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Good Morning Thursday

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Michael12 Thu 29-Jul-21 06:05:24

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a clear blue sky start here in brackley this morning.
I am expecting another delivery of gravel stone so I can finish of doing it at the cemetery.
Also plan to my usual bus trip to Bicester for that change of scenery with coffee and small shop.
Take Care,

Ashcombe Thu 29-Jul-21 06:07:45

Good morning to Mick and everyone from a clear and sunny Torbay.

Today I shall be at Brixham Museum again for a couple of hours, alternating between two Victorian characters, after which I hope to visit an Art exhibition nearby where a friend from the theatre has a couple of paintings on show.

I hope everyone is well and happy. 🦩☀️🥰

Scentia Thu 29-Jul-21 06:19:26

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is sunny 😎
Off on Nanna duties soon, DSiL is home and they had the cheek to say “don’t come if you don’t want to”😂😂
I will have you know, it’s is what I look forward to all week, these two days!!! Needless to say, I am still going😂 DSiL will have to find something to do if he doesn’t want to come walking with us, we will see how much he likes me now😂
I have woken with a headache, I must drink more today. We are meeting DD for lunch after she has finished work we are meeting at the cycle centre cafe. She gets home around 1.30 so I must have breakfast as I will be starving by then otherwise.
Ash I would love to do that sort of thing, dress up at museums, I think it will be on my volunteer list when I retire.
Have a lovely day today and enjoy your sunshine.

grandMattie Thu 29-Jul-21 06:20:23

Good morning from a bright E Kent.
Had a bad night worrying about my 2 son driving back from Skye. They left at 0630 and didn’t get back here until 0145. Then DS2 drove another 45 minutes home to his own bed. Why can’t we stop worrying about our brood, whatever age they might be?
Ash, it seems that the world is against olddudders and you! All Europe barring the French can come over? That is cruel.
Quiet day today, watering a lot in readiness for our week away, and for DS1 to g back to India also on Saturday.
May you have a gentle day, the sun shine on your back and you find a flamboyance of flamingos ☀️🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩😊

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 29-Jul-21 06:30:31

Good morning Mick, hope you have a sunny morning in Bicester, it’s such a long time since I last went there.
Ashcombe your day sounds exciting, how lovely to be someone else for a couple of hours! Although Victorian Brixham (unless you were wealthy) was , I imagine quite grim.
Bright and sunny here in Oxfordshire, but quite chilly outside, a housework day today and trying to stop a very squeaky metal bed from sounding as though it’s grinding itself to pieces.
Hugs to those following who are in need of one, a good hug works wonders, even if you think afterwards that maybe social distancing should have been at least thought about….though at the time the hug was more important, so we are now daily Covid testing for a few days and staying away from ‘new’ people.
Hope that today we can all enjoy some sun.

Alizarin Thu 29-Jul-21 06:33:30

Good morning from a damp south Cornwall where I'm recovering from a day of play with the 5 year old yesterday, who was joined by her best friend for a few hours. They had huge fun experimenting with cornflour and water. I had huge fun restoring my kitchen to normal after they went home.

Our town is suddenly heaving with visitors; pavement cafes and bars are springing up everywhere, enabled by our creative town council. It's really lovely to witness, just like a normal summer, but as I live right in the midst of it I need to escape to somewhere quiet today so I'm heading for Penzance library, which has the county collection of art books, where I can browse in peace.

Have the best day you can, everyone.

Nannytopsy Thu 29-Jul-21 06:36:15

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Clear blue skies in Suffolk this morning.
We are away early this morning to go to my aunt’s funeral in the Black Country. The AA reckon under three hours - they are not driving the M6 I know and love! We are allowing very much longer! Always the problem in the UK that traffic makes any journey so unpredictable. While there, we will call in with flowers for my parents grave too.
Home tonight, ready for the last push on getting ready for “Christmas “ on Sunday, with the perennial question - when should I take the turkey out of the freezer? 🤣
You have reminded me of Victorian Christmases at Aston Hall in Birmingham Ash , when I was dressed as the kitchen maid. That was many years ago! Enjoy your day.
I hope the day is kind to everyone

harrigran Thu 29-Jul-21 06:39:47

Good morning from an overcast and grey NE.
Been awake since 5am but DH says he did not sleep at all, he has a lot of pain in his arms after yesterday's chemotherapy session.
Morrisons delivery this morning, hopefully with all the basics available.
We had a big thunderstorm yesterday afternoon with torrential rain, saved me having to water the plants.
Nothing planned for today but will give my sister our order for the weekend, delicious flans and locally produced curry sauces.
Look after yourselves.

