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Good Morning Sunday 10th October 2021

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Michael12 Sun 10-Oct-21 06:03:51

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark start but its dry out there in Brackley , yesterdays bus trips changed mind and never returned to Buckingham , I had a Breakfast Bap at the bakery cafe I go to in Bicester plus a free coffee as well filled me up , so returned on direct bus home .
Mind you saw some friends on bus going into Buckingham , who would not be around to chat to later on if I had returned home that way.
Mind you starting to plan my schedule for next week , so see how it works .
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 10-Oct-21 06:10:38

Good morning from a still dark, Misty E Kent.
Had a very reasonable night (for me), and shan’t spend today falling asleep every time I sit down.
We’re going to the early service then watch DD online. She’s preaching today, always a treat for us. She seems to never make a pedestrian sermon- but of course I’m biased!
Roast chicken for dinner. Couldn’t find a small chicken, so it means we shall be eating it in various forms until probably Saturday.
harri, you and your family are ever in my mind. Be kind to yourselves. Ditto *Marydoll”. ❤️
Have a gentle day, carpe diem, love well. ??????

Urmstongran Sun 10-Oct-21 06:30:34

A very early good morning Mick and grandMattie and all who follow from south Manchester. I’ve just given the birds a shake. I’ve been awake since 5am and got up 10 minutes ago as I couldn’t get back off. It’s still another hour until sunrise here at 7:21am - I’ve just looked it up!

Chilli was made by Himself yesterday so an easy Sunday lunch for us today. Himself be picking my stepfather up and they will have a pint and me a wine in the bar downstairs before coming up in the lift to eat. That said it’s apparently the Grand Prix so Himself will want to watch that before setting out!

Mick I loved all the alliteration in your post this morning. All those ‘B’s’! Bicester, Buckingham, breakfast baps, bakery bus ...

Enjoy Sunday all who can. x

harrigran Sun 10-Oct-21 06:32:05

Good morning from a dry NE
Today I have my booster vaccination but I have a lot to do before I go.
DD and SIL were with me the whole day yesterday but I was still exhausted and I went to bed as soon as they left. Unfortunately there was another music festival yesterday and the very loud music continued until 11pm so sleep was impossible until it finished.
Take care and enjoy your Sunday.

MayBeMaw Sun 10-Oct-21 06:38:22

Good morning all from Moseley where it is still dark!
Second day of looking after the Birmingham GC along with D2 and GS - it’s a bit full on if you know what I mean! So many people talking at me it’s “Granny this…Granny that!” and how children do RUN everywhere!
Yesterday involved a lot of driving higher and thither and there’s a bit more today as GS2 has a match against Crystal Palace , but fortunately at home . (He plays for Birmingham City Under 10’s - so no WAGS Mums and Grans, maybe MAGS?)
Anyway I wish you all a pleasant Sunday whatever you are doing and hope the day will be kind to you.

Urmstongran Sun 10-Oct-21 06:51:17

I like the idea of MAGS Maw! ?

Ashcombe Sun 10-Oct-21 07:05:38

Good morning to the early birds and those who follow. It’s dry so far with sunshine promised again.

I had a good journey home, avoiding the long queues caused by long term road works near Newton Abbot by diverting off the A380 and travelling home via Teignmouth. The road follows a scenic coastal route but, as the driver negotiating treacherous bends, you admire it at your peril!

Last night, I should have been on the Front of House team for our first play in 18 months at our amateur theatre but it had to be cancelled. Last Sunday, the leading lady tested positive for Covid, soon followed by two other actors, the director and our resident technician! It is so disappointing for all concerned - players, volunteers who support and our patrons - after everything was ready. We’ve closed our premises for deep cleaning and all ticket holders have been offered refunds. ☹️

Wishing you all the restful Sunday you deserve with some ☀️ to lift your spirits and plenty of ???

mumofmadboys Sun 10-Oct-21 07:17:46

Good morning all! Fairly relaxed day for me today - church this morning, bit of housework and DH and I will probably have a walk this afternoon. Tonight we have been invited to friends for a meal- just ten minutes walk away. Hope everyone has a relaxed, peaceful day. What has happened to Marydoll please? I think I have missed something perhaps.

