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Good Morning Monday 27th September 2021

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Michael12 Mon 27-Sep-21 06:04:10

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, wet and windy here in brackley this morning , which slightly alters plans for today .
I have to go to the Post Office to return an item I did not want to BT, so will do this morning.
Otherwise a day indoors , doing the usual .
take care ,

grandMattie Mon 27-Sep-21 06:17:01

Good morning from a grey E Kent. We are promised rain later this morning, but I’m not holding my breath!
It’s Iris’ birthday on Saturday, and I need to post her little present 🎁. She’s 9, would you believe?
DH has a dentist appointment later this morning, and he’ll take the bus to save petrol.
We’ve not got much on today, except for more paperwork, more paperwork! It’s very disheartening.
Have a gentle day, hope those with troubles feel less overwhelmed - there is always a way through. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️

Sar53 Mon 27-Sep-21 06:41:10

Good morning from Leamington where I can hear the rain. The girls will get wet on their way to school.
My last day here and DD1 and I are having a day together, a little shopping and lunch out somewhere, perhaps Tapas in town.
It's been a lovely, busy week but I am ready to go home now.
Have the best Monday you can everyone xx

Beechnut Mon 27-Sep-21 06:47:36

Good Morning everyone from dark, breezy and wet Severnside. I think Beechnutella brought the rain back from France yesterday.

My last day of dog sitting. ‘Mum’ will collect him tonight after work and I will miss his company.

A day of admin for me, things I’ve been putting off doing and now it’s getting to me so I’d best get on with it to feel better.

Have the best day you can all and don’t forget your brolly if you’re going out 🌸 ☔️

NotAGran55 Mon 27-Sep-21 06:59:45

Good morning from soggy West Berkshire.
Food bank this afternoon and chilling this afternoon along with a bit of paperwork.

grandMattie you are amazing and a true inspiration x
Your GS will look wonderful in the waistcoat.

Take care everyone.

kittylester Mon 27-Sep-21 07:05:57

Good Morning all from a wet North Leicestershire.

New bathroom flooring being fitted today and then we are off to look at cars...... again.

BlueSapphire Mon 27-Sep-21 07:07:08

Good morning everyone from a grey, rainy Northampton. I shall get slightly wet this morning as I take the short walk to the corner for my lift to yoga. Then home, where I need to flick the duster around and hoover downstairs; am going out for lunch tomorrow with friends and may invite them here for coffee afterwards.

Yesterday was beautiful, did some washing, then spent a couple of hours gardening, and afterwards recovered in the sun with a glass of wine and my book. Then a pleasant evening of classical music watching BBC 4.

Wishing all a good day.

Urmstongran Mon 27-Sep-21 07:11:00

Good morning everyone from a very wet South Manchester. We are off in an hour down the road to mind L’il Miss for the day. She had a PCR test done yesterday for that cough and needs to isolate until the result comes back which is today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed she hasn’t got Covid and can go back to school once she’s feeling more energetic.

We also did our PCR post flight tests yesterday and posted them off. First time (in all this pandemic we’ve had to do one of them - expensive nonsense IMO - surely a ‘free’ lateral flow would’ve been good enough after 2 vaxx and no symptoms?). Rant over.

I have a dental hygienist appointment this afternoon. Oh, and ‘the diet’ starts today. Full length mirrors at my daughter’s house shamed me. It’s as if I ‘knew’ really but was in denial.

Have a good day all who can. grandMattie you are just awesome. x

NanKate Mon 27-Sep-21 07:11:08

Morning Mick and All.

A grey wet day here in South Bucks.

It’s my 75th birthday today. That sounds really old to me, but my legs are still working and I can just about stand up from the chair without pushing myself up, so there isn’t too much to complain about.

Off to buy a couple of pairs of new pjs, the ones I wear now make me look like an old bag lady. 😏 Will definitely have a tipple tonight.

Keep going with the paperwork grandMattie it must be so stressful. 💐

harrigran Mon 27-Sep-21 07:12:07

Good morning from the NE where it is just starting to get light, I can see a rosy glow in the sky but the forecast is for rain for the foreseeable future.
SIL came yesterday afternoon and we sat and had a nice long chat.
The nurse said she would visit today, I have to ask about DH's booster vaccination, he has been told to make an appointment but there is no way he can walk into a primary care centre.
Take care of yourselves.

brook2704 Mon 27-Sep-21 07:26:48

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s raining. Yesterday was lovely though with warm sunshine and we enjoyed time in the garden
A very Happy Birthday to you NanKate enjoy your very special day! 🎉🎂💐🎁
Today DH is off to work for a few hours and I’m off to the gym for the Aqua class. Nothing much else planned just some housework
Enjoy your last day spending time with your DD Sar53 special times together
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Grandmadinosaur Mon 27-Sep-21 07:30:39

Good morning from a dry but breezy East Yorkshire.