Ashcombe Thu 29-Jul-21 06:46:52

Scentia: National Trust properties sometimes offer such opportunities if you volunteer to be a guide.
Yes, Oopsadaisy1, life certainly was tough for the ordinary folk in Victorian times. In Brixham, fishing was an important source of income (and continues to be) with smuggling of goods from France to supplement their meagre income.
Yes, grandMattie, olddudders and I will bide our time. I have visits from friends and family during August but we hope that the Autumn might see a change in restrictions. However, my surgery has announced plans to begin to give the combined Covid and flu vaccine in September which I wouldn’t want to miss….!
Safe travels, Nannytopsy, and I hope the M6 isn’t as busy as you fear.

muse Thu 29-Jul-21 06:53:13

Good morning Mick and Morningsters
Grey mid Cornwall. Dodging the heavy showers again.
MrM did 5 hrs with legs elevated yesterday. Far less pain. Hope he does the same today but I need him this afternoon for a taxi service.
Change of plans. The hospital rang to say I can be booked in today at 4:30 for them to see the BCC on my lower eye lid. 🤞they will remove it today. The doctor did say an immediate referral and it was. 2 days!
Have a safe enjoyable day everyone.

muse Thu 29-Jul-21 06:54:38

Hope your DH has a better day harrigran. Perhaps some sleep during the day.

Dwmxwg Thu 29-Jul-21 07:00:48

Good morning from north Surrey. Sun peeping through the blinds
Yesterday was a day of sunshine and heavy showers which we thankfully managed to avoid except poor DH and dog on the evening walk.
Was lovely to see our friends, we were their first visitors other than close family since before first lockdown. Made sure we didn’t outstay welcome as illness and treatment makes her very tired. They have a beautiful garden and came home with a new plant for our garden.
Boys are here, still asleep. Will visit local country park this morning with a football and there are some good climbing activities for them to play on. This afternoon the DGDs are coming (with mummy) to have some cousin time. Hoping she will stay and have their bath time here too.
Wishing all a good day with ☀️🦩to brighten your day

ginny Thu 29-Jul-21 07:06:21

Good morning from a blue sky Aldeburgh.
DD2 joined us last night and DGS2 is so excited to have his auntie here this morning . Hoping the weather holds so that we can have a beach day.
Healing thoughts to all who need them. Wishing you all a smile along your way.

Greyduster Thu 29-Jul-21 07:09:33

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from South Yorkshire where the sun was shining brightly until a few seconds ago. Now it has switched itself off. We had a lot of rain yesterday so there should be enough water in the butt to give the plants a good soaking before we go away tomorrow. Today I shall make a batch of Anzac biscuits for GS - they are his favourites - and finish off the packing.
Have the best day you can, folks.

Sar53 Thu 29-Jul-21 07:09:55

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea. It's good to see the sun after the torrential downpours we had yesterday afternoon.
I'm off to Lidl this morning and DH will be home late afternoon. I've missed him. We've only seen each other for about 3 hours in the last week, ships that passed in the night.
Enjoy your day whatever you are doing xx

Jaxjacky Thu 29-Jul-21 07:20:24

Good morning Mick and everyone, high cloud in S Hants, we had hefty rain yesterday in the early evening. I noticed France is still amber + Ashcombe never ending. That’s efficient muse, good to hear MrM is resting.
My first day coordinating yesterday was busy, a new system to learn, a long call with a very good friend and another friend called in for coffee. DD is due to drive to Bude today with the two GC’s, but was not feeling well yesterday, two negative Covid tests, I’ll see how she is today. You’re right gM, you never stop worrying about them.
Book club zoom today, I’ll also make a curry and cottage pie, do some weeding.p if it stays dry.
Have a lovely day all, still miss crumpets, trains and other absentees, strength to those struggling.

Gingster Thu 29-Jul-21 07:23:01

Good morning all from a chilly but sunny Suffolk coast.
The family will be going home later this afternoon. They will be going crabbing at Walberswick, where they have the World Championship each year .😂🤣. It gets very busy so they will get there early to get a good spot.