Susan56 Sun 10-Oct-21 07:19:37

Good morning from Shropshire.

I joined the paracetamol in the night gang as I have a really painful back so not the best nights sleep.I am taking Miss M to her swimming lesson this morning and then we are going into town to buy a birthday cake for mummy.I asked where she wanted to go for lunch and she has requested a sausage roll?she does love waffles so hoping I can steer her towards the food court instead??

harri, sorry your sleep was disturbed by another music festival.Keeping you and your family in our thoughts?

Maw, you have had a busy couple of days.It’s all or nothing isn’t it.

Glad you had a reasonable night mattie??

Have the best day you can everybody.

Marydoll Sun 10-Oct-21 07:23:57

Good morning everyone from cold Glasgow, where it’s only 7°C. Thank you to all those who warmly welcomed me back yesterday. I did find it hard to make that first step, but feel so much better now that I have done it. I was missing my Granspals, as Soop would say.

Nothing exciting to report, as I spent yesterday lying in bed, (watching Korean medical dramas ?) I felt so grim made, worse by a mouth full of ulcers. It didn’t help that DD sent me a message saying that SIL had broken his toe and she had to drive their new car onto the ferry from Islay to Campbeltown. She was in a state of total panic, as she would be first off! I spent hours worrying about her! We mums never stop worrying, do we? It was hours before I heard from her.

Thinking of all the lovely people on this thread and their loved ones, for whom every day is a mountain to climb and wishing you all the best day possible. As I keep saying, Carpe Diem, you do not know what is ahead of you.

Beechnut Sun 10-Oct-21 07:32:29

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. A dry morning to wake up to.

I had my flu jab yesterday and have the sorest arm I’ve ever had since having the jab. Never mind though it’s better than having flu.

I’ve got some washing going around in the machine and will do some crafting and reading my book today.

Have a good day all and enjoy your roasts. I’m having beef burgers ?

BlueSapphire Sun 10-Oct-21 07:38:31

Good morning everyone from an overcast Northampton. DGDs have not stirred yet, so am sitting here with my tea in peace. They are being collected early this morning as elder DGD hss a shopping trip to Milton Keynes planned with friends.

Yesterday went well; DS took me to have my booster Covid, then his partner brought the girls mid afternoon. We enjoyed a lovely roast dinner early evening, then watched Strictly and then the girls took themselves to bed.

A brunch for me later on then off to town on the bus to see the latest James Bond. I have managed to book a socially distanced performance, and will be sitting in splendid isolation in the middle of a row on my own! With a glass of wine for company, I might add...

Shall be having cold chicken for tea, and probably the same again tomorrow plus chicken you, grandMattie, until it's finished.

What a pity about your play, Ash; do hope all concerned make a speedy recovery.

Take care everyone and stay safe.

mumofmadboys Sun 10-Oct-21 07:38:51

Didnt read Good morning thread yesterday. Welcome back Marydoll.

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 10-Oct-21 07:38:58

Good morning all from bright Harrogate
Good to see you posting yesterday Marydoll not so good to hear your health has been not good. Hope it improves!
Tomorrow DH and I are going to Scarborough for a few days, staying with SIL so might have difficulty posting.
I intend to go to church this am, I’m very bad at watching the service which is not available until Monday!! This pm a friend is coming round to give me much needed reflexology.
Oh Harrigran you do have a lot to put up with, loud music would finish me off!!
Have the best day you can folks.

