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Good Morning Monday 11th October 2021

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Michael12 Mon 11-Oct-21 06:03:55

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its a dark but dry start here in Brackley this morning.
I have my chiropodist visiting this morning, then I may nip into Banbury to arrange a fitting of blinds for my kitchen.
I watch the "Larkins " last night on ITV , and felt it resembled another programme of many years ago "Darling Buds of May".
Take Care,

Greyduster Mon 11-Oct-21 06:08:09

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Still dark here! We are off to a very early hospital appointment this morning, so I will catch up with you all later!

grandMattie Mon 11-Oct-21 06:10:23

Good morning from a dark, dry E Kent. Seems we’re hurtling into winter. I hope the fuel situation is sorted by then, otherwise we’re in for a difficult and expensive time.
Today, I have my pc man sorting out the renewal of the virus protector. He does it remotely. Isn’t that amazing?
In the afternoon, we’re going to Faversham to sort out signatures etc., with the estate agent re. selling Philip’s house. Another step on the way.
I hope harri et al have had a better day and night.
May all those with celebrations have a lovely day. Love well.
Carpe diem! 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

harrigran Mon 11-Oct-21 06:34:11

Good morning from a still dark NE.
Been awake since 4am when I heard DH call out.
My shoulder and arm are painful where I had my vaccination yesterday.
All the family were here yesterday and the house was full of chatter and music with GD and DD playing the piano.
DS and family left at 6pm but DD stayed until I had DH sorted for the night, we found some interesting food in the freezer and had a nice glass of Fleurie.
My sister and BIL will visit this afternoon.

kittylester Mon 11-Oct-21 06:47:10

Good morning from a still dark North Leicestershire. It's not too cold.

Crack of dawn start (or even earlier!) today as we have a tiler coming to quote at 9 am.

We seem to have, inadvertently, embarked on redoing most of the house - not sure how that happen.

Thank you for the kind wishes for our wedding anniversary. As someone said, a restaurant overlooking Trent Bridge Cricket Ground is a novel place for a meal but the food was absolutely marvellous and the views of both the ground and the surrounding town and countryside were fabulous. And, DH could see his beloved Nottingham Forest ground.

Best wishes, love and hugs to everyone who needs them.

Ashcombe Mon 11-Oct-21 07:00:55

Good morning, everyone, from a chilly but dry Torbay.

Yesterday turned out sunny and our church was wonderfully full for the Harvest Festival, with a range of youth organisations in attendance with their families. We welcomed Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs and Sea Scouts and it was a joy to see the smartly dressed youngsters there. Donations will go to local food banks.

Your anniversary celebration sounds perfect, kittylester; belated congratulations! 🎉🍾💕🥂🎊

Thank you for the kind comments about our theatre company yesterday. Tomorrow night we have an emergency Zoom Committee meeting as there are concerns about the viability of forthcoming productions.

It must have been lovely to have family around you, harrigran, but tiring, too. My thoughts with you and grandMattie, whose fortitude is humbling.

Have as good a week as possible. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Susan56 Mon 11-Oct-21 07:01:02

Good morning from North Wales.We are looking after the children while DD and SIL have a couple of days in Liverpool celebrating DD’s birthday.

Henry slept through until 5.20 which is better than we had thought/hoped for!Will take DGD to school and then come back and carry on with ‘organising her closet’.Her words not mine.DH and H can keep each other entertained.

Wishing all a good day with special thoughts to grandmattie and harri🌻🦩

Beechnut Mon 11-Oct-21 07:06:45

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s not quite sunrise, just at that stage where the trees are still black against the sky. I like that.

Weeding on the cards for today along with some admin and baking some treats from a recipe my sister in law gave me.

Take care all and have the best day you can 🦩🌷

NannyJan53 Mon 11-Oct-21 07:16:25

Good morning from a still dark Black Country. Another fine day is forecast.

Had a breakfast out with friends yesterday, then back home to sit outside and read as it was so warm

Today is a Health walk this morning. We managed 6.5 miles last week!

