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Problem with dog

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Littleannie Thu 07-Oct-21 16:02:10

We live in a bungalow in a small cul-de-sac, with our bedrooms at the front. All the gardens are open plan. Every few days we find a pile of dog poo on our lawn. There are no stray dogs about, so an irresponsible owner must be bringing their dog onto our lawn. We just can't catch them doing it, as they must be coming after dark, or very early in the morning. Short of standing at the bedroom window for hours we don't see how we can catch them.
Has anybody an idea of how to stop it? We can't afford expensive deterrents.

Nandalot Fri 08-Oct-21 10:09:36

Yes, I was going to suggest a fox too. We have one that we never see although it leaves us a little ‘presents’. Where we a4e situated it is not likely to be a dog.

JaneJudge Fri 08-Oct-21 10:10:20

fox poo is generally quite black? very dark anyway with those bits in as avalon said
what are those seedy bits?

25Avalon Fri 08-Oct-21 10:20:23

JaneJudge I looked it up. It’s undigested seeds and berries.

JaneJudge Fri 08-Oct-21 10:25:33

oh so they are seeds smile they eat anything don't they?
I actually never seen one here. When I lived in a town I saw them all the time, yet in the country I've seen none at all! There is evidence they exist though IN POO FORM

Grannynannywanny Fri 08-Oct-21 10:31:00

I remember years ago my friend’s daughter had a problem neighbour who let their dog loose to poo on her front garden every morning. They were beyond reason despite her appeals and continued to let it happen.

She was exasperated and decided to retaliate in a way that was most uncharacteristic of her. She went to their garden and tipped the contents of her baby’s nappy on their lawn and told them every time their dog poo’d on her lawn she’d be there to empty the nappy. The problem was quickly resolved.

aggie Fri 08-Oct-21 10:43:46

Thank you Grannywanny for a much needed laugh ?

highlanddreams Fri 08-Oct-21 11:19:19

Maybe it's a tom cat and not a dog, big difference in size of course, but they don't bury their poops either. Whatever it may be I was wondering if some of those little foil garden windmills pegged into the ground here and there may work as a deterrent perhaps, the reflections and the spinning could put them off venturing onto your garden while you get some prickly shrubs established.

NfkDumpling Fri 08-Oct-21 11:42:40


The problem is the owner not the dog. It’s a pity the jet spray mentioned by one poster can’t spray the owner rather than the dog.

The jet spray isn't fussy! Angled right it will catch the owner brilliantly - hence its popularity with the DGC! The hose can be moved. It doesn't have to be on full display. We use ours in random spots around the garden to deter cats, but don't put it out in summer as the hedgehogs don't like it!

grandtanteJE65 Fri 08-Oct-21 12:45:12

Here we can buy a yellow powder that you sprinkle whereever you don't want a dog to soil.

Translated the Danish name means "Go away, dog!" Try asking a hardware or garden store what they can advise.

Admittedly, I don't know if it works, as our cats have always taken exception to dogs coming into the garden, but since the last cat died, I have had to clear dog's dirt away twice!

So I shall soon be in the market for two fierce kittens!

jaylucy Fri 08-Oct-21 12:51:40

You can buy external lights that detect movement that either run on batteries or solar power for less than £30 , so they don't need connecting to a power supply, just make sure that the lights are pointing downwards so as you don't annoy the neighbours too much.
Putting something smelly down sometimes works, but it will need replacing from time to time but a battery/solar powered animal scarer may be your answer !

watermeadow Fri 08-Oct-21 20:16:00

I’d never live in a house with the front garden running straight onto the pavement, so 1970s and impractical. Put up a wall or hedge, nobody could stop you.

Theoddbird Sat 09-Oct-21 10:37:14

Motion sensor lights would probably stop them. Look on Amazon.

HiPpyChick57 Sat 09-Oct-21 10:43:17

Seems the pepper solution that others have suggested is a good option for now until you maybe get a hedge established. Let us know if it works.

