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Where’s the one place you never want to visit again?

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hollysteers Mon 13-Sep-21 12:13:57

In my case, Benidorm?

humptydumpty Mon 13-Sep-21 12:15:44

Morocco - beautiful place and weather, but hassled endlessly so I just stayed in my hotel or went on organised coach trips in the end, and got room service. (On my last night, the guy delivering my meal hassled me!)

Mishy Mon 13-Sep-21 12:16:13

MA Kellys in Blackpool, horrible place and I live in Blackpool

Kate1949 Mon 13-Sep-21 12:16:24

Salou. I loved Benidorm. Such fun.

Josianne Mon 13-Sep-21 12:25:35

Dachau. Too grim to put into words.

FannyCornforth Mon 13-Sep-21 12:29:01


FannyCornforth Mon 13-Sep-21 12:30:03



Sadly it’s the nearest seaside to me
Worst thing about living in the Midlands is the distance to the sea

Caleo Mon 13-Sep-21 12:30:21

We enjoyed the Costa del Sol in the early 60s when it was mostly wild and natural. I'd not want to go there now and find the lovely beaches and hills unrecognisable.

Blondiescot Mon 13-Sep-21 12:38:57

Blackpool - one day was one day too many!

kircubbin2000 Mon 13-Sep-21 12:40:32

Dominican Republic. Was ill for 10 days, felt like dying and no help from rep or medicines in shop. Filthy dangerous place.

nanna8 Mon 13-Sep-21 12:40:45


Grandmadinosaur Mon 13-Sep-21 12:41:46

Marmaris in Turkey. Arrived late at night for 2 weeks. Went for a walk around the next morning and knew straight away it wasn’t for me.

Hellogirl1 Mon 13-Sep-21 12:41:52

I agree about Skegness Fanny, it`s the nearest seaside to me as well, 25 miles. I love going a few miles further on though, to Ingoldmells market, great bargains to be had there.
Going back to the original question, I don`t think I`ve ever been on holiday and not wanted to go back again, I always hated coming home!

nanna8 Mon 13-Sep-21 12:43:49

Choeung ek in Cambodia was the absolute worst place I have ever been, makes me sick to even think of it. Different reason from Leicester though.

Lucca Mon 13-Sep-21 12:46:46

Weston super mare.. so depressing.

PinkCosmos Mon 13-Sep-21 12:46:53

The pyramids at Giza. The pyramids were fine it was just the constant hassle from people trying to sell you stuff. They just wouldn't leave us alone and it ruined the whole experience.

Also, you only every see pictures of the pyramids looking like they are in splendid isolation in the desert. If you were to swing the camera to the left (or right depending on your viewpoint) there is a huge expanse of houses quite close by, most of which look half built. I think it is something to do with not paying tax if the house is unfinished so they leave them with huge metal poles sticking up where the next floor is to be built

Lucca Mon 13-Sep-21 12:48:02




Sadly it’s the nearest seaside to me
Worst thing about living in the Midlands is the distance to the sea

Only 52 miles surely. Apparently nowhere In England is more than 52 miles from the sea.

FannyCornforth Mon 13-Sep-21 12:50:45

It’s still a treck!
And it takes even longer to get anywhere really nice ie the Yorkshire coast

V3ra Mon 13-Sep-21 12:52:05

FannyCornforth have you been to Chapel St Leonard's, a small traditional seaside town just up the coast from Skegness? My daughter "found" it last year and we had a nice day trip, we're also in the Midlands.
The other one I've had recommended on that coast is Sutton on Sea.

FannyCornforth Mon 13-Sep-21 12:55:26

Lucca no, I’ve just checked on Google maps and it’s 105 miles, 2 hours and 45 minutes drive time shock

GranEd Mon 13-Sep-21 12:55:34


FannyCornforth Mon 13-Sep-21 12:59:02

V3ra yes, been to Chapel a few times. We often used to stay at our next door neighbours’ (not them, the other, nice ones!) static caravan at Lakeside near Louth.
I love the little pub on the seafront!

Also been to Sutton a few times, staying at The Bacchus.
There’s an amazing antique / junk shop there!

crazyH Mon 13-Sep-21 13:00:45


GagaJo Mon 13-Sep-21 13:01:21

Ibiza. Went as a family holiday 45 years ago (I was a child) and it was lovely. Went again when my daughter was young and it was horrific.

Daisend1 Mon 13-Sep-21 13:03:16