milk when Alpro unsweetened soya drink was not available. But I am vegan.

Rosalyn69 Wed 28-Jul-21 11:24:43

I haven’t read the whole thread but early on someone said that Ocado don’t do substitutions. They do! I had two today and have on other occasions. They are usually ok although to be fair they seem to have the things I order unless they have a warehouse problem.

coastalgran Wed 28-Jul-21 11:27:52

It could be to do with the fact that some supermarkets employ school kids, students, school leavers to do the packing of orders and they don't always read things properly or pick the first thing that comes to hand. I watched once in my local Sainsbury a young school girl going around filling the trolley and she couldn't find what was on the list and just popped something else in instead of looking for the item or getting help from an assistant to find it. This must make for some interesting shopping. I just do my own shopping.

Aepgirl Wed 28-Jul-21 11:32:18

My on-line shop from Waitrose only substitutes like for like, but when ordering from their shopping list it amazes me how computers (with a little bit of human help) can translate what you want into something so completely different.