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Good Morning Wednesday 29th September 2021

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Michael12 Wed 29-Sep-21 06:04:48

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry start here in Brackley this morning , plans for the day a small shop to buy flowers for the family graves ,which I will do today.
Yesterdays bus trip out saw hold ups due to motorists queing in numbers at petrol stations , in away it blocked other road users such as buses from operating to time schedule .
Why al the panic , mind you a large price increase could cause more .
Take Care,

grandMattie Wed 29-Sep-21 06:22:39

Good morning from a grey E Kent. We had unexpected rain yesterday. Just as well I had washed the loose covers for our two little armchairs the day before.
I had an 0800 appointment yesterday, inevitably overslept after a dreadful night, so rushed a bit.
It was a busy, busy day, no time to move.
Today, we’re off to do the final clean and vacuum of Philip’s house before putting it in the market.
Snatch precious moment of joy in your day, love well. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩❤️🌻🌻🌻

grandMattie Wed 29-Sep-21 06:23:00

Move = mope…

BlueBalou Wed 29-Sep-21 06:27:43

Good morning everyone, I have no idea what the weather’s doing but it does sound windy here.
Planning to have a lovely walk with pup, perhaps a coffee at the village cafe, clear the ironing pile and make a start on sorting my craft room and stash out.
Dinner’s already sorted (beef casserole 😋) so I really don’t have any excuse to stop prevaricating!

Nannytopsy Wed 29-Sep-21 06:39:39

Good morning Mick and all his followers. After a night of torrential rain, it’s cloudless in Suffolk as the sun is rising but it’s still very windy. We have had DGC overnight and the first is awake. Up and at ‘em, ready for the school run!
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Jaxjacky Wed 29-Sep-21 06:56:42

Good morning Mick and all from, I think, high cloud, in S Hants. No rain due today, so bed stripped, electric blanket will go on tonight.
It’s my volunteering day on the phone and I have a drive this afternoon, a busy day.
grandMattie special thoughts with you.
Enjoy Wednesday everyone 🦩🦩🦩

Susan56 Wed 29-Sep-21 07:00:13

Good morning from Shropshire..Dry at the moment but rain forecast later.

We had negative results for our Covid tests so like Urms L’il Miss it seems like we have one of the many viruses that are going around.A quiet day yesterday helped and hopefully another quiet day today.

Such difficult times for you mattie🌻

Urmstongran Wed 29-Sep-21 07:01:04

Good morning everyone from South Manchester (prompt still suggests Malaga ha!) where it’s dark and damp. I can’t see the Pennines so that’s a bad sign. Can’t believe this time last week I was wearing a tee shirt dress, sandals and sun cream!

Himself got a ‘flu jab yesterday. On the spur of the moment. He saw a notice in the downstairs Pharmacy ‘free ‘flu jabs for over 65’s’ walked in, done and back up in the lift. He is still snoozing now so I’ve had to make my own cuppa. Mind you I do like an hour to myself first thing in a morning.

We have no plans so will just see how the day unfolds. Have a good one all who can. x

Urmstongran Wed 29-Sep-21 07:03:40

P.s. Heard the squealing of the brakes amselerin as the 7am train to Lime Street Station just pulled into the station across the road. One early bird passenger alighted. The next one in half an hour will be busier.

BlueSapphire Wed 29-Sep-21 07:03:51

Good morning everyone from a chilly Northampton, 8°C outside, and not due to get much warmer. I have put the heating on this morning, and was cold in bed last night, so had to get up and find a warmer duvet. Torrential rain yesterday evening, but supposed to be dry today. Will change the bed later, and the warmer duvet will stay on!

Had a lovely lunch out with friends yesterday, with coffee here at home afterwards - almost two years since we last got together, so there was plenty to talk about and pictures of DGC to be shared.

Book club this afternoon; no lift this week, but am able to bus half-way there. Hope it stays dry.

Wishing all a pleasant day.

NannyJan53 Wed 29-Sep-21 07:10:23

Good morning from a cloudless Black Country, after torrential rain yesterday.

MrJ answered the door to someone claiming to be from British Gas, and if we wanted to switch. He explained that he switched to Shell a few months ago. He kept on and on, then wanted his Bank details so he could switch. As if! Sounded like a scam to me. Of course he didn't give bank details. I would have just said, no thanks, and shut the door.

Meeting friends this afternoon for coffee and a chat. May do some ironing this morning, then again I may not smile

I am steering well clear of Petrol stations at the moment Mick people queuing caused a long tail back Monday when I was out. I have 1/4 tank, but no plans for journeys.

grandMattie flowers

Wishing you all a good day, and thinking of all our missing friends, especially our Marydoll

Urmstongran Wed 29-Sep-21 07:14:21

And so many others too NannyJan it’s like the Marie Celeste on here these days!

monk08 Wed 29-Sep-21 07:14:57

Good morning all from the Black country,weather looks promising managed to dry the towels yesterday before the deluge. We also got petrol so a good day all round.
This morning I shall be helping at mother and toddlers again so it will definitely be chill time with a book later.
Curry for tea.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

NanKate Wed 29-Sep-21 07:19:06

Good morning Mick and All.