Yesterday turned into a lovely sunny day. We met up with son and family had coffee and a walk round our marina and grandson had an ice cream. Then we came home for lunch which DH cooked - a rare treat. I must be getting the training right after 37 years 🤣
Today is my Birthday. I’ve got my cuppa in bed and just opened some cards and presents. It’s my first one without my mum and the card from my dad had such a lovely verse in it. He was always a quiet man not showing emotions but he really did in the card.

I am going for an afternoon tea at lunchtime with my friend and this evening out for an Italian with the family.
Happy Birthday to you too * NanKate* 🎂💐🍷hope you have a lovely day. I’ll be having a tipple or two today.
Thinking of ones with troubles.
Have a good day everyone. Take care.

Urmstongran Mon 27-Sep-21 07:32:16

Many happy returns of the day to you NanKate! My mum used to say she’d look in a mirror and think ‘who’s this old dear?’.
🍰 🎈 🥂 🍾 🌈

grandMattie Mon 27-Sep-21 07:33:45

Happy birthday NanKate. 🍰🎂🧁🍾🥂

Scentia Mon 27-Sep-21 07:34:51

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is wet☔️
After such a sunny relaxing week in Wales I am not ready to return to the factory especially as DH discovered a nest of mice and ‘needs’ me to sort them out.
I have been annoyed by the panic buying of fuel, there are no less tanker drivers than we had 2 months ago, the media have a lot to answer for😡
Have the best day you can everyone and stay safe.
🤞 for a negative result Urms

grandMattie Mon 27-Sep-21 07:35:20

And many happy returns Grandmadinisaur 🍾🥂🌈

Urmstongran Mon 27-Sep-21 07:36:04

Oh, a double celebration Grandmadinosaur! How wonderful. Both Librans I think? Have a great day too!
🎂 🍷 🍭🎀

Grandmadinosaur Mon 27-Sep-21 07:40:16

Thank you Urms and Grandmattie yes we are Librans. Sign of the scales and a constant battle with it all life!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 27-Sep-21 07:43:04

Morning Mick and all

Happy Birthday to NanKate and grandmadinosaur 🎂🥂🍾

We managed to get the The Imp (21 months) his brother (6yr old) and cousin (2yr old) to sleep until 7.10 this morning which I am counting as a win!!!

Another full on granny day, I think I will be in bed very early tonight.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

NannyJan53 Mon 27-Sep-21 07:43:33

Good morning from a very rainy Black Country. What a contrast to the last few days of glorious sunshine

Taking SIL to a Hospital Appointment in Shrewsbury today, as after his procedure he is not allowed to drive. Just hoping my half tank of petrol is enough. I shall get more on my journey over there if any garages have fuel! A manufactured crisis methinks!

Many happy returns of the day NanKate and Grandmadinosaur. wine cupcake . Enjoy your day.

Pittcity Mon 27-Sep-21 07:52:49

Good morning from windy Colchester. Rain is forecast and much cooler today.
A day of this and that here.

Happy Birthday to NanKate and grandmadinosaur and much love to all🦩x

brook2704 Mon 27-Sep-21 07:53:43

A very Happy Birthday grandmadinosaur enjoy your special day! 🎂🎉💐🎁

dragonfly46 Mon 27-Sep-21 07:55:53

Good morning from soggy Leicestershire.

Happy Birthday NanKate and Grandmadinosaur 🎉🎊.

Today we are going to a funeral in between dog walking.

Hope everyone has a good day.

cornergran Mon 27-Sep-21 07:56:43

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset is dry at the moment after overnight rain.

Sleep still elusive. Had a thoroughly enjoyable and chatty visit from family yesterday, today is a flu jab for me and a top up grocery shop. Fortunately two full size supermarkets and two smaller versions within a mile radius. I share your annoyance scentia.

A very happy birthday to nanKate and grandmadinosaur Hope the patient proves to be covid negative urms. Happy car hunting kitty.

Take care everyone. As ever thinking of those managing life’s struggles, hope Monday is gentle with us all.

TillyTrotter Mon 27-Sep-21 07:56:50

Good Morning and Happy Birthday 💐🎉🦄🎂🍾🍹to
NanKate & grandmadinosaur