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Where would you spend the winter?

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TillyTrotter Sun 10-Oct-21 10:39:12

If you could spend the winter somewhere to avoid the chilliness of the U.K where would it be?
Or do you love our seasons - even winter?

CafeAuLait Sun 10-Oct-21 10:41:22

In a cottage overlooking a lake or the sea. With snow all around.

TillyTrotter Sun 10-Oct-21 10:45:21

Similar CafeAuLait, but it would be Stockholm for me, overlooking a lake, the snow, but in an ultra modern house with underfloor heating.

PollyTickle Sun 10-Oct-21 10:46:10

Somewhere warm and sunny. Would love to swap hemispheres for six months.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 10-Oct-21 10:53:19

I love all the seasons right here in Norfolk.

Kim19 Sun 10-Oct-21 10:54:20

Mediterranean edge of France would float my boat to perfection.

Josianne Sun 10-Oct-21 10:56:13

New Zealand.

henetha Sun 10-Oct-21 11:00:35

Somewhere in France. Not quite on the south coast, too busy, but just inland.
Or California.

Grandma70s Sun 10-Oct-21 11:00:49

I don’t like warm weather, so I love winter - with proper heating, of course. I like winter clothes and foods. Ideally, I’d live somewhere colder than the UK.

sodapop Sun 10-Oct-21 12:29:43

Same here Grandma70s where would you go ?

MamaCaz Sun 10-Oct-21 12:39:41

If I could, I would leave the UK a few days after Christmas and go to Gran Canaria, where I would stay until at least the end of March.

Franbern Sun 10-Oct-21 12:54:57

When I was young I had plans (not realistic ones), that when I was older I would live in England April - September , then in each of those months I would have a holiday whilst on a pleasure boat travelling to/from New Zealand - where I would then spend the rest of the year.

Obviously, never was able to realise this - but still sounds an excllent solution to me.

Blossoming Sun 10-Oct-21 13:12:57

I have always wanted to visit Norway in midwinter to see the Northern Lights.

Liz46 Sun 10-Oct-21 13:16:33

South Goa. We used to go every winter for three weeks but Covid put an end to that.

BlueSky Sun 10-Oct-21 13:35:31

All seasons are beautiful right here where we are in the UK!

Bridie22 Sun 10-Oct-21 13:35:34

Anywhere hot ?

travelsafar Sun 10-Oct-21 13:39:19

Somewhere warm with beautiful views and not too far from a coastline. Oh and cheaper to live than in UK!!!!

allsortsofbags Sun 10-Oct-21 13:49:36

I'd like to spend my winters either in New Zealand or the UAE.

Having spent time in both these places in our winter I'd be very happy to do so again.

Not likely to happen now though.

TillyTrotter Sun 10-Oct-21 14:26:56

Never say never allsorts, our souls need to hope that we will grow in confidence re: travelling abroad again in the near future. We have pencilled in 2022. ?

grannyactivist Sun 10-Oct-21 15:01:37

Like Blossoming I would choose to spend the winter in Norway - we have had several magical winter holidays there, and a traditional Christmas spent with our Norwegian friends was the closest thing to a fairytale our family has ever experienced.

One evening we sat wrapped in blankets by a long fire pit deep in the forest, on a ‘snow sofa’ covered by reindeer skins, eating traditional Norwegian foods, (including Rømmegrøt), and singing Christmas carols. The whole area was lit by candles hung in jars from the trees.

Our children were young adults at the time and say it will always be one of their most precious memories.

Poppyred Sun 10-Oct-21 16:08:50

Clearwater Florida on the white Sandy beach……

M0nica Sun 10-Oct-21 16:10:46

At home, very unoriginal, but I love autumn and winter, cold outside warm in, pottering around the house, like today, a bit of sewing and a bit of gardening

Floradora9 Sun 10-Oct-21 16:12:19

Lanzarote without a doubt .

AGAA4 Sun 10-Oct-21 16:16:24

I like winter at home but would go to Canada of I could one year.

rafichagran Sun 10-Oct-21 16:35:49

Definatly the UK, I love the seasons. I love Winter and Christmas.