A lovely crisp morning here in South Bucks with peach coloured clouds in a sunny sky.

NannyJ I heard from both Marydoll and Bellasnana on my birthday. I would love them to rejoin us. 💐💐

Pittcity Wed 29-Sep-21 07:21:14

Good morning from sunny Colchester. A lot cooler than this time last week. I'll be needing a jacket for our weekly Wednesday coffee meetup as we sit outside if it's dry.
Love to all 🦩x

cornergran Wed 29-Sep-21 07:32:30

Morning Mick, morning All. Clear sky over our corner of Somerset. A relief after rain of biblical proportions yesterday.

The drowned rat look took me to my appointments, two sticks and an umbrella just don’t work. Nurse gave the wound a clean bill of health and the physio was cautiously positive, all very reassuring. Both encouraged a slow and steady approach to recovery.

Grocery delivery and some light dusting for me this morning. If it stays fine will venture out for a (very) short walk this afternoon.

Good covid test news sar. It sounds a hard day ahead grandmattie, I’ll be thinking of you

Take care everyone. Hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

brook2704 Wed 29-Sep-21 07:35:30

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a cloudy and grey start to the day. Sorry you got so wet yesterday cornergran hope it stays dry for you today!
That definitely sounds like a scam nannyjan good job your DH sent him packing - maybe report it too
No different plan today, just the gym and maybe DH will finish doing some outside painting. I’m also sorting out some favourite photos that I took on my phone over the summer. I want to get them printed off to display informally on the wall. I like to update the photos every year as they all are growing up and change so quickly
Good news about your negative test Susan hope you and your DH are better soon
grandmattie another difficult day 💐
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

harrigran Wed 29-Sep-21 07:35:35

Good morning from a grey NE.
Poor night, up at 1.45 and couldn't get back to sleep, read until 5.30 then dozed off. Jumped up at 6.45 because DH was nauseous.
Consultant rang after 7pm last night, she said she could hear that DH was very ill and should be seen by a doctor and have extra nursing care.
DD has just sent a message to say she has booked the Eurostar and will return to the UK tomorrow to be with us.
My sister is coming today to support me.
Take care everyone.

Grandmadinosaur Wed 29-Sep-21 07:41:34

Good morning from East Yorkshire. It is dry after a lot of overnight rain but chilly. I think it’s time for the heating to go on in the mornings.

Had lovely catch ups at coffee morning yesterday. I seem to have ended up with a lot of sweet treats for my birthday so took some along where they went down well.
In the afternoon I went for a stroll into the village just to get some fresh air. I ventured into a nice boutique just for a browse but ended up buying a dress!
No real plans for today apart from meeting DH later this afternoon for a drink. He suggested a coffee I suggested something alcoholic! I’m still no Birthday mode and am fancying a cocktail so that will be us off to the marina here. I hope the place I have in mind is open. The bars, restaurants there don’t always open earlier in the week since Covid.

Thinking of ones with worries, problems.
Grandmattie 💐
Take care all.

Grandmadinosaur Wed 29-Sep-21 07:45:07

Oh I’m so sorry Harrigran you are in my thoughts 💐

ginny Wed 29-Sep-21 07:47:35

Good morning all. We arrived safely in Bournemouth and managed to get fuel on the way.
Lovely to meet up with friends who we last saw on holiday right at the beginning on 2020.
We walked to a restaurant and got absolutely soaked .
Today we will be using our bus passes but not sure of our direction yet. The weather looks promising, I can see a bit of blue sky.
Thoughts with all who are troubled , worried or poorly. Wishing everyone a smile during the day.

Grandmajean Wed 29-Sep-21 07:48:16

Had no internet earlier but back now. Thinking of harrigran and GrandMattie
Life is very difficult for you these
Dull here in Cheshire but dry. Flu jab this afternoon.

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 29-Sep-21 07:55:35

Good morning all from bright Harrogate
Today will be the only drying day for quite a while, so as soon as there is life in this house must get 1st wash on!
Hope your consultant does arrange more help for you Harrigran it sounds like you need the help.

baubles Wed 29-Sep-21 07:58:11

Good morning Mick, morning all from soggy South Lanarkshire.

DH is going to help DS fit new kitchen doors today, they have been replacing them little by little over the past few weeks so I have an empty. Mind you if the weather is anything like yesterday’s it will be a task to drag little pooch outside. She and I were drenched on the way back from our walk and she was not a happy dog.

Thinking of you today gMattie and Harrigran flowers

Wishing everyone a peaceful day. 🦩🦩

dragonfly46 Wed 29-Sep-21 07:59:51

Good morning from an almost sunny Leicestershire.

My lovely doctor gave me antibiotics yesterday which are beginning to work.

Thinking of you and sending gentle hugs Harrigran 💐