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What have you "always wanted"?

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MissAdventure Sat 09-Oct-21 20:58:14

I don't mean the usual stuff, like a healthy family or so on....
Someone watched me write, and said she had always wanted to be left handed.
She wasn't sure why, she just did.

I've always wanted long, dark hair.

love0c Sat 09-Oct-21 21:00:26

Naturally straight hair!

Nonogran Sat 09-Oct-21 21:00:59

A house with a far reaching & wide country view. I hope for it in my next life!

MissAdventure Sat 09-Oct-21 21:01:09

I'd like naturally curly. smile

lavenderzen Sat 09-Oct-21 21:01:23

Peace of mind - which has always eluded me.

annsixty Sat 09-Oct-21 21:02:31

I always wanted to be tall and still do.
I started when fully grown at 5’ 2” and at my last DEXA scan for osteoporosis was 5’ and a quarter inch.
I hate being so tiny.

Grannybags Sat 09-Oct-21 21:02:44


Naturally straight hair!

Me too!

My sister has straight hair and mine is curly. We've spent most of our lives looking at each other and saying "I wish I had your hair"!

JaneJudge Sat 09-Oct-21 21:03:39

a karman ghia

crazyH Sat 09-Oct-21 21:04:08


MissAdventure Sat 09-Oct-21 21:04:53

A pet monkey.
Yes, yes, I know I can't have one, but Daktari has a lot to answer for.

Granniesunite Sat 09-Oct-21 21:07:14

Curly hair. Really wanted curly hair.

Calendargirl Sat 09-Oct-21 21:07:34

Wish I could do cartwheels.

Play the piano.

Have a good singing voice.

Dance properly (Just been watching Strictly).

The list is endless!

Mollygo Sat 09-Oct-21 21:18:15

A better singing voice.
Artistic talent that people say ‘wow’ about, and I don’t mean the half a cow or pile of bricks ‘wow’!

Jaxjacky Sat 09-Oct-21 21:18:29

Naturally lovely teeth.

LadyGracie Sat 09-Oct-21 21:19:10

Good teeth.

Grandmadinosaur Sat 09-Oct-21 21:20:19

Slim thighs.

Play the piano.

MissAdventure Sat 09-Oct-21 21:21:52

A big bottom.
The kind that fills out jeans, and wobbles a bit.

Scones Sat 09-Oct-21 21:24:38

I have one you can have MissAdventure In fact I have enough for lots of people.

MissAdventure Sat 09-Oct-21 21:26:02

I think big bums are marvellous things! smile

LadyGracie Sat 09-Oct-21 21:29:15

I’ll swap my bum for some nice teeth!

Blossoming Sat 09-Oct-21 21:29:40

A pet red panda, the cutest things.

Shelbel Sat 09-Oct-21 21:30:19

Straight teeth or longer legs, I'd take either.

BlueSky Sat 09-Oct-21 21:33:53

Long slim legs!

MissAdventure Sat 09-Oct-21 21:34:34

I wish I could sing just a little bit.
Enough not to sound like Arthur Mullard.

Grannybags Sat 09-Oct-21 21:43:23

Nice nails on long elegant fingers