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Good Morning Saturday 4th December 2021

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Michael12 Sat 04-Dec-21 05:58:26

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark start as usual, and no doubt cold outside here in brackley .
Mind you I feel sorry for those who got caught with the storm, and have lost power .
Todays plans bus to Buckingham ,and then Bicester maybe return home direct or go back to Buckingham .
My sister is visiting today and staying over , so we can put the Xmas wreaths on graves .
Take Care,

grandMattie Sat 04-Dec-21 06:14:13

Good morning from E Kent l. Still dark, and no doubt dreary. We do get some lovely sunshine which cheers me up no end.
The shopping expedition was not successful. I lost the will to live in the Body shop; it had very little and mostly either pack of stuff or wrinkle creams neither were suitable for a little girl.
I did get a couple of little things for SiL’s little nieces. I’m hoping to get more bits on line. But how the shops stay open if nothing is available? Depressed an already weepy me.
But - three absolutely lovely things happened to cheer me up. 1. Two of you lovely GraMmingos pm-me with such kind words, thank you Laura and Urms, you have no idea what it means to me…
2. Philip’s girlfriend tried her first ever mince pie, one of mine, and posted a very glamorous photo on Fb saying that they were delicious, then several of her follows reiterated that they were the best… really cheered me up.
Shall be making little totes today for the SiL’s nieces. DH will be enjoying his rugby…
I hope today is gentle with you, relieves you of worries, a pain and sorrow.
Stay safe, be happy and…. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Beechnut Sat 04-Dec-21 06:18:59

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. Dark and damp in this part of the world.

The garage brought my car back to me yesterday so I shall go and pay them this morning. I had two new tyres put on the front as well as the service.
I’m also going to get a few more boxes of Christmas lights and then back home to potter for the rest of the day.

I hope you all have the best day you can especially those with worries 🍂🍂

Gagagran Sat 04-Dec-21 06:19:22

Morning Mick and everyone! It's a dark and wet start to Saturday here on the south coast but warmer. It was 10degrees c at 6am.

Off to Tesco for the click and collect at 7am then a quiet day planned. Must get round to writing the few cards I plan to send this year to far flung relations and friends. We use Whatsapp and texts mainly through the year and hardly ever use the land line.

It's been good to follow everyone's "doings" over the past year, while I took a break to look after my DH. Fortunately now well on the road to recovery (fingers crossed).

Enjoy your day with your sister Mick. It's 17 years today since my dear Mum died but as she is buried with my Dad in the Isle of Man I cannot visit her grave. Lots of memories though!

Ashcombe Sat 04-Dec-21 06:24:06

Good morning, Mick and all who follow from a calm and dry Torbay.

Yes, the situation in the NE and parts of Scotland where people have been without power for over a week is appalling. The local community seems to have done well with voluntary support in providing meals but help from the Army was only drafted in yesterday!

The Memory Café session went well and we all enjoyed singing along to Christmas carols and songs, led by a group of talented singers, festively attired. Today, I’m going back to the theatre to help with decorating the Christmas trees.

Wishing everyone a good weekend, wherever you are. 🎄🦩🧑🏻‍🎄🦩🌟

cornergran Sat 04-Dec-21 06:43:00

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark corner of Somerset. Looks damp out there.

Pleased to resolve a couple of irritating issues yesterday, two off the list of nagging thoughts in the back of the head. Some new neighbours have very pretty lights installed. Raised a smile last night although in general I’m finding this. Christmas season a difficult one. Enthusiasm definitely lacking.

Go gently with yourself grandMattie, don’t push too hard. Enjoy your sisters company mick. There should be card writing here gaga, maybe there will be as gifts were wrapped for posting yesterday, the parcels will be picked up by Riyal Mail. That looks a festive, happy session ash, enjoy tree decorating.

Take care everyone. Hope Saturday is kind to us all.

