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Good Morning Wednesday 18th August 2021

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Michael12 Wed 18-Aug-21 06:05:57

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking like another cloudy day here in brackley also had overnight rain.
Yesterdays bus trip out was a change of plan , I went to Bicester earlier, so had to pay a fare, but returned via Buckingham ,and taking a village route back on another bus , where most of the East/West Rail and HS2 work is taking place , its been 18 months since I last went that way and changes very noticeable, I had a coffee in Buckingham before getting the bus home.
Today, housework plus small shop ,and the Vuelta later on TV.
Take Care,

grandMattie Wed 18-Aug-21 06:12:14

Good morning from another cool, grey day in E Kent. Wasn’t it cold yesterday? It reached the heady heights of 15.5C! I had a cardi on all day…
The sofas’ removal went well and was early. We vacuumed and washed the bamboo floor, steamed the rug and are now waiting for the new sofas today.
Auntieflo, I hope the chemo was too horrible and stairlift stuff resolved easily. My prayers are with Phoenix and her family. May her passage from this world to the next be easy.
May today bring peace and relief to those GraMmingos in need and a gentle day for everyone else. 🦩🦩☀️😊🌈

grandMattie Wed 18-Aug-21 06:12:52

Wasn’t, wasn’t, wasn’t…. Too horrible 😡

Nannytopsy Wed 18-Aug-21 06:28:43

Good morning Mick & grandMattie.
It’s grey in Suffolk too, after a wet day yesterday.
Our visitors go home later today and then it will suddenly be very quiet, I think, after so much activity.
I heard an opinion that HS2 would be stopped but I can’t see it after all this work.
I hope today is kind to everyone and my thoughts are with Phoenix.

kittylester Wed 18-Aug-21 06:30:45

Good morning all from a North Leicestershire where we appear to have had some rain overnight.

We have Bertie overnight and are taking him to football training this evening. They are moving house on Friday 🤞🤞 so it is a help for DD3 and her partner.

Thinking of phoenix!

Ashcombe Wed 18-Aug-21 07:01:05

Good morning from a dull Torbay, which might brighten up later as sometimes happens.

I hope the new sofas arrive as expected, grandMattie, after your preparations. Yesterday, I giggled at your “Sound of Music” idea for singing practice, gM, as 25 years ago, I played Elsa, the Baroness! I was in my late 40's, trying to look younger with the Captain, being in his 20's, doing the opposite by whitening his temples!

Yesterday, DH olddudders had his best day since the back problem started, with no significant spasms. Overnight, he has moved from the sofa back to bed but hasn’t slept much, although not due to the pain. This is progress after a week of sleeping on the sofa!

I hope you’ve had a better night, baubles with no nasty, recurring dreams. I do hope your DH's platelet count has improved by today, harrigran.

BlueSapphire: did you break a match to make a third after the two breakages yesterday?! I hope you soon recover from your hospital induced wobbliness, Nortsat, which must be disconcerting.

There seem to be a few of us with worries about the health of others. grandMattie: You have perfectly expressed what we all feel about phoenix. 💕

Beechnut Wed 18-Aug-21 07:17:17

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where we have bright cloud, if that makes any sense.

My eyes were very tired yesterday so I gave them a well earned rest in the evening so much so that I was very late going to bed.

I’m going to pamper myself this morning then go out for an hour or so this afternoon.

I hope everyone has a good day without too many worries. It’s as Ash says and then I find it goes the other way and we have lovely things happening to tell 🌷

Grandmadinosaur Wed 18-Aug-21 07:18:41

Good morning from another grey day in East Yorkshire. It was hot and sunny on this day 37 years ago when we got married - yes it our anniversary today! Out for lunch and then cake and fizz with the family later. I have lovely flowers, chocolates from a nice local chocolatier and earrings. Not sure what 37 is - I must look it up .
Think of phoenix 💐
Take care everyone

Grandmadinosaur Wed 18-Aug-21 07:20:23

Apparently 37 is Alabaster ... mm!

Jaxjacky Wed 18-Aug-21 07:25:00

Good morning all from a grey S Hants. Yes, it was cold yesterday gM I misread your post yesterday, so hope, again, your new furniture arrives on time today.
muse thank you, my friend is on iv antibiotics and oxygen, it’s gallstones, I’m assuming they won’t operate until the infection is controlled. Hope all goes well with the scan for Mya today.
Good news on oldudders pain reduction Ash long may that continue, constant pain is debilitating and depressing.
Auntieflo I hope you’ve set the stair lift people straight, cheek!
Today is my volunteer coordinating, I must also nip out and get some slug pellets, tiny snails are invading the greenhouse and munching peppers.
Have the best day you can all with some 🌞🌞
phoenix x

brook2704 Wed 18-Aug-21 07:25:26

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it’s dry now but looks like it’s been raining overnight
Yesterday I had a lovely fun packed day looking after DGSs and more of the same planned today
Happy Anniversary grandmadino I hope you both have a lovely special day together 🎉🥂
Thinking of phoenix
Also everyone with worries and struggles, I hope today is kind and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Jaxjacky Wed 18-Aug-21 07:27:21

Happy Anniversary Grandmadinosaur🎂🥂💐 enjoy your day both.

Nannagarra Wed 18-Aug-21 07:31:08

Good morning from Sefton where the weather isn’t in keeping for August. Let’s just say there is room for improvement.
Mick, I remember watching on tv a series about the building of HS2. Your scenic bus journey through villages sounds appealing, a lovely way to relax and take in the changes.
Last night, thinking the top was screwed on, I vigorously shook a bottle of nail polish. Today I’ll be vigorously removing said polish from my clothes! Well, hoping I can… 💅 🤞
Thinking if phoenix. Take care everyone.

ginny Wed 18-Aug-21 07:31:45

Good morning. The weather is still trying to make up its mind and will probably change it several times throughout the day.
Not much planned today. Will take Lord Jasper ( dog) to the exercise field and then DD2 will walk him later this evening .
Thoughts with all who have worries and troubles, hope everyone finds a smile today.

dragonfly46 Wed 18-Aug-21 07:37:13

Good morning from damp Leicestershire.

