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Good Morning Wednesday 1st September 2021

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Michael12 Wed 01-Sep-21 06:03:39

Good Morning Everyone,
Another grey cloudy start here in Brackley this morning.
But its dry, anyway a quiet day watching the Vuelta unfold in the mountains of northern Spain on TV most of the day.
Also yesterday , Christmas as started to appear on the supermarket shelf already in way of Christmas puddings.
Take Care,

grandMattie Wed 01-Sep-21 06:23:59

White rabbits!
Good morning from (all together now) a grey overcast E Kent.
Had an unusually and unexpected better night - I sleep very badly so this is a great bonus.
Sandwiches to prepare for our train journey. Off to see my girls!
Hope our missing posters are well, our present posters happy and everyone has a good day 🦩🦩🦩🦩🌻☀️🌻☀️

Beechnut Wed 01-Sep-21 06:24:08

Good Morning everyone. It’s a dull grey and dry start on Severnside.

I agree Mick. Tubs of sweets in my nearby store for Christmas. I shall not buy any for myself.

After yesterday’s efforts my car looks a new man. I have to get aids out to clean it. A step ladder because I can’t reach over the roof and my garden kneeler because I can’t easily get back up from wheel cleaning🤣It was a lot easier with my new lighter weight hose though.

Today I’ll plod on with some things to do for my brother. I also have some admin stuff to read.

Take care all and put on a cardigan if needed 🌺

Urmstongran Wed 01-Sep-21 06:47:43

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s forecast 29°C, sunny intervals and a light breeze. I also note there is a 30% chance of rain by 7pm!

We need some new chairs with seat cushions for the balcony so we plan a walk to the huge Carrefour up the road later this morning.

Himself is still snoozing. The sun is just peeping on the horizon sending shafts of warm orange light across the Mediterranean, where the little fishing boats, their night lights on when I looked out at 4am, are coming to shore. Probably bringing in the ever popular sardinas y langostinos for the local bars and restaurants.

Hope all who can enjoy this first day of September. x

Pittcity Wed 01-Sep-21 07:02:26

Good morning September from a grey skied Colchester. It was very humid yesterday and I expect today to be similar.
Up early for a fasting blood test, so why is DH tempting me with breakfast smells?

We have 2 lots of workmen doing different jobs inside and out this week. Water and electricity off for a bit today so I'm going to the weekly Wednesday coffee meetup.
Must get showered and out.

Love to all x

Daisytwoshoes Wed 01-Sep-21 07:14:57

Morning mick and all
It’s grey and a bit chilly in Somerset
Got DGS2 today .so need to get a move on as they will be here soon .
Off to the park later .then some craft , games and colouring
Have a good day and take care everyone

harrigran Wed 01-Sep-21 07:17:50

Good morning from a grey NE, yet again.
Family are all back to working from home after their holidays, GDs don't return to school until the 9th so they will have to amuse themselves.
DD must return to Brussels at the end of the week, she has been here since May.
There are plans for a celebration lunch for GD's birthday and we are working towards taking DH.
I must rummage in my wardrobe and see if there any clothes that fit.
Have a good day everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 01-Sep-21 07:19:05

Good morning Mick and all

Greyish but meant to brighten here in S E Essex (down the A12 from Pittcity

Last day of summer school holidays, not sure where we are going after I have been to the gym, probably the trampoline park between me and Gingster (DD, two GC and me)

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

monk08 Wed 01-Sep-21 07:20:42

Good morning Mick and all who follow.
Washing on if need be it can all be tumbled, prefer to hang in fresh air but not much chance of that.
Safe journey grandMattie enjoy your time with the girls.
Best wishes for anyone with a celebration, and virtual hugs for those feeling under par.
Enjoy your day everyone and may you all find some 🌞

cornergran Wed 01-Sep-21 07:23:03

Morning Mick, morning All. A grey and heavy looking sky for our corner of Somerset.

Grocery delivery and chilli to put in the slow cooker before meeting a friend at lunch time leaving Mr C to cook himself some steak. Have nearly filled a (large!) suitcase with ‘stuff’ ready for the Salvation Army charity shop, half a dozen things to decide about later then the case can be shut. I’m assured the suitcase will be useful for the work they do locally housing homeless people.

Safe trip grandMattie, hope the trains are on time. Wishing you all the best day it can be. Hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

brook2704 Wed 01-Sep-21 07:24:53

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it’s a bit grey with drizzly rain. Looking forward to whatever we’re doing today though but I don’t know what it is yet
Enjoy your trip to see your girls GM and good that you’ve had a restful night ready for the journey
Yesterday’s trip down from Inverness was fine with no problems and I was here by mid afternoon 😀
Sounds like a busy time pittcity enjoy your coffee out. I always like to go out when we’ve workmen in the house and leave DH to sort them out!
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Grandmajean Wed 01-Sep-21 07:27:28

Happy 😊 September 1st to all. I know one or two have a worrying day today and I send my good wishes.
Do you think the pic is grounds for divorce ?smile Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary sent me a print of the donkey I adopted two years ago and DH has sneaked it on to a frame which has a photo of me !

Georgesgran Wed 01-Sep-21 07:44:09

Good morning from a dark, gloomy Durham. Family still poorly, so today is juggling dog sitting/exercise here and picking up DGS from Nursery and entertaining him until bedtime there. Seeing a friend this morning for coffee - so 150 miles beckon today up and down The Western Bypass (roadworks ‘til 2025!).
Hope the Harries enjoy their lunch out.

Grammaretto Wed 01-Sep-21 07:51:16

Good Morning all from the Scottish Borders where we are basking in 16°C Autumn sunshine. I don't think I will dig out my shorts just yet, they have had their outing singular. wink

I love you as a donkey Grandmajean
It reminds me DM "adopted" an exmoor pony who had been given to our local RDA group and she enjoyed the photo of him, though they never met.

