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Good Morning Saturday 23rd October 2021

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Michael12 Sat 23-Oct-21 06:37:33

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark and dry start here in brackley this morning, plans or today are bus to Buckingham and then Bicester returning direct home as my sister will visiting later .
Yesterdays trip was interesting, I was walking back towards getting bus home down this small alley way in Bicester ,and a well known person was waking towards me it was Bargain Hunt/Antiques road trip presenter etc, Charlie Ross , who was shopping as he lives local .
Take Care,

grandMattie Sat 23-Oct-21 06:42:31

Good morning from a dark moonlit E Kent.
How exciting for you, Mick. We have several celebs living nearby, but I have never seen them around..
Had a lovely lunch with my friend yesterday. We were nice and cosy in the little restaurant despite a biting wind.
Must run as my flu jab is at 0828! this morning. I hope my are isn’t too sore as I’ve seen a lot of reports of reactions on GN.
Hope harrigran is enveloped in love ❤️ and support from all sides, mine is added to the mix.
Have a gentle day, May all your sorrow and worries be banished for a while. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩❤️☀️❤️🦩🦩🦩

Sar53 Sat 23-Oct-21 06:57:05

Good morning from Essex by the sea.
I'm off to DD2 for the weekend. I hate the drive there as it involves the M25 but I will leave fairly early so will hopefully miss any heavy traffic.
Have a lovely Saturday everyone xx

BlueSapphire Sat 23-Oct-21 06:57:24

Good morning everyone from a still dark and dry Northampton. Up earlier than usual for a Saturday as I am expecting a workman to come and paint the summerhouse this morning. When I saw how dark it was I wanted to turn over and have another hour or so!

An excellent match last night, a perfect evening for watching rugby, crisp and dry and no wind. There is something about the atmosphere on a Friday night. We won 66-10, and our young lads stepped up and did us proud. It was my lucky socks of course! I'll be watching a replay on tv at some time over the weekend.

Hoping that Saturday is kind to us, and thinking especially of harrigran flowersflowers

baubles Sat 23-Oct-21 06:58:37

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s dark but there are no sounds of wind or rain.

A quiet day on the cards for me, I’ll do a bit of cooking for the freezer which is looking rather bare and I like to have a at least a couple of meals stashed away.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day and sending love to harri.

NanKate Sat 23-Oct-21 07:02:39

Morning Mick grandMattie and All.

Well our GW celebration weekend has started well. I am sitting up in a very large hotel bed. DH has warned me not to fall out as it is a long way down to the floor! We are both wearing our new pjs so we are looking very smart. Pity I can’t use the large bath on 4 legs. I haven’t been able to get in and out of a bath for about 5 years. 🤨

Have a lovely day with your sister Mick.

Tom Kerridge the chef lives in our town. He is a nice chap !

I do hope that harrigran is surrounded by her family at this sad time. 💐

cornergran Sat 23-Oct-21 07:17:39

Morning Mick, morning All. I can tell you nothing about our corner of Somerset other than it is dark.

Our short walk turned into most of the day out yesterday and included a very good fish and chip lunch. I felt much lighter after a call to rebook my post op appointment, just ten days away. Today we have several small jobs to work through, with luck we’ll not be sidetracked too often.

That all sounds good nanKate. I think you said your anniversary is today. Many congratulations. Safe trip sar. No flu jab reactions here grandMattie, hope yours will be equally trouble free. Have a good weekend with your sister mick.

Hope there is good news of your husband greyd. Thinking of harri and all with sadness or worries in their lives. Hope Saturday is kind to us all.

Urmstongran Sat 23-Oct-21 07:34:52

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s dry. The sky looks beautiful like one of those Masters paintings of a biblical scene - very dramatic with the sunrise up beyond the pale and mid grey clouds showing portals of light up into the heavens. We rarely stop to stare properly at the beauty around us do we?

A day completely to ourselves lies ahead. The little family are booked in at their favourite hotel in Lytham on the Fylde coast. A nice surprise start to half term for the grandchildren when they awake this morning. It has a pool (no pre booked slots any more) and a children’s disco after the evening meal.

I think a nice relaxing day hopefully. I shall make this for tea with mashed potatoes and peas. I may well watch a film this afternoon before we eat, just because I can.

