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I hate cats……

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Sago Wed 22-Sep-21 19:42:00

I really don’t like cats, I live in an area that is teeming with them.

Our local neighbourhood watch Facebook page is full of pictures of lost cats and now people are just posting “cute” photographs of their cats.

I don’t get how anyone can be so crazy about these furry pests that use my garden as a toilet.

Am I alone?

MayBee70 Thu 23-Sep-21 00:44:33

I can’t have cats any more. Had too many killed on the road and having house cats didn’t seem right. It also made it impossible to go on holiday. If I had one now I’d just worry every time they were outside.

nanna8 Thu 23-Sep-21 01:04:39

I love cats and dogs but probably more of a cat person because I love their independence and personalities. In between our last old puss who died and this new weird one we had a lot of neighbouring cats strolling through our garden but since we got bossy Bowie he is the only one that dares set foot there. I have no idea where he goes to the toilet because cats bury it but I suspect he wouldn’t soil his own territory. That’s what they do. I wouldn’t pee in my lounge, either.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 23-Sep-21 09:52:17

I love cats and dogs. Having a cat sit on your lap is wonderful. What exactly is it about them (apart from using your garden as a loo) that you don’t like Sago?
So sorry to hear about your cats MayBee. I have lost two that way. Although I live in a very rural village now I would hesitate to have a cat here as although there aren’t many passing cars, they do speed and it just takes the one ... So I have a dog.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 23-Sep-21 09:54:33

Loved the typo nanna, so glad you don’t pee in your lounge! ????

Smileless2012 Thu 23-Sep-21 09:54:52

I love cats and since being a toddler have never had a home without at least one. At one point I had 5.

CassieJ Thu 23-Sep-21 09:59:33

No, I also don't like cats I am not a dog person either. It seems very much that you aren't allowed to say you aren't an animal person. People can never understand why you don't like animals, I just don't, never have.

I dislike them, but don't hate them. As long as they stay away from me, that's fine.

Elless Thu 23-Sep-21 10:15:04

We've got a cat and a dog and I love them both. I think people who have never had a cat don't understand them, they have brilliant personalities and can be just as loving as a dog. Our cat always bunts you when you feed her and I swear she actually meows the word 'hello' when she comes in, she makes me laugh.

Sparklefizz Thu 23-Sep-21 10:21:40

I am a life-long cat lover. We had a dog and a cat while I was growing up but I always preferred the cat. Cats are so clean and gorgeous and wonderfully affectionate. In my whole life I have only ever spent a few weeks without a cat.

I like all animals but cats are tops every time.

Aveline Thu 23-Sep-21 10:27:11

Have just had the loveliest and most loving big cuddle with one of our cats. He is so affectionate and is a pleasure to have around. I can feel my BP going down as I stroke him
I like dogs too and am always happy to meet them when I'm out walking.

Maya1 Thu 23-Sep-21 10:31:28

What a beautiful photo Elless. We have had both. Two rescue cats along with a grumpy JRT. The blue burman was the boss of the three.
We now have just the one dog, who doesn't like cats, otherwise we would have another rescue.

Oldwoman70 Thu 23-Sep-21 10:34:06

I'm a cat person but there are various things you can do to keep cats out of your garden - block up any gaps in fence or hedge is the most obvious, citrus peel placed on their pathway into the garden, spray with water when you see them in the garden, there are also various things you can buy which discourages them.

Why would you object to people sharing pictures of their cats? You can always just scroll past them

Blondiescot Thu 23-Sep-21 10:35:54

I know I'm going to get stick for this, but I really don't trust - or take to - people who don't like animals. And if an animal doesn't like or trust a particular person, that says it all for me. Animals know, they just know. And animals never let you down, unlike humans. Give me animals over people any day of the week.

Shelbel Thu 23-Sep-21 10:38:45

Scones - you have a very good point there. Young cats are the worst. I had one that used to bring goldfish home, alive shock

Aveline Thu 23-Sep-21 10:42:57

Blondiescot that's just what I was going to post!

FlexibleFriend Thu 23-Sep-21 11:49:01

I've always had both cats and dogs and they always got on really well but after losing my last cat I just can't bring myself to have another. However I can't imagine my life without at least one dog in it.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 23-Sep-21 11:52:28

No, well I don't fathom that anyone can prefer a garden to a living animal of any kind, so we shall need to agree to differ, shan't we?

Hetty58 Thu 23-Sep-21 12:26:24

Blondiescot, exactly - I'm instantly suspicious of people who are indifferent to, or don't like animals.

Grandmajean Thu 23-Sep-21 12:32:50

Love all animals but especially cats and dogs. We have a rescue cat.

I won't read a book that has an animal in it without getting someone to check whether the animal is still alive at the end ! Stupid but spoils the book for me.

Gorgeous pic Elless

Witzend Thu 23-Sep-21 12:43:54

We’ve had more than one of both. I’ve been very fond of the cats, but I can’t say I’ve ever quite loved them as I have the dogs - dogs IMO give you so much more, and do love you. Cats OTOH will rub themselves around the legs of anyone who feeds them something tasty, and has a nice warm place for them to sleep.

I don’t want cats in our garden any more - we spend a lot on bird food and I don’t want them lurking and waiting to pounce. So any that do come get very firm discouragement.

Dd and SiL have a rescue cat who is not a bit friendly, never has been, though they’ve had him for years now, so plenty of very kind treatment since then. He’ll accept some stroking but as often as not will lash out and scratch you.

So utterly unrewarding, not to mention the expensive vet’s bills. If he was ever run over, I’m afraid I can’t say I’d be remotely upset.

3nanny6 Thu 23-Sep-21 12:45:41

I like cats and had one for 14 years TBH he was mostly interested in my daughter and he slept on her bed all the time mainly bringing himself to the kitchen for food and a drink then off he went again.
I was mostly brought up with dogs in the home and have two dogs now which I love to bits. Just like the cat used to be one of the dogs loves to get a good lie down on the bed and the other one prefers her comfy chair with a warm throw over it so ideal after a good walk.

Namsnanny Thu 23-Sep-21 13:26:17


Blondiescot, exactly - I'm instantly suspicious of people who are indifferent to, or don't like animals.

I can happily say, I have never met an animal I didn't like, or one that didn't seem to take to me.
I can't say the same for some people though.

As for cats, the only reason I steer clear is because I like the birds to visit my garden
I do think there are too many cats though.

maddyone Thu 23-Sep-21 13:34:30

I love cats too but we don’t have one any longer. Pre Covid we used to travel a lot and although we have lovely neighbours who took wonderful care of them when we were gone, we felt that it really wasn’t fair to get another. Then Covid came along……….,.

Aveline Thu 23-Sep-21 14:05:45

I don't feed our cats (DH does it) or let them sleep on my bed. However, they are both very affectionate and cuddly to me and always seem to like to be near me as I go about the house. I like them and they like me. Lovely!

SueDonim Thu 23-Sep-21 14:25:45

My four AC were talking on a family group chat yesterday about cats and dogs we had decades ago. The pleasure they get from remembering those animals is priceless, imo. It’s as though our pets were still in our lives. Precious memories of unconditional love.

H1954 Thu 23-Sep-21 14:33:20

No, you are not alone. Are neighbourhood is inundated with the blessed creatures. I walked down to a neighbours house just a few days ago to deliver a birthday card and the area stinks of cat urine!
We used to get lots of cat poo in our garden but now have an excellent animal scarer which works on squirrels, cars, dogs, foxes etc.