Scentia Sat 04-Dec-21 07:01:32

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is wet and very dark, I am sure some lights are out close by!!!
A very welcome dentist visit yesterday, I am a nervous patient and he did make me feel so at ease so I will be requesting him again, he was Italian and rather easy on the eye so maybe I just didn’t want to look like a silly thing in front of him, whatever it was it worked 😂😂😂
I have so much to do today I don’t know where to start but first a Crumpet in honour of our EV then a meeting with the contractor who is putting my sign’s up around our estate pond. Pick up panelling and take jumper back to M & S then to DD to drop off panelling and toys I have for children’s Christmas presents. I will pick children up to take them to the cemetery as I never made it on Wednesday. This afternoon is a wreath making class. I am shattered just writing that down!!
Take care everyone and stay safe ❤️

Sar53 Sat 04-Dec-21 07:22:06

Good morning from a very wet Essex by the sea.
I didn't sleep too well, lots on my mind ☹.
We were planning to do a little Christmas shopping this morning and then a pub lunch and a visit to a fairly local craft fair this afternoon.
I hope you all have a pleasant Saturday 😊 xx

brook2704 Sat 04-Dec-21 07:23:45

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it’s dark and looks like it’s been raining overnight
It’s DD1 birthday today so we’re all off out for a nice lunch somewhere, a bit of Christmas shopping and a look around the Christmas lights with the DGSs
I think your mince pies will be famous now GM 😀
Hoping marydoll is doing ok and take care everyone whatever the day brings 💐

Urmstongran Sat 04-Dec-21 07:26:22

Today’s Matt cartoon is funny isn’t it? Very clever to be so witty on a topical subject every day.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester (I get offered ‘palm’ and ‘beach’ every morning - I wish) where it’s dark, still and quiet. We have finally needed to programme the heating in the apartment!

Our first Christmas card arrived yesterday so that’s my green light, all of ours will go in the post on Monday. Lovely to have them done already - just call me Mrs. Smug.

L’il Miss is being dropped off here at 10am. She loves coming here - the intercom, the lift and no stairs to the bathroom all delight her. Through the eyes of a child eh? Mummy has a mani-pedi appointment and daddy is taking the Boy Wonder to play a football match somewhere and quite rightly feels it’s too cold for L’il Miss to be standing (bored too) outside.

Enjoy Saturday all who can. Scentia I wish you could bottle some of that energy. You could sell it and make a fortune! x

Gingster Sat 04-Dec-21 07:51:00

Good morning all and it was pouring down when I let little pooch out .
DS1 is coming round at 8 to put up our outside lights , he’ll have a coffee , then wizz off to take dgd2 football training. He will be back later to get the decs down from the loft , and both gds will help to decorate . We are perfectly able to do all this ourselves but they like to help. We’ll just go with the flow. ! 😂.

Picking up our ‘new’ car today. I’m looking forward to having an automatic.

Sorry you had a bad night Sar. Nighttime worries play havoc with a good nights sleep. Mine was restless too! Have a nice day , with your pub lunch and shopping trip. 🤗

Our lunch out yesterday was lovely in a beautiful hotel along the seafront. We were given the best seats overlooking the estuary and the tide was in. We didn’t eat for the rest of the day.
So full!

Hoping you all have a pleasant Saturday. 🎄

Pantglas2 Sat 04-Dec-21 07:57:04

Morning everyone from a blowy north Wales where I’m lolling abed ☕️📰 and chuckling over the cartoon 😂 from Urms

I do like the sound of your dentist there a waiting list 😇? Good to see you back Gagagran - the more the merrier on this lovely thread 🌞

I’m off on a Jolly Girls Outing with two schoolfriends - we’re lunching at Surf Snowdonia and they don’t know! I arrange these jollies and just give them meet-up time for the bus and they get a ⭐️ if they guess correctly where we’re going to end up😉

Have a good day everyone x

Grandmajean Sat 04-Dec-21 08:00:55

Good morning from Cheshire.
Damp and dreary.
May make the house a bit festive today. DH put garden lights up yesterday.
Hope you all find some good things today.

Nannytopsy Sat 04-Dec-21 08:03:16

Good morning Mick and all his followers. It’s pretty soggy in Suffolk this morning. Enjoy spending time with your sister Mick. It’s a while since I saw my brothers but we are all spread across the country now.
There will be rugby watching here too, but I have sausage rolls to make for a gardening club social tonight and my Christmas cake fruit has been soaking so I must get that made and baked.
Life is suddenly speeding up here in the run up to Christmas. Isn’t it always the way?
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

kittylester Sat 04-Dec-21 08:04:39

Good morning all from a damp North Leicestershire.

Our village lights are being switched on today so I will do my normal Saturday village shopping then. DH and DS1 are off to the football.

Nannytopsy Sat 04-Dec-21 08:06:35

Enjoy your new car Gingster. Our next one will be an automatic as my clutch knee is very iffy!

Marydoll Sat 04-Dec-21 08:07:55

Good morning to all, especially to those, who sent kind words.
I've not been posting, because I'm struggling a bit just now and finding life quite problematic, so I need to focus my energy, of which I have little at the moment, on that.
My spirit is extremely strong, but my blooming body just won't do as it's told.