JdotJ Sat 09-Oct-21 10:43:30

Most likely fox poo. Spray area with disinfectant and, if on concrete, scrub well.

Willow68 Sat 09-Oct-21 10:47:29

Get some coffee grinds from Costa or one of those type of coffee shops, scatter around as they then stop going in tbat area , if you can’t afford lights ect then try coffee grinds. The coffee shops give away for a small donation and lots keen gardeners use them. It is most probly fox poop I’d think…

Vetnry Sat 09-Oct-21 10:52:09

Borrow an electric stock fencing unit off a local farmer set up at 6” and 18” off the ground. A couple of “stings” from that and the only way the dog owner will get it to crap on your lawn is if they throw it bodily over the wire!

P.S. works to keep foxes and badgers out of a chicken run too.

Hetty58 Sat 09-Oct-21 11:01:40

Nell8, I never realised that anyone would object to dog wee! I always bag the poop, though - and there's just no excuse not to.

Foxes tend to leave poop in an open place. Right now, it's full of blackberry seeds - on the outside door mat!

I save all the orange peels and rip them into tiny pieces to scatter outside. That definitely keeps cats away from the flowerbeds - but there's not enough to cover the lawn.

4allweknow Sat 09-Oct-21 11:02:54

For those with any type of security cameras please be careful you only capture images on your own property. Nothing from neighbours, public footpath areas as that is an offence. Always amazed at what is shown in TV crime type programmes when images of people in the street are shown from a private camera. I had a problem with cats in garden. I found 500 grms paprika pepper for £5. on line. Just sprinkled a little in patches and made a paste to spread on top of fence. Stopped cats almost overnight. Did have to redo if wet weather. Probably would work for dogs etc.

Hetty58 Sat 09-Oct-21 11:03:08

Willow68, don't use coffee grounds near dogs - poisonous!

Silvertwigs Sat 09-Oct-21 11:13:27

Could be a fox?

Silvertwigs Sat 09-Oct-21 11:15:59

4allweknow That cannot be right? What about all the shops and other commercial premises that have CCTV?

Also so now there are cats who have had pepper in their eyes, what a horrible thing to do.

tictacnana Sat 09-Oct-21 11:19:45

A friend of mine put what she thought was animal repellent all over her lawn. What she actually spread over it was that stuff that encourages your cat or dog to poo in ONE particular corner of the garden. She said that, for several days, her small back garden looked like a badly iced chocolate cake as animals from near and far made a pilgrimage to her house to leave their deposits.

highlanddreams Sat 09-Oct-21 11:20:34


Nell8, I never realised that anyone would object to dog wee! I always bag the poop, though - and there's just no excuse not to.

Foxes tend to leave poop in an open place. Right now, it's full of blackberry seeds - on the outside door mat!

I save all the orange peels and rip them into tiny pieces to scatter outside. That definitely keeps cats away from the flowerbeds - but there's not enough to cover the lawn.

the reason people object to dog wee is because it burns the lawn, it smells strongly and attracts other to come and pee there too

Nell8 Sat 09-Oct-21 11:49:28

Hetty58 "I never realised that anyone would object to dog wee.."
The thing is my lounge window looks across the garden I love and that garden is part of my home. I feel my space is being invaded when random strangers make the decision to allow their dogs to use my home as a loo. Our neighbour opposite has the same problem (Our open plan front gardens face each other across a narrow footpath.) One of his trees developed a type of rot at a very localised area at the base and had to be felled. The tree surgeon told him that dog pee had contributed to the rot. Apparently once a dog marks a spot many others will follow.

I must say most owners keep their dogs on a tight lead as they walk through and I do appreciate that not having an obvious boundary is a problem. I think I need to get one of those twee little signs asking doggies to be nice to my garden! I am a dog lover, by the way wink

Willow68 Sat 09-Oct-21 11:53:55


Willow68, don't use coffee grounds near dogs - poisonous!

Oh thank you!!! I had no idea and I do have a pup, good to know this…