Enjoy Saturday all who can and it goes without saying you’re in my thoughts harri. x

Beechnut Sat 23-Oct-21 07:38:59

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s dry and the temperature has dropped. When I looked out onto my back garden I thought we’d had a sprinkling of snow, it was how the light was catching everything.

Happy Anniversary for the actual day NanKate. Are your pjs golden in colour.

Not sure what to do today so I might carry on with my crafting. One of the things I have on the go is decorating a tissue box and it has to be done in stages. First thing I’ll do though is catch up on Gardener’s World my regular Saturday morning thing.

Have a good day all and stay safe on your travels 🦩🍁

Urmstongran Sat 23-Oct-21 07:40:59

So many missing posters.
How are you Scentia, Pantglas, mancgirl, amselerin (have you moved over here yet?), plus the lady from St. Ives who is now a paint colour beginning with ‘A’ - hmm? And I’m missing LauraNorder - cooee over there in Anglesey Mrs.

brook2704 Sat 23-Oct-21 07:48:55

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s just getting light with a few grey clouds in the sky
Enjoy your celebrations NanKate and Happy Anniversary 💐🥂
Today we’ve both got our double flu and covid jabs so we’re hoping there’s no after effects as we’ve a busy few days ahead.
Good news about your pre op appointment corner not too long to wait
Take care driving Sar and enjoy the weekend with your DD
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

shysal Sat 23-Oct-21 07:50:03

Have a great week-end Kate. Enjoy your celebrations and vow renewal, a wonderful cause for celebration. 💒 flowers

kittylester Sat 23-Oct-21 07:52:49

Good morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire.

We have a tiler coming at 9.30 - why?

This afternoon, a phone call to a very upset DD2. She was looking forward to coming for a break from their building site of a house.

Many, many happy congratulations kate. Have a lovely weekend.

Thinking of harri.

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 23-Oct-21 07:53:39

Good morning all from dark Harrogate
Yesterday after a very bad night I had both DGC you would have thought they would have played together, but no! While dgs had all my cushions and soft toys on the floor (he was building a house that the bad wolf couldn’t blow down), madam was in the dining room either the Lego and Play Doe scattered all over, then she decided she wanted the soft toy at the bottom of dgs’s ‘house’. Which reminds me, DH was probably sleeping with a rubber dinosaur last night and a musical toy at the foot of his bed!! Bless him, DH cleared the dining room, clearing the lounge will be my job today.
Thinking of harrigran and hoping all are going to have the best possible day today!!

Stilllearning Sat 23-Oct-21 07:56:51

Another good morning from S Lanarkshire, I’ve been up for an hour or so having been wakened by a silly agitated dream where I had decided to resit my Highers while working and caring for young children, where did that come from!!

Dgd’s 9th birthday today and after joining in part of the celebrations DGS is coming to me for an overnight so the little girls can have a sleepover by themselves. I have a list of activities to keep us happily occupied (I hope).

Happy Anniversary Weekend NanKate and good wishes to everyone for a pleasant day. Thoughts of course to harrigran and others needing support.💐

Susan56 Sat 23-Oct-21 07:57:26

Good morning from Shropshire.Was woken by a text from Curry’s at 6.15 telling me our new washing machine is being delivered on Monday😡I know Curry’s,I arranged it🙄

Urms, I was going to mention our many missing posters today too.I think of Scentia whenever we go to Stafford and Lins and Cherry when we go down to West Wales.Lots more,EV and Taichinan too.We’re thinking of you all👋🏻🌻

We had a sad day yesterday as the children’s kitten was run over and killed so a lot of tears😿

Today we are going to a pie festival at lunch time and a craft fair this afternoon.

Good news about the appointment corner🥳

Hope Greyduster DH is home.

Thinking of harri 💐

Have the best day you can everybody and stay safe🦩

NannyJan53 Sat 23-Oct-21 08:01:35

Good morning from a cloudy but warm Black Country.

Mums PCR test was negative, so that was a relief.

We are off to Bristol later this morning. MrJ's daughter lives there, and her twin is visiting from London this weekend, so we are taking the opportunity to stop over and see them. Before going on the the caravan in Somerset Sunday.

