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does any one know where we can purchase tinned chocolates

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toscalily Wed 06-Oct-21 10:39:18

I was in B&M yesterday and noticed they had After Eight mints in a tin, also some other chocolates but can't remember which.

rosie1959 Wed 06-Oct-21 08:03:02

I believe Tesco has tinned Quality Street on offer at £5 if you have a club card about to do my weekly shop this morning so haven't had a good look. Mind you no point buying any yet unless I hide them

VioletSky Wed 06-Oct-21 07:51:49

I quite often sees metal ones but they are always more expensive. I have several old plastic tubs because I don't want to pollute with them, refil bags would be better

Justwidowed Wed 06-Oct-21 07:34:41

Tinned Quality Street 900 gram £7 in Iceland ,saw them on Monday in Preston .Available on web site as well .Hope that helps.

Pirate Wed 06-Oct-21 07:13:43

I have seen tinned chocolates are available at Sainsbury's when I have been placing my online order, they are in the Christmas is coming section.

FannyCornforth Wed 06-Oct-21 06:29:59

Roses chocolates are available in a lovely Cath Kidston tin. Unfortunately they are quite difficult to come by.
I’ve managed to get one from Ocado. (£9.99)
I think that Morrison’s also sell them.

grannyqueenie Wed 06-Oct-21 06:23:07

Think JL are doing it again this year.

infoman Wed 06-Oct-21 06:13:08

It seems that all the major supermarkets have turned to plastic tubs of chocolates.
Although I know a couple of years ago John Lewis had a pick what you like favourite chocolates which came with a metal tin.
Any info most wellcome