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First C-word catalogue arrived this morning! - 4th August

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Witzend Wed 04-Aug-21 12:58:34

From the Dogs’ Trust - is that the earliest or can anyone beat it?

BlueBelle Wed 04-Aug-21 14:39:01

I thought you meant the other C word no I can’t even think about it let alone look at anything

GrannyGravy13 Wed 04-Aug-21 14:51:26

I purchased five Christmas gifts in The White Company’s sale in June (nightwear for GC and nieces)

JackyB Wed 04-Aug-21 15:59:02

I had a card catalogue a couple of weeks back. This is because I am considered a business account by this charity. The Germans don't really send Christmas cards, but as a Brit and living away from everyone her in Germany, I send about 50 cards so I once ordered that amount. Since then I get the commercial catalogue and a few weeks later I get the one for private individuals. I chucked the catalogue away as I very probably won't be ordering from them.

Grandmadinosaur Wed 04-Aug-21 16:03:35

I spotted C cards in a local charity shop last week.

AGAA4 Wed 04-Aug-21 17:00:17

Too soon! Can't think about it yet. It is only August.

maddyone Wed 04-Aug-21 17:16:15

Good heavens! I’m like AGAA4, I can’t think about Christmas yet. It’s far too soon. I hate seeing Christmas things arrive in the shops in September, it’s far too soon. It reminds me that winter’s around the corner and I don’t want summer to end.

timetogo2016 Thu 05-Aug-21 09:10:48

I thought about Christmas in January and have ALL my gifts and cards ready to go.
I think i may have had covid brain freeze.

Kali2 Thu 05-Aug-21 09:13:16

NO- far far too soon.

Cunco Thu 05-Aug-21 09:26:55

I received a Christmas catalogue from East Anglian Air Ambulance in mid-July. It was a bit early to think of Christmas cards for me.

Ellianne Thu 05-Aug-21 09:31:56

The Donkey Sanctuary was selling off lots of old Christmas stuff and cards last month, so I dived in. They are usually pretty quick getting their catalogue out too.
I've already booked the ballet and a Santa steam train ride.

Witzend Thu 05-Aug-21 10:26:39

Well, I did have a quick flick through the catalogue anyway, and there are some really nice cards, so I’m tempted…

pen50 Thu 05-Aug-21 11:18:03

My birthday is in the first half of September and always seems to coincide with the start of supermarkets' Christmas.

TerryM Thu 05-Aug-21 11:25:39

Love Xmas and with an new grandson definitely planning now.
No. 1 grandson's birthday is just after Xmas so loads of planning to make sure both days are appropriately celebrated. This year we are giving Dec 1 boxes ....with PJs and advent calendar and Xmas t-shirts. The things we got on sale last boxing day lol . Just cutesy Xmas stuff
Mind you only one son , one daughter in law and now two grandsons.

rowyn Thu 05-Aug-21 11:37:47

Mmm..that reminds me, must start accumulating dried fruit etc ready to make Christmas cakes in September/October

Lillie Thu 05-Aug-21 11:39:47


I purchased five Christmas gifts in The White Company’s sale in June (nightwear for GC and nieces)

i must see if there is anything left

Dottynan Thu 05-Aug-21 11:44:03

Bought our Christmas panto tickets for the family yesterday

Lesley60 Thu 05-Aug-21 11:53:35

It’s getting ridiculous, I’m sure Christmas wasn’t mentioned until November when I was a child

Witzend Thu 05-Aug-21 11:57:06

rowyn, me too, but for Delia’s five star mincemeat.
Which reminds me - must start saving suitable jars!

GolferGrandma Thu 05-Aug-21 12:18:04

I usually buy Xmas cards in New Year sales. Obviously this year different as not going out shopping for anything. However was away in Suffolk mid July and bought bundle of cards at RSPB Minsmere, very happy to support their charity. Must remember where I’ve put them though!!

aonk Thu 05-Aug-21 12:32:30

Any C catalogue arriving in my house before November will go straight into the recycling bag unopened. Yes we do buy gifts and decorate our house when the time comes. The only thing I will do in advance is to jot down any ideas for presents which might occur to me.

Patticake123 Thu 05-Aug-21 12:44:05

Only received today? Do you live in the back of beyond? We had a booking form for a local restaurant in JUNE! It did make us laugh and we definitely won’t be going there. A few years ago in Italy, C began on the first Saturday of December , shops closed on the Friday lunchtime and reopened the next day with all the C glamour arranged. It was brilliant and I would love a similar system to be developed here. Fat chance of that though!

Alioop Thu 05-Aug-21 13:14:38

I was in a shop yesterday and they had the tubs of chocs that you see everywhere at 'C'. I just thought here we go, cards will be next.

Lucy127 Thu 05-Aug-21 13:31:06

I buy occasional items for my Christmas ‘put aside’ box, and small items suitable for mega huge pass the parcel. Mostly from sales from quality outlets. I save wrapping paper from Amazon buys and it gets saved for the pass the parcel. I’ll only get C cards if in sale for Christmas box. Then all forgotten until much closer to C.
Nice to share! 😉

Tattooedfidelma Thu 05-Aug-21 13:34:59

I received a catalogue from The Leprosy Mission, about a week ago. I like to start early so was quite excited and have already placed an order although many items are not available until October.