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Foxglove77 Wed 25-Aug-21 18:11:33

My DGD starts school in September and I'm returning to full-time work. Just thought I'd share a couple of tips for new GNs to enjoy with the little ones.

Bubble wands are cheap and cheerful for all ages. Refill with supermarket washing up liquid.

Balloons, just blow them up and pat them around.

Christmas time cut out paper snowflakes and stick them to your windows.

Feed the ducks, always a winner.

Enjoy, I'm going to miss childminding my little one smile

sodapop Wed 25-Aug-21 21:39:53

Well fancy that who would have thunk it.

GagaJo Wed 25-Aug-21 21:49:57

No need for rudeness sodapop!

Yes, I'll also be sorry when my GS goes to school Foxglove. They are small for such a short time.

Jaxjacky Wed 25-Aug-21 21:52:05

Hope you enjoy your return to work and obviously had fun had fun being a grandma Foxglove.
sodapop can’t say anything nice, don’t bother.

Ro60 Wed 25-Aug-21 22:20:23

A change is a good as a rest - they say. Hope you still have time at the weekends.
Thanks for reminding me - I've got my GD a lot in a few weeks time - when the new one arrives - I'm certainly out of practice over the last year.

Here's a few more: kicking leaves & jumping in puddles

Christmas time I'm looking forward to taking her to a nativity service.


The old games - dominoes, draughts, Cludo

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 26-Aug-21 07:23:18

I just did the same things that I did for my own children when they were little, they still worked!

NanKate Thu 26-Aug-21 07:41:53

Playing footie with my grandsons, still doing it and they are 10 and 8. Happy times.

Maudi Thu 26-Aug-21 07:42:04

My granddaughter starts primary in September as well, they grow up too quick don't they and we grow older 😢

Foxglove77 Thu 26-Aug-21 09:57:45

Ro60 oh yes leaves and puddles! Endless fun for the Autumn.

I will still see DGD regularly and look forward to her school events now.

Thank you for the lovely comments nice people smile.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 26-Aug-21 16:09:46

My grandson is going to school too in September and after having him 1 day a week since a baby I will really miss our time together.
Amongst other things we’ve done quite a bit of cooking Ie buns,scones and home made pizza that he loves to decorate himself!
If we go out walking we often end up in the village in one of the charity shops where he is able to choose a toy or book that only costs a couple of pounds.
He also loves to play with a bowl or sink full of water and boats or vehicles.
Yes time really does go so quickly 😢

luluaugust Fri 27-Aug-21 15:14:42

A long time ago for me now but I do remember missing cooking with them and eating the outcome!

Newatthis Mon 30-Aug-21 10:54:09

I would give anything to do any of these. My grandchildren are 8000 miles away and it’s been 20 months since I’ve seen them

Gabrielle56 Mon 30-Aug-21 11:00:28


Well fancy that who would have thunk it.

You Angy or WHAT?!?

justwokeup Mon 30-Aug-21 11:02:17

You forget though, don’t you? We’d forgotten the fun of card games like Happy Families’, ‘Pairs’ and ‘Fish’. Now ‘Donkey’ is hilarious all over again.

justwokeup Mon 30-Aug-21 11:03:42

DGC2 loves sorting pegs! smile

Julieh473 Mon 30-Aug-21 11:05:04

When my granddaughter started school last year we decided we would collect her from school one day a week and she would come for tea so that we didn't miss each other too much after nearly 5 years of caring for her one or two days a week. We all look forward to it now

Pap67 Mon 30-Aug-21 11:15:36

Sodapop … mmmm… suddenly goes quiet… bloody keyboard bully….
Absolute hate ppl who are spiteful then sod off from the conversation. 😡

Yangste1007 Mon 30-Aug-21 11:21:05

I became a Grandma for the first time in February. I can't wait to start doing some of these things with her. I can remember doing such simple things with my Gran and I adored her.

Amalegra Mon 30-Aug-21 11:22:12

I do lots of painting, glueing and messy stuff that my daughter doesn’t always have time for! Lots of cooking especially cake decorating with lots of sprinkles etc which they love. This weekend we/I made toffee apples which we ornamented by chucking lots of edible glitter over them whilst keeping a safe distance from the hot goo. A success! And occasions like Easter, Halloween, Christmas are ripe for creativity. Nothing beats a good walk, looking at Nature and fun in the park too!

Sadgrandma Mon 30-Aug-21 11:42:20

We look after our nearly four year old GD two days a week and have done so since she was nine months old. We will miss her terribly when she starts school but hope to be able to pick her up on two days. I am lucky that I have a lovely DH who is very good with her and he has given her a small part of his allotment to grow her own veg. Another allotment holder made her a little girl scarecrow which she loves. Her favourite thing is being wheeled over there in his wheelbarrow! I tend to do things like making cupcakes (I must admit that I buy the novelty packets which are so much easier at this age). We also do lots of craft things and dressing her dolls etc (although DH gets roped in too at times). Her very favourite game at present is playing schools which gives us a good opportunity to practise writing her letters and numbers. I just hope she is as enthusiastic when school starts for real. However, she did say yesterday that she doesn't really need to go to school as she is clever enough already! Need to add modesty lessons to her curriculum I think!

Ali08 Mon 30-Aug-21 12:10:34

Can someone explain to me how sodapop was being rude?
I just took it as a general comment.

DaisyL Mon 30-Aug-21 12:16:57

Having had one 15 year old granddaughter to stay two weeks ago and grandson 14 with sister 12 last week I am on my knees. They are all lovely but the amount of food that needs to be prepared, the questions answered, the activities - all good fun like going to swim in the sea or feeding my chickens but it is all quite full on when I normally live on my own! Not to mention the trail of 'things' left everywhere! Feel very lucky to have them in my life but looking forward to a glass of wine and an early night tonight - I have been on antibiotics for an abscess in my tooth so haven't even been able to have a restorative drink in the evening!

Esspee Mon 30-Aug-21 12:41:57


I would give anything to do any of these. My grandchildren are 8000 miles away and it’s been 20 months since I’ve seen them

That made me cry.
I have been quite philosophical about this up to now but my grandchildren are almost 5000 miles away and both have birthdays around now. I share your pain Newatthis.
Now, how to stop the tears?

Lesley60 Mon 30-Aug-21 12:43:04

My 9 and 3 year old grandsons also enjoy melting milk and white chocolate and covering different cut up fruit in them at least nanny is being nice leaving them have chocolate but they are also having the healthy fruit so winners all round

Esspee Mon 30-Aug-21 12:44:30


Can someone explain to me how sodapop was being rude?
I just took it as a general comment.

It was a sarcastic comment. Unkind at best.