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Chucking the apple in the bin !

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JeanneLeFol Wed 17-Nov-21 17:34:22

I didn’t realise how slow my old iPhone was ( bought second hand some years ago but still getting updates ) until a neighbour passed me her new iPhone yesterday to show me something on it.
There is no way I can afford a new iPhone so it will have to be an Android. Have any of you successfully moved from an iPhone to android ? I’ve been looking online at Motorola smartphones as I don’t want to have to sell a kidney to buy one. All advice much appreciated !!

muse Wed 17-Nov-21 18:12:43

Sorry I can't help with the question JeanneLeFol but I did wonder what model iPhone you have. I started to use iPhones 12 years ago when I bought a new one. Since then I have had upgraded lots of times but never bought new or had a contract. I buy them off eBay (auction). Last one was iphone 7 for £83. It's battery wasn't brilliant but £45 paid for a new Apple battery.

I sell my old iPhones on eBay too and get good money for them. Just sold my DH's old iphone 5. £45

GagaJo Wed 17-Nov-21 18:15:27

I have a Motorola. I've had it 2 years and it's great. Does everything I need it to. I've even had work online video meetings on it. I often use the hotspot (internet sharing) for my online teaching with my laptop, when the bandwidth is being shared in the house by too many devices. I definitely recommend Motorola (and I don't work for them!).

Harris27 Wed 17-Nov-21 18:17:37

I’ve an apple I phone not the newest but it does the job and it links up lovely with my iPad. Job done. And also I’m on a contract I can well afford.

mokryna Wed 17-Nov-21 18:27:55

I just have the ones the family want to throw out, even my 16 year old won’t be seen dead with.

JackyB Wed 17-Nov-21 18:43:22

I've only ever used Android, I don't know many people who use Apple, and I would never dream of buying any Apple products, so I don't know what the transition is like, but Android is very intuitive.

Marydoll Wed 17-Nov-21 18:54:26

I much prefer Android. I was so glad when we ditched Apple products in my school years ago.
In saying that, I'm sure they are a hundred times better nowadays.

grannysyb Wed 17-Nov-21 19:28:00

I've had Samsung for quite some time, very happy with it. DH has a Nokia which seems quite hard to understand!. I get my phone from Tesco, £11.99 a month.

Chewbacca Wed 17-Nov-21 19:35:39

Samsung Galaxy android phone here that links to my Samsung Galaxy tablet. No need to shift things around or duplicate stuff because they're synced.

annodomini Wed 17-Nov-21 19:45:02

Motorola/Android. I've always had Android phones which share data with my Chromebook.

Lincslass Wed 17-Nov-21 19:52:07

I have never had an IPhone, always too expensive, Samsung, then Huawei, which I still have over two years later. Works fine, takes great photos, and still very quick to respond. Do often clear the cache though.

Sashabel Wed 17-Nov-21 20:11:36

I've had both in the past and would never use an Iphone again. I've had Samsung phones now for the last few years and they are great. I've just updated to the Samsung Galaxy A22 and am really impressed with it. Got a great deal at Tesco Mobile (using the 02 network) and for £16.49 a month I get unlimited texts and calls and 3GB of data which is enough for me.

BlueBelle Wed 17-Nov-21 20:15:12

I ve only ever used Apple and love it (always buy reconditioned ones phones and iPads ) but at work sometimes I have to look things up on an android I find it SO difficult and different and uncomfortable to use

Margiknot Wed 17-Nov-21 20:26:06

I tried to make the change to an android tablet after years of iPhones and iPads. I’m not at all good with technology and could not manage the android tablet ( and nor could my engineer husband) . I just did not know how to use it! I went back to my old iPad!

Grammaretto Wed 17-Nov-21 20:29:45

I have just had to buy a new android because the old battery was worn out and it was cheaper to replace the phone.
I much preferred my old Samsung. This Motorola was made for a giant hand with giant pockets. It has a better battery, more storage and a better camera she reluctantly admits
My bill has gone up because I am paying for the phone again.
I was told at the shop that only iphones can be cleaned of all data and reused.
Why are these things not made to last?

Aveline Wed 17-Nov-21 20:35:30

I've got the new Motorola. I couldn't be more pleased with it! It's £29 per month with masses of data.
I don't have giant hands btw! I like the size of the phone. Hardly use my tablet any more as the phone is so good.
PS I don't work for Motorola!

Jackiest Wed 17-Nov-21 21:05:49

I have my daughters old Samsung Galaxy and have sim only with Smarty at just £5 a month. Does everything I need and more.

kittylester Wed 17-Nov-21 21:45:18

We have new Samsungs every 2 years and have just got the latest ones. Mine synchs with my laptop.

nadateturbe Wed 17-Nov-21 22:12:42

We have Samsungs. My husband's is quite new. Mine is 2016 and still suits me. Does everything we need. I suppose I will upgrade next year. I would like a better camera - my only complaint. We always buy the phone and pay for a sim.

Zoejory Wed 17-Nov-21 22:18:55

I had iPhones since they appeared . Then I ended up with a Samsung Galaxy .. My iPhone was poorly so used my husband's Samsung.

I was a total convert. I would never have an iPhone now.

And the camera on Androids is far superior.

Lilydrop Thu 18-Nov-21 06:14:19

I think Apple phones dont let you have certain apps where my Galaxy does. I brought my mobile from argos and I pay for sym only which is much cheaper than a contract.

GagaJo Thu 18-Nov-21 08:59:34

I've recently changed my phone contract and provider. I'd been with EE for years but I need a lot of data, because my home wifi often runs out of bandwidth, when DD and I are both working from home.

I now pay £16 a month for unlimited everything (calls, texts, data). I frequently use my phone data to work with, doing online teaching. The Motorola I have is the most expensive phone I've ever had.. It was around £100. I thought THAT was outrageous. I certainly wouldn't pay the ridiculous Apple prices.

shysal Thu 18-Nov-21 10:11:09

I have always been pleased with my Samsungs. I would love one of their new Z flip ones but they cost too much!

Elless Thu 18-Nov-21 10:48:39

Could you not buy a refurbished one, the ioutlet are very good.

Auntieflo Thu 18-Nov-21 12:32:49

Am I the only one, who from the OP's heading, imagined her eating an apple, then taking aim and lobbing the core in the bin?
Apologies for going off piste.