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This made me cry (in a good way)

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Sashabel Thu 18-Nov-21 16:40:00

I know I'm feeling a little low today after starting chemo again yesterday, but my daughter has just phoned me to see how I am and told me about what my gorgeous 5 year old grandson said last night.
He was reading his key stage 1 story book in bed which was a shortened version of Beauty and the Beast. Near the end of the book the beast gives Bella (not Belle in this version) a mirror so that when she looks into it she will see him and see if he is well. At the end of the book there are some questions to check if the reader understood the story. One of them was "Would you like a magic mirror like the one the beast gave Bella?" My grandson immediately said yes and when asked by my daughter who he would like to see in it, he said "Nana, and then I can see her getting better"
I love him so much

ginny Thu 18-Nov-21 16:41:08

How lovely.❤️

mumski Thu 18-Nov-21 16:44:32

Sashabel What a lovely story flowers Thank you for cheering me up too.

NotTooOld Thu 18-Nov-21 16:46:40

Lovely story, Sashabel. Your grandson sounds like a delightful little boy. Best of luck with your treatment. flowers

silverlining48 Thu 18-Nov-21 17:00:11

Hope the treatment goes well Sasha. A step at a time.
You’re gs sounds lovely x.

silverlining48 Thu 18-Nov-21 17:00:30


Calistemon Thu 18-Nov-21 17:03:27

What a lovely boy.

I hope you have a good recovery, Sashabel and can see him as soon as possible.

hulahoop Thu 18-Nov-21 17:08:43

That's lovely sashabel wishing you a good recovery x

TillyTrotter Thu 18-Nov-21 17:11:59

Your grandson sounds a loving little boy Sashabel. 😊
I hope your chemo results in a complete recovery for you. 💐

Redhead56 Thu 18-Nov-21 17:32:00

Such a lovely grandson thinking of you hoping you have a full recovery x

Billybob4491 Thu 18-Nov-21 17:36:11

Hope your treatment goes well, your little grandson sounds a delight.

crazyH Thu 18-Nov-21 17:37:08

Such a lovely little boy 😘 And I hope you have a speedy recovery

DeeDe Thu 18-Nov-21 17:38:56

That’s so lovely, and you have a speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹

maddyone Thu 18-Nov-21 17:41:15

That is very lovely and must have cheered you up. Get well soon.

Sarnia Thu 18-Nov-21 17:50:52

Grandchildren come out with some lovely words. Hold on to them and good luck with your treatment. flowers

Nortsat Thu 18-Nov-21 17:55:46

How lovely.
What a dear little boy.

Take good care. 💐

Sashabel Thu 18-Nov-21 18:17:37

Thanks for all your kind words. Yes, he is the most delightful little boy along with his 22 month old brother who thinks that every time he picks up the phone I will be on the other end as I am the only one who talks to him on the landline. His mum has had to place the phone out of his reach as he get upset when he puts it to his ear and nobody is there. So funny

Grandmadinosaur Thu 18-Nov-21 20:51:09

What a thoughtful little boy. I’m sure your grandsons will provide some comfort to you whilst going through the treatment.

Hoping all goes well and you have a speedy recovery

muse Thu 18-Nov-21 23:57:05

What caring thoughts for you to remember throughout your treatment.
I hope that day comes very soon when your GS sees you truly recovered and well. 😌

Witzend Fri 19-Nov-21 08:51:37

How lovely! 😍

ElaineI Fri 19-Nov-21 09:08:54

That sounds like such a beautiful moment for you Sashabel. These moments are to treasure. Wishing you all the best for your chemo. You sound like you have great support from your daughter and grandchildren x flowers

Elless Fri 19-Nov-21 12:25:05

Awwww how lovely, hope things go well for you, children speak the truth which makes this so special.

nanna8 Fri 19-Nov-21 12:35:25

That is so lovely, Sashabel. Reckon he will grow up into a wonderful young man,too.

LauraNorderr Fri 19-Nov-21 19:04:59

How lovely Sashabel, made me feel emotional too (in a good way).

Pammie1 Fri 19-Nov-21 19:10:02

That brought a tear to my eyes - what a lovely, thoughtful little boy who obviously loves you very much. Sending all the good vibes I can to you for a full and speedy recovery. 💐