Pleased to hear OD is not suffering so much.

Harrigran I was told a teaspoonful of Lifemel honey boosts the blood during chemo. It is very expensive but it did use it the odd time.

Happy Anniversary Grandmadinosaur.

Thoughts are with Phoenix.

Scentia Wed 18-Aug-21 07:37:24

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it looks like a grey day☔️
Off to work shortly.
All negative tests from the COVID house this morning, they are not officially out of isolation until tomorrow but all are feeling well. DD has booked me and the children on a steam train journey tommorrow for my first day of Nanna duties in two weeks. I am the doing an impromptu Friday so will be taking them to my gym for a swim. With two in tow it will take me most of the morning to just go for an hours swim😂
I do hope everyone is feeling as good as they can under their own personal circumstances and finds, even just a glimmer of hope and a smile😊

Nannagarra Wed 18-Aug-21 07:37:36

of, not if, phoenix. GMattie, you express my thoughts perfectly. Thank you.
Happy anniversary, Grandmadinosaur. 🎉🎉🎉

Marydoll Wed 18-Aug-21 07:37:39

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow.

Its good to hear positive news of some semblance of normality returning and people seeing family and friends again.
I had a surprise visit from DD yesterday, we shut ourselves in the conservatory, where I moaned about Mr Doll, (I was justified!) and she complained about my much loved SIL. 😁

A disturbed night and I'm feeling a bit under the weather. My increased heart medication doesn't seem to be making much difference to my breathlessness. I also received a letter from Roche International, the pharmaceutical company, apologising for the global shortage of my RA medication. Sending letters to individual patients, appears to be unprecedented. Call me cynical, but I suspect that it is a PR exercise and it doesn't reassure me, when I may not be able to get my meds. They must have made a fortune from this drug, as it was also used to save lives in Covid ICU.

The waiting for news situation with Phoenix isn't helping much. either, 😪 Oh how Phoenix, would have approved, that posters haven't been gushing or sentimental, but have spoken from within their heart. She swithered about whether to come clean or not. Such a testament to how many lives she has touched. That's what's so good about GN.

For all who are struggling and finding life very difficult, hoping that you find some respite, joy and peace today. If you have plans, enjoy!

Carpe diem et illegitimi non carborundum! 😉

Nortsat Wed 18-Aug-21 07:37:50

Good morning Mick and the GM team from east London, where we have a patch of blue sky.

Phoenix is in my thoughts, as she will be with many GNs this morning.

Still wobbly on my legs but managed 20 mins on the exercise bike yesterday, to try and wake up my muscles.

We are finding it difficult to watch the news at the moment, seeing the chaos in Afghanistan. I well remember the images from the 90’s of Taliban with Kalashnikovs, in jeeps careering around the streets of Kabul.

At that time, we had a woman from Kabul come to our office on a work exchange, when I worked in the policy unit of a Local Authority. She was trying to stand as a local Councillor in Afghanistan. That was such a brave and radical thing to do.
She did eventually become a Councillor.
My heart aches for the people, especially the women and girls of Afghanistan 🇦🇫

We are going out for lunch today, so I need to find my positivity and be grateful for the many bounties in my life.

Wishing everyone the best day possible and all good wishes to Auntieflo.

Pittcity Wed 18-Aug-21 07:39:29

Good morning from a cool, grey Colchester. It's October here already!

Wednesday morning coffee meetup in town. Takes me 10 minutes to walk there so I should be able to avoid any rain.

Happy Anniversary Grandmadinosaur 🥂

Love and hugs all round x

Gingster Wed 18-Aug-21 07:42:03

Good morning and it’s sunny here on the Suffolk coast but black clouds are on the horizon. Yes GrandMattie it was jolly cold yesterday - almost like late autumn. We didn’t have rain here by the sea Nannytopsy.

We cut down our bushy lilac yesterday. It is on our fence which adjoins our neighbour and it must cut out some of her view. It never flowers much anyway and just gets bushier .

We might walk from Iken to Snape today, along the river. It isn’t too far and we’ll get a coffee at the Maltings and wander back.

Happy anniversary Grandmadinosaur. Have a lovely day 👏👏.

Mick - nice to have a change of bus ride . Lots of controversy over the HS 2 work. We have a new link near us in Essex (Shenfield) . The cost just keeps mounting but how can they stop now.!

Ash good progress with OD . 👍

🙏 for Phoenix

Wishing you all a pleasant and gentle day. 🌺

Nortsat Wed 18-Aug-21 07:42:43

Happy Anniversary Grandmadinosaur 🥂

Allsorts Wed 18-Aug-21 07:45:26

Good morning everyone, know it’s still August but decidedly a hint of Autumn here in the centre of the country..Hope it stops dry for my washing.

NanKate Wed 18-Aug-21 07:45:34

Good morning Mick and All.

Calm cloudy day in South Bucks.

Pleased to hear Olddudders is feeling a little better. Happy Anniversary Grandmadinosaur 💐🥳. I too was cold yesterday grandMattie and considered putting my leggings on under my trousers but held off and just out on a thick jacket.

Another here who hopes that Phoenix can just slip away in peace 🕊

Mumofthree Wed 18-Aug-21 07:51:32

Morning everyone, grey and cloudy here in Runcorn Cheshire.. just bracing myself for work....hope you all have lovely days...