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beautybumble Sun 28-Nov-21 12:13:37

Hi. Can anyone advise on the best thermal gloves and vests for women please? I don't want to take pot luck and have to send it back again. I would like to be a bit warmer this year. Damart are good but a little pricey? Thank you.

MayBee70 Sun 28-Nov-21 12:36:00

I find some thermal vests a bit irritating. Having been without power for a couple of days I’ve been living in a very ancient thermal vest that isn’t prickly and may have to be surgically removed if I don’t take it off soon ( power now back on) but I don’t remember where I got it from. I’m thinking of buying a silk vest which I assume would be very warm in winter but cooling in summer?

crazyH Sun 28-Nov-21 12:38:14


Blossoming Sun 28-Nov-21 12:39:34

I bought some Anyday thermal tops from John Lewis, very comfy and warm.

Mapleleaf Sun 28-Nov-21 12:43:06

Marks and Spencer might be worth a try. I’ve got some thermal tops from them and they’re soft, warm and cosy. You might get thermal gloves from one of the outdoor clothing suppliers.

Peasblossom Sun 28-Nov-21 12:43:28

When I went to China I was persuaded (!) to buy a set of silk thermal underwear. It felt nice but it didn’t keep me warm🙁

eazybee Sun 28-Nov-21 12:44:27

I have worn M & S thermal tops and leggings for years, and they are comfortable, warm and easy to wear under lighter clothes.

Peasblossom Sun 28-Nov-21 12:44:34

The best thing I’ve ever had was a merino vest from the Spirts shop.

mrswoo Sun 28-Nov-21 13:03:29

I swear by M&S Heatgen thermal long sleeved vests. They come in all sorts of colours and some are longer in the body. Quite often they are reduced in the sales - usually because the colour was not very popular. I acquired a bright yellow one that way - its hideous but so warm that I don't care.

glammanana Sun 28-Nov-21 13:10:35

I have had three Damart vests for about 6/7yrs now and they have kept well I have invested in two more this year with long sleeves I know they are a bit more expensive but well worth it ,

shysal Sun 28-Nov-21 13:11:23

I have one silk vest from Patra. It wasn't cheap, but it is the one I wear most when the weather gets colder.

Claretjan Sun 28-Nov-21 13:18:38

Wish I could help you but I have trouble finding vests! I used to buy M&S ones but they all seem to be too tight and clingy now and feel very uncomfortable. I hate anything that makes me feel constrained!

Shrub Sun 28-Nov-21 13:18:45

Silk is ok if you are being active, but not so good if you are sitting around. I also recommended M&S Heatgen. Even better if you can afford it, merino wool. (retired outdoor worker here).

Blossoming Sun 28-Nov-21 13:24:30

ClaretJan might be worth going up a size to your normal size if you want them less close fitting.

EkwaNimitee Sun 28-Nov-21 13:37:45

I find Damart are good but more expensive than M&S, the latter are my first choice for that reason and I also recommend their Heatgen ones. I have some merino wool long johns from Rohan, bought warily because in the past I have found wool itchy next to the skin. But they are definitely not! Pricey though.

Forsythia Sun 28-Nov-21 13:55:16

I use M&S Heatgen. I find they’re good and you can get them on ebay, new, last years colours for a reduced cost. Or I buy them in the sale as others have said. I persuaded DH, who said to me I don’t wear vests, into the men’s range and he now swears by them. Best thing I ever bought, he says 😂

Claretjan Sun 28-Nov-21 14:45:19

Thanks Blossoming. Have tried that occasionally but then they are too big on the shoulders! Good job I wasnt born earlier, I could never have worn corsets!

Sago Sun 28-Nov-21 14:49:35

Uniqlo. Excellent.

Mollygo Sun 28-Nov-21 14:50:13

I like M&S Heatgen too. Warm, comfortable and a variety of styles.

TillyTrotter Sun 28-Nov-21 14:52:52

Sainsbury’s Tu clothing range has long sleeved thermal tops from £12 - £15

TillyTrotter Sun 28-Nov-21 14:54:20

Posted too soon, …… and sleeveless vests from £8.

midgey Sun 28-Nov-21 15:15:49

Sainsbury’s has a Black Friday deal as well, I have found Tu clothing really good value.

mrsgreenfingers56 Sun 28-Nov-21 15:18:53

Look at Aldi when they have their thermal range on. Skiing season is a good time to look and I have bought several of their items and been pleased with them. Excellent prices as well.

Juno56 Sun 28-Nov-21 15:23:38

Another vote for M&S Heatgen Plus long sleeved thermal tops. They are soft, warm and come in several colours. I can recommend their thermal socks too.

BlueBelle Sun 28-Nov-21 17:31:36

I buy mine at sports direct not as expensive but great as they are made for outdoor sports etc My thermal leggings with a lovely furry inside were Band M £5 and snug as a bug in a rug