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I hate cats……

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Sago Wed 22-Sep-21 19:42:00

I really don’t like cats, I live in an area that is teeming with them.

Our local neighbourhood watch Facebook page is full of pictures of lost cats and now people are just posting “cute” photographs of their cats.

I don’t get how anyone can be so crazy about these furry pests that use my garden as a toilet.

Am I alone?

hollysteers Sun 26-Sep-21 10:43:11

I wonder if temperament and personality have anything to do with our love of either dogs or cats?
Do outgoing, talkative, straightforward people prefer dogs and quieter, more introspective, independent and even complicated people prefer cats?
On the other hand, I believe if you have grown up with a particular pet, that will colour your preference.

Audi10 Mon 27-Sep-21 15:57:55

I’ve had cats and dogs rabbits etc all my life, love them all! While I agree I wouldn’t like cats using my garden as a toilet I would never say I hated them, I have indoor cats so my cats don’t do this, or harm wildlife, or get lost run over etc, they don’t annoy anyone, bring us endless joy,

AGAA4 Mon 27-Sep-21 16:06:01

I like cats and dogs but I have asthma so am allergic to both. I have to get my cat and dog 'fix' from family and friends' pets.

grannysyb Mon 27-Sep-21 17:12:44

We used to have a little ginger and white girl, a present from one my husband's clients. The man walked into his veterinary surgery one day and said "I hear that you want a kitten". She was clueless about hunting one frog and a mouse in twelve years! Having previously ha very good hunters it was a relief! She lived happily with our Great Danes, I love both cats and dogs

Smurf52 Wed 29-Sep-21 20:07:13

I’ve always been a dog person though I’m fond of all animals. Before I got my dog and while I was still working, I used to have a cat stroll through my open back door or window. I didn’t feed him as it looked like he was well looked after. He used to sit on my lap of an evening or weekend and keep me company for a few hours until he upped and left. Once when I was quite ill and off work, he came through my bedroom window and snuggled up next to me every day until I was better. I can only think his owners were out at work and he needed some company!

onebraincell Wed 29-Sep-21 20:12:40

Oh I love furry little critters...cats, dogs and rabbits but I prefer dogs though I don't have one of my own.

I'm one of the first to mutter and chunter about cats and the damage they can cause ... but ... the world would be a sadder and poorer place without them.