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Eamon Holmes should switch his off button permanently off!

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Newatthis Thu 19-Aug-21 17:33:14

Has this man got no 'off' button. He thinks he can say what he wants and do what he wants - he never learns!! I would have been horrified if I was De Zoe Williams.

MissAdventure Thu 19-Aug-21 17:43:19

I quite like his outspoken views.
I'd rather see that than all the gushing old twaddle a lot of daytime shows deem appropriate.

MissAdventure Thu 19-Aug-21 17:45:54

Of course, I wouldn't like him to be saying things about me, though.

Kate1949 Thu 19-Aug-21 17:49:39

I'd rather have him than Phillip Schofield.

MissAdventure Thu 19-Aug-21 17:54:54

I bet Ruth has a real go at him, offscreen.
She must cringe at the things he says.

Chardy Thu 19-Aug-21 17:58:52

I'd love to meet the people who choose the gruesome twosomes who do the long ITV morning show.
I think all 3 pairs are grim.

BlueBelle Thu 19-Aug-21 18:32:44

Wow !! that was extremely out of order no wonder she was annoyed
What a twxx and I wish he’d keep quite about his blooming aching legs too

Mouseybrown60 Thu 19-Aug-21 18:52:28

Eamon and Ruth are my favourite presenters. Their bickering is very entertaining. I much prefer him to Philip Schofield who seems to be on everything including adverts. I like Holly though.

JaneJudge Thu 19-Aug-21 18:55:03

you have to have diversity training if you work in a supermarket, surely they have it if they are working on tv?

JaneJudge Thu 19-Aug-21 18:56:13


you have to have diversity training if you work in a supermarket, surely they have it if they are working on tv?

and before I am asked why

this explains

lemsip Thu 19-Aug-21 19:00:58

He is not nasty. could of been laughed off. Offence taken at everything these days.

Kate1949 Thu 19-Aug-21 19:05:58

I've read that he apologised and Zoe accepted. She said he is her friend and one of the most warm hearted people she knows. She did also add that she has had many comments about her hair over the years which she finds unacceptable.

MissAdventure Thu 19-Aug-21 19:27:51

So its offence taken on someone else's behalf?
Someone who isn't the slightest bit offended.
They never include that in diversity training.

JaneJudge Thu 19-Aug-21 19:31:49

Dr Williams also addressed the incident, saying on Instagram that she had accepted the presenter’s apology.

She went on: “What I want to say is that I’m aware that his remarks, though meant without malice, have offended people. And if that comment had been made to me by a stranger, then I too would likely be offended.

“It was mis-judged and I think it’s fair to say that both Eamonn and I wish it hadn’t been said.”

It is offensive though. It can't go unchecked if he said it on live tv confused

MissAdventure Thu 19-Aug-21 19:34:03

They've both addressed it.
Not his finest moment, but hardly the end of the world.

MerylStreep Thu 19-Aug-21 19:36:24

I see from the video that she really found it funny 😄
You might have been offended but she wasn’t.

FarNorth Thu 19-Aug-21 19:48:24

Apparently people often want to touch the hair of Black people, and sometimes do touch it.
It must be very annoying.

Dr Zoe laughed along because she was being watched by millions but her remarks make clear that she didn't like it.

Blossoming Thu 19-Aug-21 20:02:49

He wanted to pat a black person’s hair? How can people not see how offensive that is?

MissAdventure Thu 19-Aug-21 20:12:48

Isn't it offensive to assume it was because the person is black?
No reference was made to ethnicity or skin colour.
Although why he thought it appropriate to mention her hair at all is beyond me.

BlueBelle Thu 19-Aug-21 20:14:26

Oh come on Lemsip that was a totally racist remark if it was done in error then he needs more training
If you’d grown up having every Tom dick and Harry wanting to touch your hair bounce their hand on it and make remarks about it maybe you’d understand more
…and yes it happens all the time my kids grew up with it,
‘oh it’s softer than I expected’ ‘can I touch it’ bounce bounce
‘How do you get a comb through that’

Would you really like strangers in the street actually touching your hair and remarking about it you wouldn’t go and stroke a white person hair would you ??

MissAdventure Thu 19-Aug-21 20:26:16

Fair point, BlueBelle and apologies from me.
(But I have been a stroker and strokee of caucasian hair - I love a spikey "do" and when i had mine shaved, lots of people asked to touch it)
I'm nearly bald now, so........

Kate1949 Thu 19-Aug-21 20:30:14

MissA. I'd love someone to stroke mine. I have none.

MissAdventure Thu 19-Aug-21 20:32:09

I'm not far behind you, kate.
It's not exactly a laugh a minute, is it?

Kate1949 Thu 19-Aug-21 20:33:08


MissAdventure Thu 19-Aug-21 20:38:51

Oh well, perhaps it's to teach me a lesson in sensitivity.
If someone wanted to touch my bald patches and announced it on tv I wouldn't be so clever.