Yarn group today and badminton later. I ought to do more room clearance too. Someone said here that when you decorate one room, it seems to affect the whole house . It's true and takes ages to get back to normal.

Best wishes to all those below par and thinking of our absent friends today.

brook2704 Wed 01-Sep-21 07:51:42

Oooh that sounds like a lot of driving today Georgesgran safe travels and hope the family are better soon

ginny Wed 01-Sep-21 07:52:08

Good morning, usual dull sky here in N. Bucks.
smile Grandmajean
DGS1 here and we are going over to DD3s as he wants to see his little cousins. Hopefully a visit to the park as DGS2 wants to fly his plane.
They have just returned from almost three weeks holiday and baby Charlie has changed so much in that time.
We’ll probably have a light lunch somewhere and Toad in the Hole has been requested for dinner.
WI meeting this evening , my turn to help supply refreshments.
Wishing all a good day with a smile.

Georgesgran Wed 01-Sep-21 07:55:16

Thank you .*brook*. Luckily I enjoy driving and I know the road like the back of my hand but, a long day in lined up. X

kittylester Wed 01-Sep-21 07:58:47

Morning all from North Leicestershire. We had rain overnight and it is quite cloudy.

DD1 and children are coming for lunch as DSiL starts a new job today - working from home - really odd not to go to an office and meet your new colleagues in real life.

Mapleleaf Wed 01-Sep-21 07:59:12

Good morning all from a grey, dismal South Yorkshire. The heating has kicked in, so it's a bit on the chilly side.

Will be waiting around this morning for the person to come and service the boiler - any time between 8 and 1. I've got up early of course, but I've never known an engineer to arrive at 8 am yet.

Hope everyone has a decent day.

Gingster Wed 01-Sep-21 08:00:11

Good morning and it’s the 1st September! My favourite month. Come on sunshine, show your face and make autumn glow!

Grandmajean that pic really made me smile. I love a man with a sense of humour 🤣.

GG I have been to that trampoline Park many times but never had a ‘bounce’ .
Has the sink hole been fixed yet?

Yesterday my friend and I decided to have lunch in town rather than a coffee at home. We went to a lovely old tea rooms and spent a nice couple of hours chatting merrily.
DH did his 9 holes of golf and although he said he played well, his legs started to wobble a bit at the end. We will try to get a docs appointment today re the statins.

Not much on today. We will continue with the staining of the decking. I can see this job will stretch on and on. 😤

Good journeys to those travelling.
Fun with GC for those who have them.
Get well wishes to poorly grans.
Brighter skies for those who are just fed up.

Elizabeth1 Wed 01-Sep-21 08:08:34

Good morning everyone the sun is blazing here on the east coast of Fife I’m looking forward to a zoom with a lovely few friends today then perhaps a trip into town for my repaired reading glasses. Yesterday’s trip to town didn’t really materialise as my DH and I went to the local driving range for a mid morning coffee,why do they give me a large latte when I ask specifically for a small one? it’s such a waste, I managed a really nice half piece of millionaires shortbread and pinched the wee biscuits to bring home with me.blush

Grandmattie enjoy your visit to your girls today. Have a happy time smile

I had such a good days energy level yesterday I even managed a few outdoor steps with the aid of my walking stick. The digoxin really is working well by slowing my speedy heart where I’m not so much out of breath

Thinking today of all who’s days are clouded by worries what does the bible say? don’t worry about today, today will take care of itself flowers or something like that.

Elizabeth1 Wed 01-Sep-21 08:12:47

Oh and DAE AS YER TELT it seems that Fife is a hotspot according to stats shock

Annapops Wed 01-Sep-21 08:16:23

Good morning all from Durham and it's yet again another miserable wet one. GC expected soon as school for them doesn't start until tomorrow. It's such a mix up here as the eldest two GC are on holiday until Monday.

I haven't a clue what we'll do as it's so awful outside but being a great believer in fresh air and a run about I'll think of something. My sister said she would visit at some point today, but the weather may put her off too.

Tomorrow we're off to Melrose for some walking with an overnight stay in Selkirk. Really looking forward to a change of scenery and hopefully one or two nice meals out.

Have the best day you can everyone.

NannyJan53 Wed 01-Sep-21 08:18:38

Good morning from a cloudy Black Country, where there is drizzle in the air.

Living room almost done. Karden flooring, rug, sofa and chair and curtains. Just need new cushions and a couple of colourful prints for the walls. Will put a photo up when eventually finished.

DD is back at work tomorrow. She is a Deputy Head, but the Head will be off for a while so she has do cover both jobs! So I am going over today to treat them all to lunch, pick up Mum on the way. Youngest DGD (10) is back at school on Monday, eldest (13) not until next Thursday.

Georgesgran that is one heck of a drive for coffee! I am sure it is worth it to meet up with your friend. I have a good friend who now lives over 100 miles away, so have not seen her in the flesh since November 2019. Hope to go over for a weekend soon.

kitty my DS started a new job in March, working from home. He has a little office set up in what used to be the girls playroom. As he said, 'different job, same office'!

Thinking of all with worries and health concerns.

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 01-Sep-21 08:25:58

Good morning all from dull Harrogate
I feel better this am than I have for a long time, but I still have to self isolate until my freedom day which is Sunday!!
At least I have washing dishes to keep me busy!!
What an exciting life I’m leading!! Might chance taking the dog out this pm. We rarely meet people on the afternoon route, DH has been taking her out, he has been testing negative throughout
Our local appliance repair man is going to find me a dishwasher, take out and empty the old one And install the new one. Probably for less than Argos a wanted to for it!! He’s phoning me today to let me know what he has found.
Have a great day folks