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What gets you up in the morning?

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Sago Thu 11-Nov-21 10:29:07

This morning my 7 year old granddaughter was up and dressed in record time as her first pony arrived yesterday!
She was out feeding her first thing without my daughter having to go through the usual nagging and coaxing.

While all this was going on I was over a 100 miles away drinking tea and reading the papers online….. no hurry for me today!

I only get going quickly if I have to, mornings are deliciously slow for me at the moment!

What gets you up and at them?

ixion Thu 11-Nov-21 10:30:42

The bathroom☹️

shysal Thu 11-Nov-21 11:01:38

My body clock wakes me early, can't wait to get up any time between 4 and 5 am.

henetha Thu 11-Nov-21 11:05:49

Longing for a cup of tea! And usually the bathroom calls.

ExDancer Thu 11-Nov-21 11:06:23

My bad back wakes me in tears every morning and I'm in so much pain I have to get up and dressed and take my painkillers. I hate waking up.

jaylucy Thu 11-Nov-21 11:13:34

My cat, usually.
He has worked out that if I didn't respond to the purring, paddling, rubbing his face around any part of my body he can find and then finally the licking and nipping of my arms, that he can lay across my ribs.
Having 5.25 kilos on top of me means that after a while I struggle to breath so I have to get up.
Besides, nice to have a bit of time just with a cup of tea before the rest of the household are up.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 11-Nov-21 11:31:32

The bathroom here too!
I’m lucky to be a my to take my time. Drink my cuppa in bed then a shower. Amble downstairs make another brew then I sit and read a paper online and decide what I’m doing that day.
Until about 2 years ago I was a regular gym member attending classes and I was up, breakfasted and out the house just before 9. Just thinking about it now makes me tired. 🤣

greenlady102 Thu 11-Nov-21 11:33:11

my old dog sticking his nose in my face <3

glammanana Thu 11-Nov-21 11:36:44

My cat Oliver purring down my ear to get me up and feed him he will not go past 7am without food,so its up feed him and put the kettle on for the first of many cuppa's during the day.

tanith Thu 11-Nov-21 11:40:06

A cuppa a quick look at the news and then in the shower, don’t feel like the days started till I’ve showered.

Scones Thu 11-Nov-21 11:52:28

I've just had my high bedroom window replaced with French doors so now I can't wait to open the curtains, throw open the doors and sit up in bed looking out over my garden and beyond to the sea. That gets me awake, getting up is a whole different matter!

ExDancer - that sounds like a real struggle. I wish for some relief from your pain and will be thinking about you when I wake tomorrow.

BlueSky Thu 11-Nov-21 11:53:20

My Nespresso! cafe

Georgesgran Thu 11-Nov-21 11:54:44

My bladder!

Blossoming Thu 11-Nov-21 11:55:26

Mr. B. smile

BlueSky Thu 11-Nov-21 11:56:23

ExDancer I sympathise as my DH is a fellow sufferer. flowers

JillyJosie2 Thu 11-Nov-21 11:57:53

Another cat alarm clock here! He arrives on the dot of 7am with much purring, kneading and he kisses my nose with his wet little muzzle! How could I fail to get up!

silverlining48 Thu 11-Nov-21 11:59:45

What gets me out of bed is Guilt because I am often still there at 11 ( unless there is something already planned).

grannyrebel7 Thu 11-Nov-21 12:08:54

I just love getting up early these days. I used to love a lie in when I was younger, but can't seem to lie in any more. I also like the solitude of eating my breakfast and watching TV for an hour or so. DH doesn't sleep well during the night so is often asleep when it's my time to get up.

Kim19 Thu 11-Nov-21 12:16:24

Having decided what to wear, I then head for the shower and it's all systems go (beautifully slowly!)

sodapop Thu 11-Nov-21 12:23:11

My dogs jumping on the bed, time to go for a walk please.

MaggsMcG Thu 11-Nov-21 12:26:58

Only on a Thursday when I go to a 10am Zumba class. Any other day if I don't have anything to do in the morning, I take my time and on occasion I haven't really got up until 11am or even Noon.

JeanneLeFol Thu 11-Nov-21 13:09:38

As others, the loo. Then I snuggle back in bed until the chaos of my neighbour’s children thundering around the house makes me get up. They make an excellent alarm clock on school days, and I must confess I enjoy listening to them laughing and having fun. Less enjoyment when the little boy kicks his football on our joint bedroom wall 😂

threexnanny Thu 11-Nov-21 13:28:43

OH blundering around the room making tea and letting the cats come in and jump on the bed.

Mollygo Thu 11-Nov-21 13:32:23

The dog or work or gym. On non gym days, it’s still the dog.

AGAA4 Thu 11-Nov-21 13:37:06

I make myself get up no later than 7.30 as any later and I won't sleep that night.