Making chicken soup before I set off with the leftover chicken, usually lasts us all week for lunch.

Sounds like a brilliant venue for a special meal kitty

Wishing Greyduster well with the Hospital appointment.

grandMattie my love and thoughts are with you every day.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 11-Oct-21 07:26:43

Good morning from a dry, chilly East Yorkshire.

Yesterday we had the family round for lunch which we all enjoyed. Something we hadn’t done for ages. It also gave us chance to sort out the diary for various occasions where we are needed or not for childcare.

Today I will be having a good tidy up and a few kitchen drawers, tights drawer etc need a sort out.
I have braved the bathroom scales this morning and was horrified by the result. I really need to start a healthy regime but after doing so most of my adult life can I do it again? I’m finding it difficult.

* KittyLester* belated anniversary congrats to you both.
Thoughts to Harrigran and grandmattie

Take care all.

Grandmajean Mon 11-Oct-21 07:27:58

Good morning.
Dry and still here in Cheshire.
Friends breaking their journey home from holiday by coming here for lunch. Will be lovely to see them.
I definitely plan to "Carpe Diem"

cornergran Mon 11-Oct-21 07:30:59

Morning Mick, morning All. Light cloud over our corner of Somerset.

Enjoyed our lake walk yesterday, good to be out in the sunshine. Just a local top up shop and a phone chat with a couple of friends on today’s agenda. Mr C has a new jigsaw he’s itching to start.

Hope all goes well greyd and for you taking another huge step grandMattie. Hope you’re not too tired after yesterday’s family time harri. Pleased you had a good day kitty. Hope your tiler turns up on time. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome from your Zoom meeting ashcombe.

Take care everyone. Hope Monday is kind to us all.

BlueSapphire Mon 11-Oct-21 07:42:37

Good morning everyone from a clear-skied Northampton, fine weather forecast again today, so I think I shall cut the back grass this afternoon, but must first remove the multitude of toadstools that have appeared on the lawn.

DS came to pick the DGDs up yesterday morning, and then came back to deal with one of my table lamps which seemed to have broken. It turned out that the bulb fitting had broken so we decided to swap lamps. However that involved emptying a tall bookcase to move it out from the wall, as the cable ran behind it! However all was achieved, and now I need to find someone to repair the lamp.

The new James Bond film was much enjoyed in the afternoon (with a glass of wine and popcorn!). Then I missed the bus home by about 30 seconds, and had to wait half an hour for the next one.

Spent a quiet evening watching lots of catch-up TV.

Wishing all a pleasant day.

Marydoll Mon 11-Oct-21 07:45:42

Good morning Mick all from a damp Glasgow. Another poster, who is out and about early.

Mick,the Larkins is a remake of The Darling Buds Of May.

My RA consultant's secretary phoned me to organise an emergency hospital appointment to get my bloods done this morning, to check for any sinister side effects from my biologics. Fingers crossed, nothing untoward will show up, however, I am itching from head to toe! It never rains, but there is actually a torrential downpour in my life at the moment!!

My consultant realised that they were five months overdue, but it couldn't be helped, due to me shielding and the fact they must be done at a hospital.
However, someone displayed some common sense and organised it to be done in the phlebotomy hub at my local hospital, only fifteen minutes away, avoiding a stressful trip across Glasgow.

Without being asked, HE who shall remain nameless, has given up his golf game to take me, as despite my badge, parking will be horrendous and I will struggle to climb the hill! Kalu will understand what I mean!
He is not such a bad soul after all. 😉

I haven't read the posts yet, but sending my love to all on here. Its good to see all the familiar faces. I will be back later, once I have caught up.

Have a good day folks, especially those who are struggling and expecting a troublesome or stressful day.

Nannagarra Mon 11-Oct-21 07:46:38

Thinking of you grandMattie as you go through this difficult time. 🦩

Gingster Mon 11-Oct-21 07:56:15

Good morning all and it’s fairly bright here in Essex.

I woke at 4 o’clock and couldn’t get back off . Was about to get up just before 6 and then fell into a deep sleep, until 7,30. That happens so often.

