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On line supermarket deliveries - advice please

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Franbern Wed 06-Oct-21 08:47:43

I am considering joining the masses who have their groceries delivered to their homes. Have set up account, but am rather bewildered as to how much this is likely to cost me.

Most weeks my shop is under £40,00, which seems to be the amount companies start talking about 'cheaper' deliveries. I would be available for the delivery at any day.time.

Also, I live in flats - do the delivery people bring that shopping right up to my flat (we have a lift), or am I expected to go down to our main front door to collect it from them?
I know that a lot of people have been having these deliveries over the past year or so, would like your help and advice on this.
My chosen supermarket is Sainsbury.

Greciangirl Fri 08-Oct-21 16:18:41

Since the start of the pandemic, i have been using Asda and Tesco click and collect.
Both supermarkets, in my opinion have been very good.
I think Asda have improved a lot recently.
I very rarely get any substitutes and produce is fresh.
Maybe I’m just lucky. Also Asda, much cheaper than the others. I seem to get more for my money.
Click and collect slots, around £1 -£1.75.

Elegran Fri 08-Oct-21 16:27:38

AlisonKF Still no info. on flats. Throughout the thread, quite a lot of people have commented on their various experiences with supermarket deliveries to flats. To find out the situation in your own area, from your local supermarkets, you will need to look on the supermarkets' websites, or phone or email them directly for information.

Elegran Fri 08-Oct-21 16:33:28

Substitutes as bargains - I once ordered a modest piece of stilton from the counter section. This must have been out of stock, because what arrived were four 250g pieces of prepacked stilton from the shelves, for the price I would have paid for one 250g piece cut by the counter staff. Three of them went into the freezer, to be brought at intervals over several months.

Riverwalk Fri 08-Oct-21 16:36:36


Still no info. on flats. I am hoping to move from a listed cottage in a village to a new flat in the nearest market town. I have serious arthritis and can no longer drive. Because I live opposite a well stocked village store, I have relied on this, but even crossing the road carrying a bag is gettng beyond me. I have never lived in a flat and would need one with a lift. In London one needs a code even to enter the ground floor lobby. What happens there regarding home deliveries ?

The code to enter a block of flats is for residents or visitors who have been given the code - delivery drivers just press the buzzer for a particular flat and you let them in.

All very easy!

Don't worry

Oofy Fri 08-Oct-21 17:10:21

Got very fed up at the start of lockdown with Tesco as no slots available at all for several weeks. We had done literally all our grocery shopping there for years. I actually rang up their customer service and said you can look at my Tesco Clubcard to see how much I spend with you, but I can‘t get a slot, but just got the brush-off. No Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda or Ocado in this area. There is an M&S, but when they advertised Ocado deliveries, I rang up and they said not in your area. Then Morrison’s started doing deliveries. Hurrah! A slot every week, cheaper than Tesco, lovely delivery drivers. The only problem is, you can‘t opt out ofsubstitutions, and there are some very odd ones, plus some that ought to be made but aren‘t, eg no bread or milk sent when specific type ordered is unavailable. However, a list of substitutions is sent before delivery, and any you reject are taken back and refunded.
Can‘t comment on flats, sorry, as we live in a house, but they always deliver up our awkward long drive

Lovetopaint037 Fri 08-Oct-21 17:27:23

Have had Sainsburys delivery since Covid started. I have a delivery pass which has been good. I pay every six months. Really like it and it has been a boon to me.

nannyof4 Fri 08-Oct-21 18:39:36

Yes Sainsbury do deliver to flats as i know 2 people who use them and one lives on the 3rd floor and no lift.

Llamas99 Fri 08-Oct-21 19:45:50

It's good to know that these problems exist in other countries than the USA! Thank you, Ladies

Saetana Fri 08-Oct-21 20:54:47

Another vote for Sainsburys - I order every two weeks and use one of the £1 4 hour delivery slots to keep the cost down. They are friendly, reliable and rarely any issues - substitutions are usually suitable, although that is not common in the first place. Avoid Asda like the plague - they are terrible!

Treetops05 Sat 09-Oct-21 13:46:40

Franbern What a wonderful daughter you have xx

Subi Sun 10-Oct-21 16:53:31

Sainsbury’s is our regular delivery , always helpful drivers, good at time keeping, sometimes substitutions but you can request no subs, occasionally items out of stock recently, milk freezes easily, as can bread, I get bags ready near door to pack on arrival,