DS and family will be staying on the site too, so that will be good to be togehter for a few days. It will be their wedding anniversary on Tuesday, 16 years.

Wishing you a very happy Golden Wedding Anniversary Mr & Mrs NanKate Sounds like a lovely weekend for you both flowers

I remember about 4 years ago we were walking in Bath and recognised Nick Knowles walking towards us. We didn't say anything to him (we wouldn't anyway) as he gave us 'that look' smile

So many missing posters Urmston there was a poster called sheepandcattle and I remember a lady called Doramarr from Birmingham who was a regular poster. EV is greatly missed too, and Gilly I think Laura announced a few weeks ago she was leaving GN Urmston

Wishing you all a lovely weekend I doubt I will be posting now until next Thursday when we are back.

AGAA4 Sat 23-Oct-21 08:05:51

Good morning everyone from North Wales. It looks as though we will have a dry day.
I am meeting my family for lunch later.
The injuries from my fall downstairs are starting to heal. My son said he hoped I wasn't going to throw myself down the stairs very often. Cheeky!
Wishing you all a good day.

Marydoll Sat 23-Oct-21 08:10:57

Good morning Mick and all from all from a damp Glasgow. Enjoy your sister's visit today, Mick.

Happy actual wedding anniversary, you sound as if you are having a lovely time, Kate.

We had a surprise visit from DD yesterday afternoon, but no SIL. He has this vicious cold virus, which is going about and has been in bed for days.
We haven't seen much of DD as they have had to go into work and despite having to frequently test, they want to keep us safe, as I'm so vulnerable. I have missed her and I do love a hug , but my children won't do them for the present, in case I catch anything. 😪
DD brought me an enormous bag of sea glass from Islay, so I now have a teal vase full of sea glass, with lights inside. I'm quite pleased with myself! 😁

Hopefully, DS2 will appear today. He has been headhunted for a new job, working from home, no stressful, daily commute to Edinburgh and a large salary increase. I'm so pleased for him.
He is like his father, the original quiet man. I shall have to get my torture instruments out, to get any information from him about the plans for his forthcoming wedding!

Granmattie, good luck with your 'flu inoculation and hopefully no side effects.

Beechnut, I always fancied a customised tissue box to match my decor, is it the one where you use tissue paper to decoupage?

Thinking of all, who are struggling, hoping Harri is finding strength in the arms of her family and Greyduster's husband is on the mend.

Have a pleasant Saturday, whatever your plans.

Grandmajean Sat 23-Oct-21 08:11:44

Good morning from Cheshire.
Just about light, now. Summer seems a long time ago.
Need to brighten up the garden a bit with a few posts. The ones we had in the summer are now planted with Spring bulbs so nothing to look out at. A little trip to the garden centre methinks.
Thinking of harrigran and all with worries.

Anniebach Sat 23-Oct-21 08:12:23

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Grandmajean Sat 23-Oct-21 08:13:16

"Posts?" Where did that come from ?
"Tubs" of course.

ginny Sat 23-Oct-21 08:13:31

Good morning, dull and damp here in N. Bucks too.
Had a lovely day yesterday with 5 yr old DGS.
A quiet weekend for us, nothing in particular planned. Usually something turns up but plenty of bits and bobs to do and always happy to spend time on crafts.
Wishing all a smile along the way.

Pittcity Sat 23-Oct-21 08:20:36

Good morning from sunny Colchester where the sky is dark blue at the front and light at the back. A dry day is forecast so the washing is on to be hung out.
No plans this weekend but DH will be planning for a busy week. He took on a 3 hour a week job with youngsters after retirement and it has grown so that he is busy during school holidays assessing for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
DS is home so we will have steak and chips for tea.

Happy Golden Anniversary to Mr and Mrs Nankate 🥂💐

Sending love to all x

Georgesgran Sat 23-Oct-21 08:25:01

Good morning from Durham - looks grey and dull. Have had a boring week because I’ve a warning light on in my car, the garage can’t see it until Tuesday, so I’ve been almost ‘housebound’, but all admin up to date and several jobs booked for later in the year.
It’s been a sad week on the GM thread. Like other GN’s, I hope Harri is being supported by family and friends.