The gds want a last swim in the sea before lunch and then get packed to go home. They will be back the weekend after next with DS2 and family and Dd and family. Plus 3 dogs. Oh my goodness it will be chaotic but great fun.! They love all being together.
Enjoy your days! Good weather forecast today. 🤞

brook2704 Thu 29-Jul-21 07:23:50

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s eventually stopped raining but it’s still grey and cloudy. No need to water the garden for a while after the amount of rain we’ve had in the last two days!
Yesterday I popped to DD2s house and saw the DGC, there was a bit of a drama as a stray dog had wandered into their garden so DD2 was on the phone trying to reunite it with its owner. It was a lovely little black dog, very calm and friendly and I think the DGC wanted to keep it! Anyhow eventually the owner turned up and all was well
Today we’re getting ready for our trip to St Andrews for the weekend. We’ve not been there before so we’re looking forward to exploring somewhere new.
Safe journey nannytopsy and hope today goes as well as it can 💐
Enjoy your nanna duties Scentia and have fun together!
Hope all goes well at the hospital muse
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Grandmajean Thu 29-Jul-21 07:25:07

Good morning from sunny Cheshire where for reasons unknown our garden lamps were still glowing at 7am even though they "go on at dusk and off at dawn".
Family whooping it up in Rannoch last night playing video "panic room" game.
They had a very wet walk on the Birks of Aberfeldy in the afternoon. Think another walk to McGregor's cave planned for today unless weather drives them to House Bruar.
I am starting to talk to myself as alone in the house. The cat doesn't listen 🤣

Grandmajean Thu 29-Jul-21 07:25:51

House of Bruar.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 29-Jul-21 07:26:33

Good Morning from sunny East Yorkshire.
Yesterday had a different turn to what I was expecting. I thought we were having DGS today but at his usual arrival time there was his knock at the door! Due to a misunderstanding with dh/son/ whoever his day at nursery hadn’t been changed. We were changing it permanent to Thursdays from this week. Or so I thought ..... Anyway it was lovely to see him. He was full of his trip to London last week seeing the Big clock Big Ben, Big toy shop Hamleys,museums etc. In Hamleys he told me he couldn’t decide what he would like Santa to bring him 😀.
So a message to DH in the gym who was due in work but he had a call at 10 then came home. Phew! Dgs says he’d like to go to the small dinosaur museum we have here. Whilst in there the heavens opened so we spent longer in there. As I hadn’t planned our evening meal we went out for tea to a lunch with a play area he loves. Came back to ours the DH was going to walk him the 5 minute walk home. We then got the sad face as he thought he was coming back here to carry in playing.
So today I’m going to a market in another village not too far away. Haven’t been to it for a long time and I’m informed it’s quite good now. Might have lunch there as there are some nice independent cafes or there used to be.
Have a safe journey * Nannytopsy*
Have a good day all

Grandmajean Thu 29-Jul-21 07:28:51

GrandMattie I will spend Saturday worrying about my lot driving home. Glad I didn't know 40 years ago that the worrying never stops !

cornergran Thu 29-Jul-21 07:32:31

Morning Mick, morning All from a cool, bright corner of Somerset.

Enjoyed lunch at a small, independent garden centre yesterday, tasty food cooked to order. Will try to do some garden tidying, the torrential rain did a predictable job of rose wrecking. Mr C plans to finish the front garden changes, some supervision also on the cards. Lots of tension here over car parking, somehow folk think I can sort it. I can’t! What’s more I’m tired of it all. Tea cups and storms come to mind.

Safe trip nannyt, good luck muse, happy packing greyd. Exactly right grandmattie the worrying never stops. Hope the Autumn works out for you both ashcombe, your day sounds interesting.

Take care everyone. Hope Thursday is gentle with us all.

Pittcity Thu 29-Jul-21 07:34:51

Good morning from sunny Colchester. After yesterday's much needed rain it looks like we're getting a nice day. Not a cloud in the sky and only 22 degrees forecast. Lovely!

Not so lovely is that I've got a dental checkup at lunchtime. I'll pop to Aldi after that and get washing on the line and ironing done before. Jay's online pub quiz with the family is now a staple of Thursdays.

Pittcity Thu 29-Jul-21 07:35:21

Forgot to send love to all x