Thank to my dear friend Kalu, for her unexpected phone call, she is a wise woman! DH commented that we were chatting for over an hour! She really lifted my spirits.

I'm still reading GN, (in bed, most of the time,) so I'm following all the news, especially Soop's.
I was delighted to see Urms manged to contact EV, we used to PM each other and I am another, who misses and worries about her.

Take care all and enjoy your weekend. DS1 is bringing Dollie to see me this morning, that is indeed the perfect medicine.

Grandmadinosaur Sat 04-Dec-21 08:15:48

Good morning from East Yorkshire. It is dry and looks a bright ish sky but forecast for showers later.
Yesterday I met up with DIL for coffee. Poor girl got a bit tearful at one stage it’s so hard those early days with a baby. Her mum is coming for the week on Monday so I hope that will help. I got to have cuddles. Lovely.
Today we are up and off soon to the Christmas market at Knaresborough. I’m looking forward to it and hope to find some different things not found in the shops.

Have a good day everyone.

Urmstongran Sat 04-Dec-21 08:17:05

Nice to see you back Marydoll I wondered why you’d gone AWOL. So that’s you & me with little 4y old misses this morning, a real joy! Actually I think your Dollie might be 5y now as I recall she had her birthday recently. Our L’il Miss will be 5y next month. They will both be in Reception class won’t they? I do love this age they say the sweetest/funniest things!

Pittcity Sat 04-Dec-21 08:26:03

Good morning from rainy Colchester. No plans for today. DS crept in late last night so he'll have laundry for me when he gets up.
Might write some cards as our first one arrived yesterday.
Love to all 🦩 x

Jaxjacky Sat 04-Dec-21 08:26:38

Good morning all from a mild S Hants.
Disappointing shopping gMattie, sorry you’ve had a touch of the downs, comes to us all sometimes. But a couple of sunny rays too.
Welcome back Gaga. You wear me out reading your plans Scentia!
I’ve won £25 on the premium bonds, a good start this morning, may the day continue the same way. Washing to do, paper to read and football to watch.
Have a good day all 🦩🦩

Urmstongran Sat 04-Dec-21 08:28:05

Oh GrandmaDinosaur you’re so right. Bone tired doesn’t come into it with a new baby - it’s exhausting just giving birth and trying to play catch up with energy and hormones, never mind night feeds. SLEEP is craved. Without it we are depleted.

Talking about Knaresborough jogged my memory.

Some of you may recall last year (2020 will always be Covid Year in my mind) when we got stuck in Spain - Malaga airport closed, our April flight cancelled, scary times - during the enforced ‘State of Emergency’ there for 10 weeks? You might remember our 86y old neighbour who was SO anxious, a resident there on our landing, living alone. We helped out a bit & kept one another company at our front doors?

Anyway, the good news is, she moved back to Knarsborough in August and sold her Spanish apartment giving the solicit we all use PoA to sell & go to the notary on her behalf. She is happy and settled back in her beloved Yorkshire in an over 55s development with family close by. I rang her last weekend. It was lovely to hear her so cheerful, getting organised in her new place for her first UK Christmas in 17 years.

harrigran Sat 04-Dec-21 08:37:04

Good morning from a dry NE.
Slow to get going today as I was up at 3am with tummy ache.
DD and SIL came in time for dinner last night and stayed the night, we may go shopping this morning. The rest of the family will visit this afternoon.
No decorations up here.

grandMattie Sat 04-Dec-21 08:38:18

That's great news about your elderly neighbour, Urms.
You are luckier than me, Jax. I received the "winning" email this morning, but every time I've tried to check how much, I get told I haven't won! what's going on???

baubles Sat 04-Dec-21 08:39:58

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s dry with a beautiful pink glow in the sky.

Mattie if your baking is half as good as your sewing then I’m sure the mince pies tasted heavenly.

Good to see you Marydoll, you’ve been on my mind.

Such a busy day in the shop yesterday, I came home and got straight into a hot bath - bliss! I don’t do that often as my skin dries out dreadfully in hot water but it was worth it.

I fully intend to get the house cleaned and looking Christmassy today. Our outdoor Christmas tree is in a large pot in the back garden and has to be moved to the front however DH manage to break the trolley last week so we’re snookered until he gets another one and they’re out of stock in our nearest B&Q. He is going to DD’s to help finish off painting a bedroom so will try in their nearest branch. I do love my outdoor tree it looks so pretty all lit up on the dark evenings.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day 🦩🦩