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Well, that was a fun weekend …… not!

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Katek Sun 28-Nov-21 22:45:25

Thanks to storm Arwen we have just had a 3 day power outage! As if that wasn’t bad enough we also woke up to snow this morning. Heating off, no mobile signals, no internet, no cooker/kettle, no showers., We’ve managed with gas fire in the sitting room, camping stove, fleece throws and a little radio. At one point the temperature in our bedroom was only 10.2. The electricity company had ‘welfare vans’ at strategic locations where you could get hot food/drinks. Apparently the damage to equipment has been horrendous and repair crews had to be stood down at times as it was highly dangerous to continue. Wind speeds were around 100mph. It’s strange to think we’ve been part of an event!

SueDonim Sun 05-Dec-21 09:12:25

Eater supply? Fortunately, we didn’t have to resort to cannibalism! grin

Katek Sun 05-Dec-21 10:37:47

The problem with private water supplies is that the wells are operated by electric pumps, ergo, no water! Enough water has fallen in the last 24 hours to float the Ark. We have flooded roads, diversions and closures this weekend after last week’s outages. Wonder what’s going to happen next weekend!shock

SueDonim Sun 05-Dec-21 11:58:45

Ah yes, pumps! One friend used to have a private supply on a country estate but it came down to them by gravity. However, it had cryptosporidium in it one summer. That was fun. hmm

I’m not going to think about next weekend - there’ll be loads of us here with family coming from the US. 👀

Magnolia62 Wed 08-Dec-21 14:36:57

Reminds me of the storms in 1989/1990, living in an isolated farmhouse in Cornwall with 3 young children, 6, 3 and 4 months. Luckily I was breast feeding. The electric was off for 3 days, power cable disconnected so no electric to power the pump for the oil central heating. I stuck baby in a back pack and scouted the out sheds in horrendous weather conditions for some firewood to light the open fire which we had avoided doing before as we believed there were birds’ nests in the chimney. Luckily it was ok. My 3 year old vividly remembers putting on wellies and being told to stamp on any sparks from the damp wood. Phoned husband at work to get him to buy coal and candles on his way home. Brought all the mattresses downstairs and lived in one small room. Had only one small camping stove to cook on. Washing up and sponge washes were a big problem.

Husband, a teacher, phoned work to explain the crisis as my car was off the road having been smashed into a few days before and I had no way of getting to the shops to get supplies and suitable food. He was docked 2 days pay but we fought and got that back!

It was horrendous and miserable. I really feel for all those people without power. Feeling cut off and cold is awful.

BlueBalou Wed 08-Dec-21 17:51:29

Although we haven’t had a power cut yet (keeps everything firmly crossed!), I always have candles, matches, camping lantern, batteries and torches to hand. Luckily we have a gas hob and I’m definitely going to get a camping stove if our next house is all electric.
I remember a hideous 10 days in the winter of 81/82 when I had a 6 month old baby and a two year old with no electricity, gas, telephone or means of leaving the cottage because of 9 foot snow drifts filling the lanes. I was melting snow for water. Luckily I had a wood burner (a must in next house) for cooking and heat in one room. It was utterly miserable.
My in-laws at the farm had power, heating etc and 3 empty bedrooms but my MIL ‘didn’t want crying children around’ - that sums her up to a T🤬😡