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pocket money according to age or not.

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nadateturbe Thu 02-Sep-21 15:37:11

Gs just started senior school, little brother is seven. I send them spending money for day trips, holidays, buy them clothes, surprise presents etc. But I would like to send them pocket money that they know they will get every month. I would like to give the older one more, but would this be acceptable? And I haven't a clue what is the going rate nowadays. Any advice is appreciated.

midgey Thu 02-Sep-21 16:26:51

I would say you need to talk to parents on this one. There are cards that you can put money on, eg Go Henry. I do agree that there needs to be a difference between the boys.

timetogo2016 Thu 02-Sep-21 16:37:18

Well tbh i give the same amount each month to my grandchildren regardless of age,and the parents are totaly fine with that,in fact they give the children the same amount regardless of the difference in their ages,ranging from a 7year old to a 12 year old.

MawBe Thu 02-Sep-21 16:40:14

You might like to look at putting money on Go Henry cards for them. I do think age should play a part, plus what they might expect to have to buy out of pocket money. But when it has come to presents, I treat my 3 in one family (11, 9,7) equally.

nadateturbe Thu 02-Sep-21 17:37:13

Like you, I treat them equally regarding other gifts Mawbe.
I know mum's income is not high, and I was trying to think of how to help with spending money, as the gs in senior school will definitely need much more spending money now. It's a difficult one because you don't want one child to feel less favoured if you know what I mean.

BBbevan Thu 02-Sep-21 17:50:28

My GDs had bank accounts opened for them when they went to secondary school. GD1 has £50 a month put in by us.
Now GD2 is at secondary school she has the same. Teaches them to look after their money and save if they need to. It has worked very well and we are now5 years along

Fennel Thu 02-Sep-21 17:57:28

It IS a difficult question, as others have said, and needs to be discussed with their parents.
Our view when we were parents was that each child had to do age-related tasks to earn a "wage". But I don't think somehow that this would work now. The parents could do it, if they agreed, but beyond our range.
Nearest we get is to send a sum monthly for the whole family and ask the parents to share it out.

BlueBelle Thu 02-Sep-21 18:01:30

I gave them the same when I used to give pocket money
I think it’s far too complicated to do it differently and the younger one might not think it fair

MawBe Thu 02-Sep-21 18:03:18

If it was based on age we’d all be rolling in it! £££££££

BlueBelle Thu 02-Sep-21 18:05:40

Oh er how do we initiate that Mawbe

MawBe Thu 02-Sep-21 18:06:32

Wishful thinking, I fear!
Certainly not the present government! grin

lemongrove Thu 02-Sep-21 18:12:15

A difficult question OP.Talking to their parents is best about a difference in amounts.
I have no idea about how much to give, as we don’t give pocket money to any of the DGC ( I thought that was for the parents to do.)
We just give money at various times, as part of birthday and Christmas presents, at holiday times, and the odd pound here and there.Children do appreciate a bit of cash from relatives.
Also buy them clothes and little gifts and books.

Callistemon Thu 02-Sep-21 18:18:13

Apart from birthdays, we just give them money at holiday time etc or if we have a day out and give them the same amount.

I think the parents give them pocket money according to age, they have to do a couple of chores too.

M0nica Thu 02-Sep-21 18:27:01

Perhaps it could be based on what each child needs and what they do to earn it.

I think it can reasonably be assumed that a child at secondary school needs to buy more things for school perhaps, or changes in the way they socialise - going to town with friends and having a coffee together, unlike the younger one, whose socialsing will be play dates and sleepovers, with no personal expense involved.

I would base how much you give on what they have to pay for rather than age, although that will result in the older child getting more.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 02-Sep-21 18:30:15

I give them a monthly allowance £1 for every year of their age - intending it to cease at employment, should we live that long!

We save it and give them a lump sum at summer holidays and Christmas.,

love0c Thu 02-Sep-21 18:36:14

That sounds like a good idea Whitewavemark2. It has gone up a lot since my day. I remember getting two shillings and my elder sister got a half crown smile

Callistemon Thu 02-Sep-21 18:39:23

One DC arrived for a visit and gave us some pocket money! I haven't spent my £1 yet but I think DH bought himself a chocolate bar grin

Lillie Thu 02-Sep-21 18:43:05

go henry is great even for young ones

we give 5 pounds each for ours age 6 to 10 years when we feel like it

nadateturbe Thu 02-Sep-21 22:44:18

Thanks everyone for your advice. Lots of different views. I'll have a think.

CanadianGran Thu 02-Sep-21 23:36:15

We gave our children an allowance based on age. It wasn't a lot, just a bit of pocket money, and they looked forward to their birthday when they got a 'raise'. They could spend it as they pleased, but had to learn the consequences of spending all at once and having nothing left after a few days. It did help them to learn to manage money a bit, and save for items they wanted.

I don't give my grandchildren money other than on their birthday, but they are currently quite young still. Check with the parents for a suggested amount.

Neen Mon 06-Sep-21 20:39:19

It depends really and it is a personal choice isn't it. My eldest granddaughter is 12 and I pay a standing order of 25 in her account . She has a little brother of 8 and he gets 4 .50 a week on his go Henry card. They both had go Henry cards but the eldest now has her own bank account and on line banking .

Neen Mon 06-Sep-21 20:40:16

I do want to add the 25 is monthly not weekly

V3ra Mon 06-Sep-21 22:28:14


One DC arrived for a visit and gave us some pocket money! I haven't spent my £1 yet but I think DH bought himself a chocolate bar grin

That's so lovely! You must make sure to treat yourself, and let them know. They'll be thrilled 😊

Callistemon Mon 06-Sep-21 23:00:26

We still haven't got over it!

Yes, I must buy myself a bar of my favourite chocolate. 😀

nadateturbe Mon 06-Sep-21 23:54:52

Thanks again everyone. I'm still thinking.
Callistemon what a sweet GC.