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Mrs Dale’s diary

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Shinamae Sat 28-Aug-21 17:34:01

Everybody knows the Archers but does anybody remember Mrs Dale‘s diary?

Kim19 Sat 28-Aug-21 17:36:15

Yep. My Granny's daily devotion.

TrendyNannie6 Sat 28-Aug-21 17:38:34

Yes I do my mum loved listening to it

shysal Sat 28-Aug-21 17:39:38

Yes, I used to listen, I think it was called The Dales by then. Also does anyone remember Waggoners' Walk?

Grandma70s Sat 28-Aug-21 17:41:58

Mrs Dale’s Diary was usually on the wireless (not radio!) in the kitchen when I came home from school. She was a doctor’s wife.

Calendargirl Sat 28-Aug-21 18:09:17

She was always worried about Jim!

Calendargirl Sat 28-Aug-21 18:10:33

And Waggoners’ Walk was on at about 4 o’ clock wasn’t it?

annsixty Sat 28-Aug-21 18:26:55

And Mrs Morgan who became Mrs Maggs or the other way round.
She was a real treasure.

M0nica Sat 28-Aug-21 18:29:47

How strange, I too worry about Jim, but a different Jim who is not a doctor.

Yes, I remember it. My mother never listened to it, although both parents listened to the Archers, so the long story was never in my psyche, so I never listened to it either.

mrswoo Sat 28-Aug-21 18:30:34

I associate Mrs Dale's Diary with being in bed unwell with one of the usual childhood illnesses - usually tonsillitis. It seemed very dull compared to the likes of Music While You Work which at least played cheerful music.

Greyduster Sat 28-Aug-21 18:34:20

He always referred to Mrs Dale’s mother, Mrs Freeman, rather formally as “mother in law”. Did he ever call her Rosemary I wonder?

sodapop Sat 28-Aug-21 18:58:08

I thought Waggoners Walk took over from Mrs Dale's Diary on the wireless. I listened to both when I could.

Witzend Sat 28-Aug-21 19:00:52

It was probably Mrs Dale’s Diary that was on, when I tried to get behind our big old ‘wireless’ to see the little people who were talking.
Such crushing disappointment to see only wires and a little light bulb!

JackyB Sat 28-Aug-21 19:06:27

I remember it being on when I came home from school. Happy times!

GR8Nan Sat 28-Aug-21 19:06:39

Yes I remember Wagoners Walk. & Mrs Dales diary

dahlia Sat 28-Aug-21 19:11:11

Yes, this was my Mum's favourite programme, she shared the trials and tribulations of Mrs Dale for years. Our neighbour preferred "The Archers" and even now, when I hear the theme tune, I remember summer evenings in the garden and the music playing as she did the washing-up!

Georgesgran Sat 28-Aug-21 19:28:22

My Mum listened to Mrs. Dale too. I can also remember Paul Temple, an amateur detective and Round the Horne with Kenneth (?) Horne.

NanKate Sat 28-Aug-21 19:32:16

Do you remember Captain who was Mrs Dale’s cat ?

I seem to remember the first actress who played Mrs Dale was removed for having a drink problem, but I may be wrong.

My Gran said she wanted to have done all her household jobs, had a cuppa whilst listening to Mrs Dale’s diary and then she was ready to die 😏

NanKate Sat 28-Aug-21 19:34:16

GeorgesGran I recently listened to a Paul Temple series on BBC Sounds and loved it. 👍

midgey Sat 28-Aug-21 19:50:29

I used to Listen With Mother every day, we had to have a rest after lunch and got up to listen with my mother and brother! The Archers was always on for supper time, it was earlier then!

Deedaa Sat 28-Aug-21 19:59:23

I remember there was quite a fuss when Jesse Matthews took over as Mrs. Dale. I remember Captain NanKate Mrs Dale's sister who was an actress fascinated me because she kept her maiden name. I was only about 7 or 8 and the idea of having a stage name seemed very exotic.

Grandma70s Sat 28-Aug-21 20:09:41


It was probably Mrs Dale’s Diary that was on, when I tried to get behind our big old ‘wireless’ to see the little people who were talking.
Such crushing disappointment to see only wires and a little light bulb!

I did that too, though before I was aware of Mrs Dale’s Diary. I was very puzzled about how the man (it was usually a man) got inside the wireless.

Grandma70s Sat 28-Aug-21 20:11:49

Does anyone remember Dick Barton, Special Agent? My elder brother was an addict.

Shelflife Sat 28-Aug-21 20:22:18

My mum loved listening to Mrs Dales Diary .

MaizieD Sat 28-Aug-21 20:29:42

I remember Mrs Dale'sDiary, but I think I only ever listened if I was ill in bed. It was on in the morning, wasn't it? Or did it have a repeat in the afternoon? didn't she have to put Captain on a diet once because he was overweight? (Or was that an Archer's story)

I can only remember the music for Dick Barton. I think I was too young to be interested in listening to it.

Dad used to listen to the football scores on Saturday which were read in a funny singsong voice. I was in my twenties before I realised that there wasn't a team called Hulkingston Rovers...shock