Yesterday went well with nephew and wife. Dh gave them a golf lesson over the local park/field. They are very keen! We took little pooch, who kept running off with the practise balls. 🐶
Came back here for lunch and off they went back to London on the train. Lovely to see them.

Today I have my Chimes group, making music and merriment.

Cornergran beautiful pic 👍

Love and best wishes to all

ginny Mon 11-Oct-21 08:00:13

Good morning everyone. The weather is looking promising again so I think som time in the garden is on the cards. Cutting down, weeding and some spring bulbs to plant. HopD will cut the grass ( maybe the last time this year ) when he returns from golf.
DGS2 is returning to school after being off with Covid. He is very happy. Luckily t tax he rest of the family have not caught it. I’ll look forward to seeing them all this week.
Hope finds a smile in their day.

ginny Mon 11-Oct-21 08:01:58

Apologies for all the ‘typos above !

GrannyGravy13 Mon 11-Oct-21 08:02:08

Morning Mick and all

It’s trying to brighten up here in S E Essex. I am off to the gym this morning and then to see my dentist this afternoon (I am petrified of all things dental but he is very understanding)

Christmas Chutney was made and bottled yesterday, now I just need to sort out pickling some onions.

Thoughts with our GM friends who have troubles (((hugs)))

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

monk08 Mon 11-Oct-21 08:08:30

Good morning all from the Black country, looks a promising day ahead. Yesterday managed to get both lawns mowed and the garden cleared of any weeds, its garden bin day tomorrow so just in time.
DH has a new phone arriving some time today hopefully they'll be early we can then go for a walk round the arboretum.
Thoughts with missing posters and virtual hugs where needed, best wishes for anyone celebrating.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

Jaxjacky Mon 11-Oct-21 08:10:11

Good morning all from a dry, very high cloud, S Hants. Grandmadinosaur I too braved the scales this morning, oh, oh, I’ve been blasé for months, but numbers don’t lie, at least 10lb needs to go.
Sounds like a lovely lunch kitty at a unique location.
Your news seems a bit serious Ashcombe hopefully a way through can be found.
More broken sleep harrigran, hope your arm settles down, thoughts with you 💐 And the indomitable grandMattie.
Have the best day you can all, with healing ❤️‍🩹 for those in need 🦩🦩

Grammaretto Mon 11-Oct-21 08:33:18

Good morning from the Scottish Borders. It's mild but wet so far. DD and the DGC are arriving soon for an overnight and will be calling on MiL I am base camp.
It's nice that I have the space still and haven't downsized.

I've been looking into energy grants for a different form of heating. My gas boiler is over 40 yrs old and not economical. It's been so good though, I am sure a new system wouldn't last but I daresay I wouldn't need it to!

Sounds like it was a busy but happy day for you Harrigran.
Jax you are a brave girl!
I am glad you enjoyed your anniversary meal Kitty it sounds really nice.

Marydoll I hope the hospital visit isn't too stressful and the team can send you home with a good plan.

Lovely photo Corner

Urmstongran Mon 11-Oct-21 08:33:49

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where we have a decent weather forecast. It’s mild & no rain is expected. As I don’t have a garden I’m planning to spend a couple of hours in the Loungers Bar downstairs. I pretend it’s my own conservatory - Sainsbury’s is my larder too!

I’m going down with a new neighbour. She moved into this development last summer whilst we were stuck in Spain and when we returned she was shielding because her husband was receding treatment for cancer. They live 3 doors along from us and best of all, I’ve known her for 30y! Plus, she was a line manager at the hospital we both used to work at. We will have much catching up to do - I’m so looking forward to spending this afternoon together!

Enjoy Monday all who can. x

Anniebach Mon 11-Oct-21 08:35:28

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Forsythia Mon 11-Oct-21 08:48:09

Good morning all from south London where it’s bright but cloudy. A couple of medical appointments today will keep us in and out of the house and then some gardening and a walk if we can. Hope everyone has a good day and we all make the most of it when and how we can. Thoughts and best wishes to those going through bad times right now.