Sar53 Sun 10-Oct-21 07:41:57

Good morning from Essex by the sea where the sun is trying to appear.
DGD4 was 6 yesterday and the whole day was a Unicorn ? day, she was one happy and excited little girl. Attached is a photo of the cake my daughter made.
Lovely to see you back Marydoll and I'm pleased you husband enjoyed Genesis.
DH is off to rugby with his grandson this morning, roast gammon later together with the Grand Prix.
Have a fabulous Sunday everyone xx

brook2704 Sun 10-Oct-21 07:46:56

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a dry and bright start to the day
I’m really looking forward to my DS arriving for a visit for a couple of days. He lives in Switzerland and I’ve not seen him since before the pandemic so it’s extra special. I’m having a final tidy up this morning and then collecting him from the airport later.
What a shame about the theatre Ash hope everyone recovers well and the theatre reopens soon
Sounds like a good afternoon BlueSapphire!
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings ?

Marydoll Sun 10-Oct-21 07:47:10

Gwen, when our children were young, Scarborough was the first visit I ever made to an English seaside resort and I loved it so much, we kept going back!!! However, the six hour journey wasn't so enjoyable!!!

? Enjoy!

baubles Sun 10-Oct-21 07:54:49

Good morning all from bright, sunny Berwick on Tweed.

How disappointing Ash, I know the work involved in putting on a show.

We’ve settled in to the holiday house, it’s in the town so we will have to get used to the traffic noise as neither of us can sleep with windows closed. DH and I are sleeping on the third floor which is hot, hot, hot!

Today I think we are visiting a country estate which has an adventure playground and woodland walks.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday. ??

Urmstongran Sun 10-Oct-21 07:58:11

A very exciting red letter day today for you brook! You’ll be so excited driving to that airport!

Nannytopsy Sun 10-Oct-21 08:03:20

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
It’s grey and quiet outside and anything but quiet inside. DGC stayed here last night but they didn’t wake us until 7.30, so that wasn’t bad.
We shall fire up the pizza oven later for DS and them all, probably for the last time this year.
Marydoll! How lovely to see you back. I have missed your tales from the North! Sorry you were unwell yesterday.
Better get moving - breakfast is demanded downstairs.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Neen Sun 10-Oct-21 08:06:48

Good morning.
I'm watching Michael A Singer on you tube on the TV. A great start to a day.
I walked Rana and it was lovely, like a half mist.
Have a great one.

Sheian62 Sun 10-Oct-21 08:07:13

Good morning all, lying in with a cuppa from DH then planning to tidy garden. Lovely sunny morning here in Manchester.

cornergran Sun 10-Oct-21 08:11:25

Morning Mick, morning All. Looks like a clear sky over our corner of Somerset. Hoping for more of yesterday’s sunshine.

Mr C is still slumbering. I’ve slept little, thank goodness for the company of an audio book. Managed to tame a climbing rose yesterday before the engineer arrived to service the boiler. A spur of the moment decision had us heading for a small independent garden centre for lunch. A no cooking day is always welcome here.

We thought to try for a walk around a (small!) lake later, flat paths snd plenty of seats. It seems a shame not to make the most of the weather.

Good to see you back marydoll, Hoping for a more peaceful night for you harri.

Take care everyone, hope Sunday is gentle with us all.

NanKate Sun 10-Oct-21 08:17:49

Good morning Mick and All.

Grey day here in South Bucks.

I can now look fwd to your daily posts Marydoll. You must be the only person I know who binges on Korean medical dramas ?. Whilst you are doing that I am watching tennis in the desert Indian Wells. Entertainment has moved on from Dixon of Dock Green and Mrs Dale’s Diary.

Sorry to hear about the postponement of the play Ashcombe. Our local amateur dramatics put on a fascinating play where the 2 actors played about 6 parts each. We sat at a small table for 2 socially distanced.

Bed changing today, short quick walk and reading the papers plus watching another episode of the delightful All Creatures Great and Small. ??????

ginny Sun 10-Oct-21 08:18:47

Good morning. A little dull here in N. Bucks but I think it will improve.
Our friends did get here yesterday and we had a lovely afternoon/ evening
I fancy lamb hot pot for dinner so will get that sorted after breakfast. No sure if MiL is coming today . We have to pick her up Ann’s take her home so need to check the petrol situation.
Otherwise I have some many craft projects in mind to be getting on with.
Wishing you all a good day with some smiles.