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How are you and what are you doing today?

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Germanshepherdsmum Thu 07-Oct-21 12:47:06

I enjoyed Fanny’s thread but think I understand why she asked for it to be taken down. In the hope that we can start another and that GN don’t take this down - I’m just enjoying some lovely sunny, calm weather after the recent heavy rain and gales. Doing as little as I can get away with so I can enjoy the sunshine. What about you?

Ailidh Thu 07-Oct-21 12:57:57

I'm fine, though having the second of a bingey day food wise.

Had my flu jab on Tuesday afternoon, and it wiped me out yesterday.
Having a second gentle day, crocheting for a local shop's Christmas window, and dog sitting my brother's two in addition to my own two. In a tiny bungalow it's a bit like herding cats but generally, it's a good day.

Smileless2012 Thu 07-Oct-21 13:03:33

Pleased to have a line of washing out on the line and to see the sunshine. Mr. S. it out for the most of the day so I'm playing some of my favourite LP's, yes that's right LP's rather

Smileless2012 Thu 07-Oct-21 13:04:17

Forgot to say, good idea starting another one GSMsmile.

chris8888 Thu 07-Oct-21 13:08:25

Nice to have somewhere just to chat, I`m staying home today as don`t need anything.
Stew in the slow cooker which will do three dinners as I live alone. Going to finish a book I`m reading later. Take care everyone.

Blossoming Thu 07-Oct-21 13:11:25

I’m doing very little, Covid test done and sent off, just waiting for the results now.

Galaxy Thu 07-Oct-21 13:23:54

I am going to see Rob Brydon tonight, first live event in well forever.

PinkCakes Thu 07-Oct-21 13:27:51

I hung the washing out, vacuumed, walked to the local shop and back, and not much else - but then I'm recovering from Covid (on a ventilator for 2 weeks) and a stroke in July.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 07-Oct-21 13:28:45

Thanks Smileless. I’ve never started a thread before and thought, What if no-one posts??

tanith Thu 07-Oct-21 13:30:51

I have 3 lots of washing out and it’s cloudy with not a breath of wind dammit! I should of done it all yesterday. Came back from my walk to see the Royal Mail van flying off down the road and of course I missed a parcel delivery for my son. Now the the faff of rearranging delivery and he doesn’t even live in this country ?( long story).
I was going to do a pot of stew in my slow cooker but the forecast is 20*+ for the next few days so I think I’ll leave it till next week when it’s cooler and wet.

Enjoy the rest of the day

Smileless2012 Thu 07-Oct-21 13:33:51

Your fears were unfounded GSMsmile

Goodness PinCakes you have been through the mill this year!! Keep taking care of yourself and don't over do it A cupcake for you and it's pink!!

ElaineI Thu 07-Oct-21 13:38:46

Ailidh I had my flu jag on Saturday and felt a bit off that evening and next day. Never had that before with flu jag. Ok now though. Mum was same - before she was boasting about never being up nor down! She had covid booster too though.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 07-Oct-21 13:50:27

Waiting in dentist car park, for a hygienist appointment.

(I am really phobic about all things dentistry related, so not particularly happy )

Smileless2012 Thu 07-Oct-21 13:54:46

Hope you appointment goes OK GG. I'm the same, a visit to the dentist is always a white knuckle ride for me.

Sara1954 Thu 07-Oct-21 13:55:22

Me too, I hope it was okay.
I’ve been to local gardens with my youngest granddaughter, lots of water for her to play in, luckily not too cold today.
Now already, I’m beginning to prepare for my very long school run.
Thank goodness it’s only twice a week!

Riverwalk Thu 07-Oct-21 14:00:21

I'm home exhausted after a two-hour gruelling expedition around Westfield shopping mall!

I'm a very unenthusiastic shopper, as is my best friend, but sometimes needs must.

I bought two pairs of Skechers and trainer socks - nothing else took my fancy. My friend bought boots and a coat, then we were out of theresmile

You're either a shopper or not!

Urmstongran Thu 07-Oct-21 14:02:20

Good luck GG13!
I’m back after a long walk with my book club friend.
And I’ve just written out a Diamond Wedding anniversary card for friends who live on the beautiful Fylde coast. I’ve never sent anyone one of these before!

rafichagran Thu 07-Oct-21 14:07:30

I am collecting my Grandson from School out of the area I live. I got here early,so I am in a lovely little restaurant, having lunch and coffee. Bliss.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 07-Oct-21 14:08:17

The expression "herding cats" always makes me smile, as I have never had any bother doing so - my cats come when called, irrepective of whether I got them as kittens or as fully adult rescue cats.

I washed up, go the recycling bin ready for tomorrow's collection and out onto the pavement, emptied the household and compost bins too and washed them.

Then I did two loads of washing and walked up to the nearest shop of a packet of cooking salt.

Now I am reading Gransnet (you'd never have guessed, would you?.)

Going to finish a doll's dress before the light goes - it is dark green so I can't see to sew it decently in artifiical light.

rafichagran Thu 07-Oct-21 14:08:21

Nice thread by the way.

GagaJo Thu 07-Oct-21 14:11:42

Should be starting on my exam marking but am in the park with DGS instead. Looks a bit grey overhead.

Kate1949 Thu 07-Oct-21 14:16:36

I've just forced myself to get up off the sofa and go for a 45 minute walk. I am now eating fruit and yoghurt and feeling very virtuous ?

Aldom Thu 07-Oct-21 14:20:02

I'm sitting in a hospital waiting room. My friend, who has dementia needs an xRay. I usually accompany her to any appointments. Yesterday it was to the GP surgery for a blood test. Having me with her takes the pressure off her.

Millie22 Thu 07-Oct-21 14:40:44

I'm having a cup of tea and the last piece of a cake I made on Sunday. This morning I tidied the garden and cut some pyracantha ...very carefully. Gosh those thorns are sharp. I've done two lots of washing and it's drying outside. Fairly quiet after a full day of minding gc yesterday.

Kim19 Thu 07-Oct-21 14:41:49

Another positive thread. Great. I suppose it's a continuation of the daily good morning one which is very friendly. My day so far has been spent revelling on yesterday's successes. Two lovely eating out sessions and a couple of perchance purchases which absolutely made my day. Eating out twice in the one day is not my idea of good planning but my son can only offer last minute slots in his busy schedule and I never say no to that. Wonderful when it happens. I do small portions at both and offend nobody. Today is grey but surprisingly mild here up north. Ground is a little bit heavy but I really must try to get the last of my bulbs in. Hopefully report success tomorrow! Keep having fun everyone.